Ahn Sahng Hong’s Family Census Record

Pictured in the center are Ahn Sahng Hong, his wife Hwang Won Soon and their four children.

In the past, there has been some controversy over whether or not Ahn Sahng Hong ever had children.  When I was a member of the World Mission Society Church of God, I was told on more than one occasion that Ahn Sahng Hong was never married or had any children.  After some research into Ahn Sahng Hong’s life, not only did I discover that he had established another church called Witnesses of Jesus Church of God, now known as the New Covenant Passover Church of God, but that Ahn Sahng Hong was in fact legally married to a woman named Hwang Won Soon and had four children.

However, now it appears as though the WMSCOG openly admits that Ahn Sahng Hong and Zahng Gil Jah had both been married and had children with their respective spouses.

Why Is This Important?

It seems as though the way that the WMSCOG describes Ahn Sahng Hong’s life to its members and what the actual evidence shows, just does not add up.  Let’s take a look.

In the WMSCOG’s New Song Book, a song titled “Holy Is Your Sacrifice” claims that [Ahn Sahng Hong],

“His whole body seemed to be shattered;  He could barely take a step.”

A presumed WMSCOG member blog also describes Ahn Sahng Hong’s suffering and sacrifice:

“Father Ahn Sahng Hong climbed rough hills and mounts; no one knew He suffered all alone, searching for us. Every step, with pain, His whole body ached as He stumbled over stone, and He was feeble with weary legs. How much in pain Father Ahn Sahng Hong’s feet were.”

Screenshot of the above broken link to the blog presumed to have been written by a member of their respective WMSCOG location’s “Internet team”.


Ahn Sahng Hong (arms raised) bathing in a river.

Ahn Sahng hong hardly suffered alone as the documents shown below demonstrate, he was married and had four children.  Ahn Sahng Hong also does not appear “feeble with weary legs” in this picture of him standing in a river nor in this picture of him swimming at the beach.

Ahn Sahng Hong swimming at the beach.

The lyrics of “Holy Is Your Sacrifice” further claim that [Ahn Sahng Hong],

“Even a bowl of soup he would sacrifice; He saved his poor wages, skipping his poor meals…He was hungry, He was cold, for thirty seven years.” 

The same presumed member blog (see screenshot above) similarly goes on to say:

Mountain water was His only meal…Even His food He spared for the sake of the children and we steam Him not.”[sic] 

Yet, Ahn Sahng Hong is seen above eating a meal with his wife, children and other members of his church that clearly includes plenty of solid food.  Here, Ahn Sahng Hong is photographed standing behind his 3 tier birthday cake.

Clearly, there are a number of inconsistencies between the WMSCOG’s portrayal of Ahn Sahng Hong’s life and the evidence that we have available.  Yet, another contradiction stands out. WMSCOG General Pastor Joo Cheol Kim’s view on family and love being “temptations of Satan” does not reflect Ahn Sahng Hong’s actions with respect to the same issues.  Clearly Ahn Sahng Hong did not believe that family and love were temptations of the satan since he married and decided to have four children.  It would appear that the WMSCOG believes that their own leader and supposed “god”, Ahn Sahng Hong, was tempted and succumbed to Satan’s tempations.  It also is apparent that a marriage and four children did not interfere with Ahn Sahng Hong’s important work of establishing a new church, “restoring the Passover”, and preaching to the public.  Three of his four children were born after Ahn Sahng Hong’s baptism into the Seventh Day Adventist Church on the alleged date of December 16, 1948.  You can see the proof in Ahn Sahng Hong’s official family census record below.



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  1. remco9519 says

    How could this dead man and his concubine when he was still alive became gods? People turning their worships to this man-made gods are either retarded or insane. All in this WMSCOG is foolishness and teaching members to turn away from the TRUE GOD. They are but committing the greatest sin against the Commandments. YOU dumb members, wake up and pack-up for you are but being lied to and deceived by koreans. GOD has no nationality and nobody seen HIM face to face.

    1. LC says

      This church has brainwashed their memebers to think God has chosen South Korea as their holy ground. They makes their people memorize prays in Korean and females to wear veils during service…like the hair on my head is sinful but men’s are not?!I witnessed their ceremony last night, the celebration of tubernacles and ran for my life.

      1. La says

        Yes everything you say is very true. I learned about the feasts and according to them you have to keep all of them to be saved. Plus I don’t believe their versions of the Bible.

      2. Anthony John says

        Yes you are absolutely right, the WMSCOG is a biggest cult on this earth. Remember the devil will be very powerful in the last days, the result is in front of us. This is the the that has destroyed OUR JESUS CHRIST.

  2. Name (required) says

    Pero bueno ustedes existen porque tambien cumplen una profecía en la biblia y solo hacen su trabajo, los felicito.

  3. CHRIS says

    you must not judge according to its appearance or lifestyle. we don’t have the same thought of god. even jesus was not recognized as god because he has brother and he has his mother and father. he(jesus) was living a normal life before, that is why people are saying to him that “you HYPOCRITE” because they cannot believe that a man who is a resident in there place would proclaim that he is god. THEY knew jesus. Jesus is just ordinary man. but god already planned to choose jesus to fulfilled his mission on earth. WE MUST NOT RELY ON WHAT IS SEEN. WE MUST RELY ON THE PROPHECY IN THE BIBLE. ONLY CHRIST AHNSANGHONG FULFILLED WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE BIBLE.HE IS GOD . AND WE MUST NOT RELY ON THE OPINION OF OTHER PEOPLE BUT HEAR THE PROPHECY ABOUT HIM

    1. UntouchableJ says

      If you chose to be blind, that is your choice. Did you read the article? In thr new songs and videos, are their the portrayal of Ahn as a Father to 4 children? In the, “Fathers Sacrifice” video, it shows and even talks about him being up all nite in his one room shanty, staying up “alone”. But having 4 children, and a wife, we realize now that WMS
      that WMS has painted this picture. You see AHN on vacation, eating meals(not just porridge). In another video, Zhang spoke about a sister who visited ASH and he lived by himself. We need to face the facts, about truth vs. A lie. Its not about “Man can’t undrrstand as God does”, question is, “Can God Lie?” If the answer is, No thrn Ahn isnt God.

      1. Kevin says

        Ahn did not lie.

  4. LingDai says

    Saying that AhnSahngHong is not Christ simply because he’s Korean is like saying that Jesus is not Christ because he is a Jew. The location and nationality is irrelevant.

    Where in the bible does it say that God is not allowed to marry or have physical children? The bible says that christ came to be like man in every way.

    The church has never lied to me about AhnSahngHong having a wife and children. I’m going to give the individual that told you otherwise the benefit of the doubt by saying that he/she probably didn’t know that information. Not everyone has the same level of knowledge.

    I think its also important to note that AhnSahngHong and Mother never had a physical marriage. Or a physical relationship for that matter. the marriage ceremony was only symbolic in nature. It was never intended to be a physical relationship.

    1. JOSEPH says

      The Bible Does not State that he can not marry that is correct
      But MEMBERS were TOLD that He was NOT and SHE was NOT.. 100%
      I was a Member for over 10 years
      Now Lets look at what Apostle PAUL said it is Better NOT TO MARRY why??
      Gets in the way of FULL FOCUS
      Now the issue is not that He did .
      It is being LIED to..why
      Also Isaiah 54 says O BARREN woman ..one has Never Bore a CHILD
      This Does not make sense if it is PHYSICAL or SPIRITUAL

      1. Mountainmom says

        Exactly, Joseph. The lies are the big problem with that church. They are lying to hide something, and I think we all know what it is already.

        1. Kevin says

          Ahn did not lie.

      2. jeffrel cambang says

        now…compare the teaching that you’ve learned from the WMSCOG to other churches…think about that..

      3. Anthony John says

        Yes brother you are absolutely right. They never discuss or speak anything about the real life story of both the false gods, If they disclose then they will be proved humanbeings. It’s not about man can’take understand as God does.question is, “Can God LIE. If the answer is no, then tthey are God. People have been deceived and fooled by the WMSCOG very badly, I do know when they will understand the difference between SUPERNATURAL and Natural, SINLESS and SINFUL, PURE AND IMPURE, HOLY and UNHOLY. No doubt the devil wants people to be away from worshiping the one and only One God, God the Almighty. It’s not shocking, the devil has doing this right from the beginning,the devil has been playing and misusing God’s word that’s exactly what he wants,NO doubt he has made the WMSCOG his deadliest weapon to keep people away from worshiping the true Almighty God. The result is in front of you the false christ and the false god the mother.

    2. Azula says

      “Where in the bible does it say that God is not allowed to marry or have physical children?…”

      The mere fact that the so called “heavenly parents” went on to marry others causes so many problems with the teaching of this group. And frankly distorts Christianity. Because if they were the ones who created mankind in genesis why then did they go ahead and marry their creation?

      “The church has never lied to me about AhnSahngHong having a wife and children…”

      God as we know is omnipresent so why would they marry their creation when their eternal spouse is witnessing the infidelity? Father marries another woman and has three kids with her and mother marries another man and has children with him.

      How is this making any sense?

      1. Kevin says

        Why did Jesus have brothers? It doesn’t make sense.

        1. Azula says

          I’m trying to understand what Jesus’s brothers have to do with the lie of this cult that there is a mother god?

  5. LingDai says

    The pictures that you shared don’t exactly prove whether or not Ahnsanghong suffered. All it shows is that he ate food and swam in a lake. the one picture of him eating food only shows him eating healthy food for that particular day. what about the remaining 6 days of that week? Did he eat? if so, how much?

    I will say that he isn’t exactly a skinny man. But then again, neither am I. I used to go days without eating back when I was homeless. But you know what? I’m still fat. Not all starving people are skin and bones.

    also, we need to ask ourselves “When”. When did he suffer? Was it before or after he established the church? Everyone knows that it takes a LOT of suffering and sacrifice when starting something new. But after it thrives, is he not allowed to enjoy a healthy meal with his fellow believers?

  6. LingDai says

    How can Jesus, a dead man who practiced cannibalism be God? Just sayin. 🙂

    1. T.H. says

      I’m surprised that a men of the WMS would even try this question. I’m sure you’re trying to lead the conversation into something about prophesy. That’s really what this whole website is about. The WMS translation of the Bible and the prophecies is false. Here’s another idea you might want to consider, if you’re going to try and discredit Jesus the why would it matter to you if Ahn was the second coming of Jesus? Either you believe Jesus is God and what He said was true or you’re wasting your time. Please show us where Jesus taught the disciples about a mother god or a third time He was going to come and I’ll gladly stop questioning the idea of Ahn.

      1. Anthony John says

        The truth is that the church never speaks anything about Anghsunghong’s life before he was baptised, this itself proves that Anghsunghong by birth was Buddhist, we believe that Jesus Christ came in human form but at the same time he was supernatural. The record of Jesus christ right from his birth to death proves that he was supernatural. But Anghsunghong record from birth to death is not supernatural. In reality Anghsunghong did not fulfill any prophesies .The church the general pastor has very cunningly misused God’s word and has made his own doctrine only to make humanbeings gods.for example the verse in Heb 7:3, god has to come as a gentile, a gentile is one who worships Idols. Why would God be a gentile, if it is, then the first commandment has no meaning, Melchizedek is God, and is supernatural, no beginning no ending, no genealogy, and no religion. Ourban god is jealous God, why would God become a gentile, Jesus said I came to save people not make religion God does not have religion. Restoring the passover, the feast does not make anyone god.

  7. LingDai says

    Also, you have misinformation about the New Covenant Passover Church of God(NCPCOG)

    Ahnsanghong did not establish this church. This church was established a year after Ahnsanghong’s death in 1986 by his Son.

    1. UntouchableJ says

      Any evidence to prove this? An undoctured picture on their website, shows him preacing and in the background on a banner is their church eblem, the same one used today.

  8. Mountainmom says

    God says over two hundred times in the Bible that He is the only One. Do you think God lies? Members get so focused on the other trivial things that the leaders tell them to focus on that they miss the major things of the Bible.

    Think outside the box. The Wms IS THE BOX.

    1. anony says

      God never lies, do you know?
      what about us? what about you?
      Do you know that because of your lies God came again in the flesh suffering the physical pain that only us sinner must feel?
      I want you all to know that when Jesus came a first time many are like you who reject and slander the truth Jesus came to preach. Do you know how hurt is it? Do you know how hard the feelings of the apostles who saw how people reject Jesus at that time? And now do you know that your doing the same fault as what the people who didn’t gave respect to Jesus 2000 years ago?
      Jesus came a second time just for us to know the truth carrying the new name Christ Ahnsahnghong. We, the members of the WMSCOG will never leave and betray the church that gives the truth. And we encourage you to please listen to the truth and listen to the voice of Mother and met Father in the air when the last judgement will come.

      1. T.H. says

        The first time Jesus came and died for us his true followers mourned him! After his resurrection they celebrated Him. NOW your group reject Him and replace Him. Know the REAL truth and free yourself from this entrapment! This group does not give truth it distorts the truth! I’m glad you’re looking around here. You have a lot to learn about your group and the real truth about what you’re being spoon fed and how abusive this group really is.

        1. Kevin says

          You should study with them before you slander things you don’t understand. They worship Jesus as well. You can find the name of Jesus in their song book!

          1. Anthony John says

            That a lie you are speaking, I have seen them saying jesus is no more, it’s Anghsunghong, because baptised, pray and worship Anghsunghong only. All are fooled and decieved.

  9. LingDai says

    In the old testament, Jehovah exclaimed that his name was the only name by which salvation is given.

    In the new testament, Jesus said that his name is the only name by which salvation is given.

    Which one is it? And how can we tell whether Jesus is who he says he is?

    I know that one of you must know this answer. 🙂

  10. Mountainmom says

    On page 89 of Ahnsahnghong’s book Spring and the Water of Life, he says that no one will be saved except by the name of Jesus now and forever, basically. He talks like Jesus is another entity, not like he is Jesus. And of course, he isn’t Jesus. Show me where in the Bible where it says Ahnsahnghong. And show me where it says Jhang Gil Ja. You can’t. And it says you must not add or subtract from the Bible. It is so very obvious that the Wms is twisting scripture. Ahnsahnghong must be rolling over in his grave thinking of how his words were twisted too.

    Ahnsahnghong doesn’t say that he is Jesus at any time, and that is according to his own writings.

  11. LingDai says

    Show me in the old Testament where it says that the saviors name is going to be Jesus.

  12. Mountainmom says

    First you show me ANYWHERE in the Bible where it says the name Ahnsahnghong.

  13. UntouchableJ says

    LingDai….The Melchizedek Prophecy has a million holes in it. When I left WMS, my memory was jogged back to undergrad. A very knowledgable mentor told me that the NIV has major translation errors. (For instance when it comes to the Cross Reverence Study…Lamentations 26:1 actually says, “Kneeling stone”, Jews are forbidden to pray kneeling. This changes things ALOT) All of the sermons and prophecies should add up in ANY translated work. My point is this..WMS will tell you to check the scriptures, because everything they say adds up. But you can only check it with them, and they guide you to scriptures that don’t look at things objectively.

  14. LingDai says

    Every bible has errors. Even the KJV has errors. In fact, the errors written in the KJV are even worse then that of the NIV. I used to be a Baptist. The Baptists preach that the KJV is the one and only correct bible, and any other bible is a perverted translation. This was actually a bit of brainwashing on their part. I don’t think they mean it that way, but if you actually stop to think about it, in essence, even the KJV is a “translation” of the original scriptures. But even if there are errors in every version, the core teachings are the same in every translation.

    However, the thing that the NIV does that raises eyebrows is that they took entire verses out of the book. Like for example, in Mark 9, it skips verses 44 and 46.(there are several cases of these and most of them are in the book of Mark) But what the NIV never fails to do is add a footnote in order to understand what used to be there.

    “Some manuscripts include here words similar to verse 48”

    The reason they did this is to save room and redundancy. Otherwise, it would have repeated itself three times in the same paragraph. But if you think about it, they didn’t ACTUALLY take the verses out. Since they took the time to write the footnotes in there, the verses are technically still there.

    But back on topic.(A.D.D.) just so we’re clear, I am an Italian American. I was raised in a household of a bunch of cranky-pants’ who question everything in terms of religion and such. I’ve probably put more stress on my local WMSCOG then anyone there. I criticize everything and challenge as much of their doctrine as possible. I mean, this is my salvation we’re talking about. they have always been incredibly patient with me and answered me with absolute grace. I haven’t noticed any holes or flaws in their teachings yet. Melchizedek included. So if you know of any, Please share.

    1. admin says

      Your comment has nothing to do with this article. Please move your conversation to the forum where it belongs.

      1. SHADEN says

        what kind of article is this? I don’t know much about the church of God but this article proves nothing but it is only to slander the WMSCOG, am I right? Examining the WMSCOG? what an effort…
        I also examine the church but looking at it nothing is right to what you want us to know, Ahnsanghong don’t have physical children and also their teaching (http://WWW.WATV.ORG) is actually don’t contradict the Bible but explain the Bible actually better than you do.
        So what’s you Identity? because what can I see is the one who create this article was false than the WMSCOG.

        1. T.H. says

          Either you believe Jesus is God and what He said was true or you’re wasting your time. Please show us where Jesus taught the disciples about a mother god or a third time He was going to come and I’ll gladly stop questioning the idea of Ahn.

          Reposted from an above post.

    2. anonymous says

      Hi LingDai, actually translations in the Bible including the NIV or KJV have its errors especially the book of Genesis and Revelation. Do you know that if we will just going to base to the original text of the Bible, we will find out and clearly understand that Mother and Father appear? Before I met the WMSCOG no one can explain to me the right teachings of the Bible, they just explain by their own words even though they are pastors or priests. But when I’ve been in the church of God I learn a lot, the truth that we can never imagine. Pls visit the WMSCOG and study the Bible diligently with a open mind 🙂

      1. T.H. says

        Either you believe Jesus is God and what He said was true or you’re wasting your time. Please show us where Jesus taught the disciples about a mother god or a third time He was going to come and I’ll gladly stop questioning the idea of Ahn.

        Reposted from an above post.

  15. Geneva says

    This is what it says in the BIBLE ACTS 4;12
    There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.”

  16. 123456 says

    Father did say that all will be tested at His Second Coming. This post does not discredit Father and Mother but only rants about being lied to by such and such. But what if all of this happened to test your faith? Think about it seriously, whether you were told that Father and Mother was married in the first place or it was not told, does it discredit all the prophecies you had studied about the Spirit and the bride? Or because of “being lied to-excuse” made you fall? Maybe your faithwas not established on the rock when the waves of trials come to you and you are now swept away by the waves(water=people). Even now, Father’s words in “green book” are being fulfilled. Amazing our Father Ahnsahnghong is!

    1. 123456 says

      Will this post of mine be deleted or be transferred to another page by the admin? I really hope it would not. Pretty please? :> because my aim is to let others know or re-examine – what if it happened according to the will of God? This website does not attack all the Feasts of the New Covenant that Father restored. This website only attack God’s coming in the flesh but never the truths He restored. Because how can they attack it? It is flawless. Poor Jewish leaders of this age! You are also fulfilling the prophecies of the Bible without your notice.

      And btw im just curious, all of you who attack WMS, what kind of truths do you keep? All of you who left Father and Mother, what kind of worship/feast do you keep?

      1. T.H. says

        We are aware that we are fulfilling Bible prophecies. What we have done is shed light on false teachings, doctrines, and gods of the creation of the WMSCOG. Ahn cannot be God and it has been proven. Because Ahn is NOT God then the fairy tail of your god revealing hidden truth falls apart. God did not reveal a supposed god the mother so your man made created god the mother isn’t based in truth. Flawless??? You have a pretty lame definition of flawless! I know this reply puts you on edge but I hope you can open your blind eyes and discover the real truth before it’s too late. You’ve been spoon fed a lie and now you are doing just like Ahn did and you’re repeating it because you think it’s the truth. Please do some research . The TRUTH will lead you out of this group. I hope sooner rather than later. May God guide your path.

    2. T.H. says

      Here’s what discredits Ahn as being God. Would God worship false gods and/or teachings outside of the Bible? Ahn did for around thirty years! Prior to following his own mother into the Seventh Day Adventist group Ahn was a Buddhist. No chance that God would be subject to something like that much less do it for around thirty years. Would God join a group that was created by a false prophet whos teachings sometimes contradict the Bible? Would God repeat those teachings to others? The answers are NO and NO. Ahn did both of these things for years. Ahn even continued many of the SDA’s teachings after he created his own church! There is NO chance what-so-ever that Ahn was God. The final proof comes in the fact that Ahn died. There is no place in the Bible, without taking it EXTREAMLY out of context, where it says that Jesus Christ will die again! This idea has been tested and it has failed! Ahn did not even suggest that he could be God. He suggested that he was Elijah reborn.

  17. Name (required) says

    oh dear,,,, please help me…. im a new member,, im new to the study of the scriptures . however,, after 6 months of diligent studying ,, night and day ,,,, my study does not match with this churches teaching… hence why im now lead to this website…… i have all there books plus there preaching books…

  18. John boa says

    You can say anything you like, but we trust in Him that Surely He is Our God and surely He will save

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