Who is Zahng Gil Jah?

Zahng Gil Jah and Husband
Circled are Zhang Gil Jah (left) and her then husband Jae Hoon Kim (right).

Zhang Gil Jah 장길자, born Jang Gil Ja on October 29, 1943 in South Korea.  It is believed that Jang Gil Ja’s name was romanized in order to claim that Ahn Sahng Hong is the alpha and that Zhang Gil Jah is the omega in Revelation 22:13.  The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) believes that Zhang Gil Jah is “god the mother.”  

How Did Zhang Gil Jah Come To Be Known As “God the Mother?”

Zhang Gil Jah was baptized into Ahn Sahng Hong’s church, Church of God Jesus Witnesses in 1969.  At that time, she was married to Jae Hoon Kim and had two children, a son and a daughter.  According to Jae Hoon Kim, his then wife Jang Gil Ja’s involvement in Ahn Sahng Hong’s church caused problems within their marriage and resulted in Jang Gil Ja selling their home and donating all marital assets to the church.  They ultimately divorced and Jang Gil Ja and their two children remained members of Ahn Sahng Hong’s church.  

After Ahn Sahng Hong died in 1985, his church split into two groups.  The first group, the New Covenant Passover Church of God, is currently led by his son. The second group, World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG), is led by Zhang Gil Jah and general pastor Joo Cheol Kim.  The WMSCOG claims that Zhang Gil Jah is Ahn Sahng Hong’s spiritual wife and “god the mother,” despite Ahn Sahng Hong having been married with four children of his own.  Ahn Sahng Hong never divorced his wife Hwang Won Soon.  Both he and his wife are buried next to each other beneath a shared tombstone in South Korea.  

Ahnsahnghong and Zahng Gil Jah wedding picture
This photo is alleged by Ahn Sahng Hong’s son to have been edited by the WMSCOG for the purpose of convincing members that Ahn Sahng Hong and Zhang Gil Jah were married. The WMSCOG is not known to have made any efforts to prove the authenticity of the photo, nor is the photo openly displayed in any WMSCOG location.

World Mission Society Church of God members believe that Zhang Gil Jah is “god the mother”, “the bride” and “heavenly Jerusalem” that came from heaven.  Contrary to mainstream Christianity, the WMSCOG believes that worship of Zhang Gil Jah is required for salvation, among many other requirements. The death of Zhang Gil Jah is believed by the group to usher in the end of the world and only those chosen by Zhang Gil Jah will be saved from death and eternal damnation.

What Is The International WeLoveU Foundation?

In addition to her role in the World Mission Society Church of God, Zhang Gil Jah is the chairperson of the International WeLoveU Foundation 국제위러브유 운동.  While the International WeLoveU Foundation purports to be a global volunteer organization that is involved in numerous volunteer activities.  Critics have suggested that the International WeLoveU Foundation is a front group that exists for the purpose of recruiting new members for the WMSCOG.  

Joo Cheol Kim and Zahng Gil Jah in 1985
Zhang Gil Jah and Joo Cheol Kim dressed in identical clothing as in the alleged wedding photo of Ahn Sahng Hong and Zhang Gil Jah above.
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  1. fywmscog says

    they have a book called mother’s wish. by joo cheol kim. anyone knows?

  2. T. H. says

    I have now heard that this group uses the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar as a prophetical representation of God the Father and God the Mother. Are you kidding me? They are making it really easy to prove them wrong. Lets say that this representation is true. If it is then God the Mother told God the Father to sleep with another woman what’s worse is that he does it. Would God do either of these things? Of course not. Lets go on. After he makes the other woman pregnant he has sex with God the Mother and she gets pregnant with the child of promise also seen as the son of God or a prophetical Jesus. But hold on, God the Mother is the bride of the Son of God according to the scripture and the WMSCOG. Isn’t this incest? Would God ever do that? I think that this group needs to cut its losses now, pack its bags, admit its a scam to its members, and disappear off of the face of the earth.

  3. ercarr says

    there is only one GOD,The One Lord Jesus Christ…Deut.6:4-9…1Cor.8:4-6,SOBEIT

  4. Hurt says

    I just lost my wife to this group … I am 19 years old… this is destroying me emotionally… idk who to talk to or what to do

    1. admin says

      Hurt, thank you for commenting. Please check your email for a reply.

  5. Lost says

    I have been in the church for over a year. I’ve always had some doubts but kept them to myself. This website has helped me realize that I’m not the only one who felt something was wrong. I have often been “rebuked” and encouraged to change, which made me feel like I could never be “perfect” enough! I have devoted so much time and have avoided some family and friends because they were “persecuting” me and satan was using them to “kill my spirit”. So many members have been kicked out for being too “worldly”. I haven’t found a way out yet and I feel guilty posting this. I’m afraid to leave because I feel like I would be “hurting mother”. I’m a little scared to be honest! 🙁

    1. essa says

      same to me 🙁
      I’m scared to because until now I keep attended them 🙁

    2. confused! says

      hello, i feel the same right now…what did you end up doing?

  6. child of god says

    for all of you i pray one day you will be blessed by god with hearing and understanding and sight for you are all blind. matthew 22:29…

    1. ttr says

      and we pray also for you that when you realize there is no mother god, that you will return to Jesus Christ, who has loved you since before you were formed.

      1. Shimon, says

        Such a statement contradicts not preexisting our, flesh

        1. ttr says

          not necessarily

      2. Peter says

        Second coming Christ will not be Jesus according to his own words 🙂

        1. T.H. says

          Where did you get this idea from?

  7. Azhari Kapat says

    The Bible says in very broad terms about the male and female aspects of the Creator and does NOT specifically imply Ahnsahnghong and Zahng Gil Jah as there are NO verses and statements pertaining divine mother and father being born in Korea.

    1. anonymous says

      If you knew … [moved by admin to the forum here]

  8. Wingman says

    Love your enemies (for the Bible tells you so) but Sue them. god Sues people yall (and loses every time) You think god would pick a better lawyer. LMAO.

  9. denise says

    My daughter has been in this for about 7 years…I also haven’t seen her in 7 years. We do talk on the phone still. She is not the same. We have had many arguments over her beliefs. I have given up. I love her and have asked to only speak of herself and not her faith. She has also been to Korea to meet her mother God. I hope one day she realizes what all it has cost her in her life, to this church.

  10. A. T. says

    That is my fear my wife has almost 2 years in this church.Her indoctrination is so strong 12 hour saturdays,also sundays preaching, and tuesday another day of separation from family and friends.She is planing shortly to go to Korea I can feel it my life is a mess after 30 years of marriage.

    1. Peter says

      A.T. Please stop blaming other. Be we with your wife.
      She will be happy. It does not take much time. 🙂

      1. Albert Spillane says

        Pete, nothing personal, but get your head out of your a[moderated by admin] man. Huh ?

    2. Rahab says

      I know how you feel. After 15 years of marriage my husband got involved with this group and it tore up the very core of our relationship. He even fell in love and committed adultery with a female member who was preaching to him. When they separated he started going to the local Zion. There he was pared with another woman. He started having feelings for her as well and felt that they were being groomed to preach together. This was the most difficult thing that I have ever had to endure plus I developed health problems as a result. My advice to you it to love her with everything you have. You have built a relationship with her that is built on a covenant institutes by God. Your real, deep abiding love for her will over power anything that this group says it can give. My minister counseled me that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep doing your research for knowledge is power. Above all, do your best to not call this group a cult to her face, and do not argue scripture with her. This group uses effective techniques and programmed responses for just about every argument you can put in front of her. They use thought stopping techniques and circular arguments that can be frustrating. My husband and I were on the verge of divorce, blaming the other one to be at fault, and saying that if anyone was going to leave, it would have to be the other one to initiate it. God kept us together. I don’t know how, but He did. My faith in God deepened, my relationship with Jesus Christ increased and my prayers were answered. Hang in there, my friend, The Lord is with you. You are not alone. Grace and peace to you.

  11. yesi says

    Mt 14:31 …hombre de poca fe x k dudaste..

    1. admin says

      yesi gracias por comentar,
      deberías de informarte un pocos más porque el propio Ahnsahnghong escribió que no hay ninguna “dios madre” como tu la llamas. puedes leer el libro aquí en ingles. usa el translador para leerlo en español.

    2. Child of The along says

      Hola hermana,
      Quiero informarte que Dios madre es un fraude. La verdad es como tú dices Jesucristo es El Salvador y el único camino al padre. Aceptar el regalo del sacrificio de Jesús es libertad! Es vida eternal!!! Cuando habla de todo eso en la Bible de enigma dice plano allí que Jesus siempre fue el misterio. No es una madre. Jehovah es y todavía es Jesus es y todavía es!!! Y el espíritu ya está sobre todos por lo que hizo Jesus para nosotros!!!!! Jesus dijo in john 19:30 Al probar Jesús el vinagre, dijo:—Todo se ha cumplido. Luego inclinó la cabeza y entregó el espíritu.
      Mira cómo dice hermana cumplido!!!!!! Amen! Si había más trabajo porque no dijo? Porque Jesus es suficiente! Y en hechos cuando habla del Espíritu Santo vive en uno ya no necesitamos un pastor hablar a Dios por nosotros porque Jesus rompió eso con su sacrificio!!!! Y por eso el espíritu está con nosotros guiándonos es por eso. No hay otro!!! Dice bien claro en la biblia! Cuidado hermana creer en esa mentiras. Dios te ama! Y el te quiere! Y el té está esperando que tu regreses a él y a la verdad! Pero todo es tu decisión! Yo voy a rezar para ti! Dios te bendiga ❤️🙌🏼🫶🏼🙏🏼

  12. Peter says

    Me and my family are about 7 years attend services.
    All good . By the way, I work in fraud detection.
    It is your choice to believe or not believe.
    You are right when see it as a bit strange church ( do not forget that in Bible Jesus himself and his students were called sect. Nothing changed since then.
    So, do not worry and be happy :-).

    1. T.H. says

      Peter, I’m glad to hear you are in fraud detection. There is lots of fraud around and you should be able to realize it. It seems strange that you would equate this group with the Nazarene Sect as the similarities don’t seem to be the same. Fraud detection? I’m not worried but I will be happier when you are out of this group with your lives in tact. Take some time away from this group and its teachings, clear your head, and then reevaluate the group and the situation you are in. This has to be a total separation and you have to do some honest unbiased research. The minimum time out of this group in order to clear your head needs to be eight weeks. This is the minimum and I would strongly suggest even longer. As this is a search for truth you should have NO problem doing this. Are you really in the truth? Are you really of the free woman? The time to find out is now! I hope and pray that you do.

    2. ed144 says

      jesus was pursecuted because he claimed to be god not for lying.. the WMSCOG is not getting the same persecution. This is happening because they lied about many things. smell the coffee this is not persucution that crist went through he did not lie.dont you think if they could prove what they claim they would. like some leagal document proving their history?? the church only has a 50 year history. They should have no problem doing so. do you live by faith alone. if the church lied and altered the outcome of my disition, then it was not by choice i stayed. because I would have left long ago if they told me the truth. they altered the outcome and changed my disition because of many lies over 15 years. thats not freedom to belive and thats not truth.

  13. N.s.T says

    ed144 , Can you email me , i would like to get some questions answered. You’ve been in the truth for 15 years , im sure some of my questions can be answered . Thank you so much

  14. The boyfriend says

    My girlfriend joined this church. Neither I nor her family has heard from her in weeks. We’re all worried for her. I asked members of the congregation if they had heard from her they say they haven’t. I told them we filed a missing person’s report with the police. They got defensive and said not to involve them (the wmscog) and seemed unconcerned about my girlfriend’s safety. I’m at a loss as what to do. Perhaps hire a private investigator, idk.

  15. JesusIsLord says

    My sister and her family joined this cult less than 4 months ago and she has been completely brain washed. I am heart broken on how the truth goes over her and her husbands head. Her ultimate response now is everything on the internet about this cult is false and just basic research man has implemented as real as Micheles court documents were they were not enough to show how wrong this church is. She also will be little your questions when it’s something she or her members do not know. So now I’m considered an unchosen heathen and she and her family are the blessed ones and they did their job by telling us the truth. They taught them to go verse by verse but not full passages she contradicts herself and its supposed be because not everyone will get it… Aside from all of this her kids are being taught this lie which hurts!! From all the former members i heard testimonies about I would hate to loose my sister especially her kids. Zhang gil Jah and Joo Cheol Kim will be judged so hard if they don’t tell the actual truth just money hungry evil people.

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