Top Ten Reasons People Leave The World Mission Society Church Of God

Whenever I encounter a former WMSCOG member, whether in person or when they contact us, I always ask, “What made you leave?”.  I thought it would be of interest to list the top 10 reasons why members leave the WMSCOG.

  1. The World Mission Society Church of God is a cult.
  2. Ahn Sahng Hong wrote a book that proves he believed that the idea of a mother god was “delusional.”
  3. Ahn Sahng Hong is not the founder of the WMSCOG, as documented by the Court in WMSCOG vs Ji Won Tak
  4. The WMSCOG’s failed end of the world predictions of 1988, 1999 and 2012.
  5. The World Mission Society Church of God in California lied about how the church was founded on its application for tax exempt status.
  6. The World Mission Society Church of God has changed Ahn Sahng Hong’s books.
  7. Ahn Sahng Hong was not baptized in 1948. Therefore, Ahnsahnghong did not preach the new covenant Passover for 37 years.
  8. Members were not told that Zhang Gil Jah is divorced and had two children with her ex-husband.
  9. Many members were told Ahn Sahng Hong was never married. In fact, Ahn Sahng Hong was married and had four children.  
  10. Ahn Sahng-Hong was raised Buddhist.  That means that he followed the teachings of a false prophet and worshiped pagan gods for over 30 years before he was baptized into the SDA church.  

Why would “god” follow the teachings of a false prophet and worship pagan gods?  And for more than 30 years?  There is no logical or Biblical justification for this.

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  1. Josué says

    I host a podcast called “The Simple Christian” where I take pleasure in giving former members a voice to share their “exiting” stories from this Cult. If you lie to share your testimony, please email me at: [email protected]

  2. onna says

    I came there as an atheist. They don’t know. hahaha. I came with them because they’re nice, and they are foreigners (an aussie and koreans) and I find them interesting. I was just planning to come once but they became persistent the following days so I came anyway as long as it doesn’t affect my studies. Then I find their “bible story” interesting. As I was on the process of writing a novel I took advantage of it. I got my concepts from the cult so, thanks wmscog friends! They’re so kind I actually wanted to stay there only to hang out with them. But when they finally tell me that the god mother is a person and alive somewhere being treated as a god, I almost puked. I thought I was just fake praying to a dead person but damn. They only tell you bits of their belief at first so you won’t cringe right away and leave.

  3. Joseph r godleski says

    They are a cult I attended one service and when you disagree
    With what they believe they throw you out of their church

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