Changes in the Green Book – Part 2 – Removal of “40 years” References

Update 2020:  It turns out that the WMSCOG deleted three entire chapters from the original version of Ahn Sahng Hong’s book and it turns out that he believed the world would end in 1988.

This article is dedicated to a man whose wife doesn’t live with him because of disagreements over WMSCOG involvement.  May she come home soon.

“The Mystery of God and the Spring of the Water of Life,” or better known as “The Green Book”, is a book read in the WMSCOG written by Ahn Sahng Hong, a man they incorrectly claim to be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  Since Ahn Sahng Hong is their false god, this book effectively serves as an addendum to Holy Scripture, much like the Book of Mormon.


God’s Book Changing?

So if God writes a book, do you think that book should change over time? It’s reasonable to have minor translation differences between languages, but what if the changes were not simply translation differences? What if they removed certain paragraphs entirely?  What if those paragraphs that were removed just happened to testify against what they teach now?

When we compare a 1993 edition of the 1967 Green Book to the Green Book in 2000, we find some curious changes:

Ahn Sahng Hong Falsely Predicted the End of World

What is clear is that Ahn Sahng Hong predicted the end of the world within 40 years in his 1967 writing.  This is a 1993 edition of the 1967 book according to the publisher’s information.  Ahn Sahng Hong, apparently writing in 1967, even explicitly states that he believes Matthew 24:31-34 refers to the “last one generation”:

Ahn Sahng Hong’s False Predictions Removed From His Writings

However, in a copy of the Green Book from 2000 we find Ahn Sahng Hong’s predictions about the end of the world have been removed:

It’s interesting to note the parts of the book which were removed were the ones that did not come true.

A False Prophet’s Changing Words

The world did not end within 40 years of Ahn Sahng Hong’s prophecy, and those prophecies subsequently disappeared from his writings in the Green Book read in the WMSCOG.

  • Paragraph 3 last line removed – “This word is about the last one generation.”
  • Paragraph 4 removed completely:  “Therefore it is the Last Church that will be changed alive and go up to heaven.  So the last secret, unsealing of the seven thunders cannot be in the church established more than 40 years ago.”
  • Paragraph 5 last line removed:  “So this Last Church should be ended up within 40 years.”

Here are the books side by side for comparison, or you can jump to a high-resolution version here (473 KB)

View or download the high resolution version here (473 KB)

To those who believe in Ahn Sahng Hong–any explanation is good enough, to those who do not–no explanation is necessary.

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  1. Ronelle says

    I am part of this church and got baptized on last saturday but somehow i dont feel comfortable and reading these comments are making some sense to me and i dont know what is going on anymore feels like i am loosing my mind

    1. admin says

      Hello Ronelle and thanks for commenting. Your situation sounds very familiar unfortunately. Please continue to do your research and spend some time away from the group so that you can have the opportunity to really think things through. Follow your intuition.

  2. donttrustkoreans says

    wow so the end was supposed to some in 2004? or wait 1988? no no no 2012… :/ i remeber we used to criticize the jehovah witness cause of them saying the end would come but didnt… idk, sad story

  3. Too Sad says

    Wish i’d read this back in April. Got baptised right before Passover. My daughter got baptised too, soon after. She was so excited at first. We were not told about AhnSahngHong or Mother until a while after we joined. We sorta had to figure it out on our own. We just thought A.S.H. was another name for Christ in Korea. I couldnt even get the full name of the church out of anyone, so i couldnt check it out online. We were told in a sermon not to go to the Saggices to learn about the Pharises, or the Dallas Cowboys to learn about the Redskins. Of course theyre going to say bad things, theyre enemies. So, i didn’t look. 2 days ago i thought i was amazed by the truths taught to me in the bible, but then i decided to see what the internet said. Holy Guacamole! I talked to my daughter tonight. She was very confused and this website helped me explain to her. I read some parts to her from it. She isnt as upset as i am. She hasn’t spent 6 day weeks in church learning to teach false bible studies. I wanted an Apostolic Age church. I thought the modern church had really gotten away from Christs teachings. This answered my need. Now where do i go? I still wish to keep biblical Sabbath and participate in the new covenant of Passover.

    1. admin says

      hi too sad,

      I am very sorry to hear about your experience. i am also sorry that you were not better informed about who Ahn Sahng-Hong is. He was a Korean man who split off from the SDA movement to form his own flavor of church. He never claimed to be Jesus, but the WMS claims he was. The WMS themselves are a split off of the NCPCOG ( ). The “mother” is a Korean woman named Zahng Gil Jah. This sort of new religion seems very common in Korea. I am sorry you have been misled.

      The biblical Sabbath was only ever binding on the Israelites along with all of the other laws (you can not keep only the Sabbath and forgoe the other precepts, such as stoning adulterers). the good news is that we are no longer under the Law, as Christ fulfilled our debt on the cross. Have no fear attending church on Sunday. It is the Lord’s day. For more info:

  4. A. says


  5. Elie says

    I just want to give a suggestion to the former members of the wmscog that are having confusions of what they are going to do now. It is hard finding out that the very things you honestly wanted to believe in are just false man-made teachings.
    If you are a bible believer, then please just read the bible. It is such a cliche but most of the people that were easily deceived by the wmscog are those who does not have enough knowledge on the bible.
    Other religions can’t really help you find your faith, but if you want guidance in reading the bible, I would suggest that you find a religion that practices a “sola scriptura” (from the scriptures only) teaching since many religions today have inserted their own traditions and beliefs in their religious practices.

  6. Gladness says

    I left the group back in 2012 and even to this very day I wonder about where to go from here. What will happen to me if I die now because I no longer faith in anything and the Bible just reminds me of all those teachings….It’s frustrating as hell not knowing what is true since everything that I was ever raised to believe in was taken away from me by this mind control cult

  7. Simbarashe Zondesa says

    The reason all these former members say they don’t know where to go after coming out of the WMSCOG is because the WMSCOG has thhe perfect truth of God. I know this website has lots of topics against Father Ahnsahnghong, but all these things have answers.

    You fools! Why do you stand against God amidst all the prophecies? If there was Judas Iscariot in the age of the Christ. How much more in this age? Stop playing the Role of the betrayal and seek to understand God.
    You will truly suffer the cup of the wrath of Christ if you continue in your ways.

  8. Miguel Constantino says

    To Admin and others: The internet is not exactly the safest place to be in when researching. I, personally, think that scholars won’t help either. Will teaching yourself help? I don’t think so. Start from the beginning of the Bible. I haven’t even read all 66 books. With the knowledge I am acquiring, I am coming to understand that reading the King James Version (KJV) or the New International Version (NIV) can guide you as you read the 66 books of the Bible. Jesus, along the disciples, including John the Baptist, quoted the prophet’s words spoken through the Holy Spirit. This is the brief explanation I am giving you. Also: admin: you say Sunday is the Lord’s day, but you should search about the history of the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church. The Ten Commandments were also changed, so the Sabbath day is actually meant for all of us. Constantine, the Roman emperor, abolished Sabbath and Passover and, because of aspirations he took from the sun-god and other gods, he declared Sunday to be the day of worship. There is more context. I am a hypocrite when I say, “The internet is not exactly the safest place to be in when researching”, but this can help bring to light one truth of many. Have a good day!

  9. AXON says

    church of god are very liars!, i hate them all, i already gave them all this proofs and they said they are fake! omfg!, what a liars i am tired!

  10. Beth says

    Idk about all the ones that claim they were in the dark about the teachings of the Church God. When I first came across 2 ladies inviting me to a Bible Study, they made me aware of God the Father and the Mother… I am not yet baptized, currently, attend Bible study (at my own will and when I have time), and have attended one service, with this said, nothing has been forced on me. I believe that we all should join any church that makes us feel at peace or study on our own, either way, you will find what you are looking for. Blessings to all those seeking the light.

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