The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) core beliefs are:

  • A Korean man named Ahn Sahng Hong, who died in 1985, was the second coming of Jesus Christ. During his lifetime, Ahn Sahng Hong fulfilled numerous biblical prophecies.
  • A Korean woman named Zahng Gil Jah, currently living in South Korea, is “god the mother” and spiritual wife of Ahn Sahng Hong. 
  • Ahn Sahng Hong designated Zahng Gil Jah as “god the mother” during the Passover observed in 1984.
  • The WMSCOG is the one “true” church. 
  • All other churches are “spiritual Babylons” and are filled with demons. 
  • All other churches are heretical, blasphemers and liars.
  • The WMSCOG’s Mission is to prove all other religions false.
  • Salvation can ONLY be obtained through activities (works) including but not limited to, baptism into the WMSCOG, observance of all of their appointed holidays, tithing, recruiting new members and strict attendance.
  • Saturday is the correct day to worship God and any church that worships on a Sunday practices paganism.
  • Tuesday worship, also known as third day service, is also required.
  • Men and women sit separately during church services.
  • Women are required to wear veils during church services.
  • The Passover is the seal of God and protects members from natural disasters.
  • The WMSCOG is the only church that observes the Passover and other old testament feasts “correctly.”
  • All humans are angels that sinned in heaven and are born on earth in order to earn their way back into heaven.
  • Family and love are temptations from Satan.
  • Crosses are a form of idolatry (even though this was not one of Ahn Sahng Hong’s teachings).
  • The Pope is the Anti-Christ
  • People who criticize the WMSCOG, especially family and friends, are “slanderers” who are being controlled by Satan.
  • Anyone that tries to get a member to doubt or leave the WMSCOG is being used by Satan to take the member away from God.
  • Members may only date with approval by the WMSCOG leadership.
  • Some marriages are arranged by the leadership.
  • Divorce is acceptable and may even be encouraged by the leadership if a member is divorcing a non-WMSCOG member.
  • Members should avoid the Internet because it is the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
  • Members can not socialize outside of the church because that is where Satan swells and will cause members to fight with each other. 
  • Along with keeping every Sabbath and 7 feasts, members are required to bear 10 talents (recruit 10 members) in order to enter heaven.  A talent is a person they bring to the church who gets baptized, becomes an evangelist by preaching 8 times per month, tithes consistently for at least 3 months and bears a talent (recruits a member) of their own.
  • Does not allow preaching to the homeless or disabled.
  • Does not allow members of the LGBTQ+ community to be baptized unless they denounce their lifestyle and agree to remain single for the rest of their lives.
  • The tithe, 10% of gross income from all sources including tax refunds, is the minimum rent that must be paid to God.  If a member does not tithe, they are robbing God and belong to the devil.
  • Good will offerings are also required in addition to the tithe offering. 
  • Parents must tithe on behalf of their children.
  • Members must pray three times per day, at times designated by the WMSCOG.  
  • Members must pray at 5am every day as God the Mother in Korea allegedly does.
  • Attendance is tracked for each preaching meeting and sent to the General Assembly in Korea.
  • Members who have no children must attend at least 8 preaching meetings per month to be considered an evangelist.
  • Members who have children must attend at least 4 preaching meetings a month to be considered an evangelist.
  • A member needs to be an evangelist before they can meet Zahng Gil Jah.
  • Mondays are allocated for worldly responsibilities, such as laundry.
  • The church buildings are to be cleaned on Fridays in preparation for Saturday services.
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