Zahng Gil Jah’s Ex-Husband’s Side Of The Story?

There has been some controversy online regarding Zahng Gil Jah‘s (Jang Gil Ja) first marriage.  When I was in the World Mission Society Church Of God, I asked members if Zahng Gil Jah had been married prior to being involved with Ahn Sahng Hong and my question was dismissed with the following answer:  “Satan always tries to spread lies about our heavenly mother”.  Clearly that was not a valid answer to the question.

Circled are ZGJ (left) and her then husband Jae Hoon Kim (right). Ahn Sahng Hong (standing center), Hwang Won Soon (in front of ASH, blue hanbok).

In South Korea, there is a popular account from Zahng Gil Jah’s ex-husband Jae Hoon Kim on many web sites.  You can read the article found on a Korean website here.  While the validity of the article cannot be absolutely proven, we have translated the article into English below for our readers who would like to read what it says (but do not speak Korean).  Here is what the article says:

A statement by Jae Hoon Kim, first husband of Zahng Gil Jah aka “Heavenly Mother”

I was married to Zahng (Jang Gil Ja) in 1966. We had 2 children by our marriage. During our marriage, we began to go to a church that was introduced to us by by a Christian man with surname, Roe. This church was in Pusan. (Editors Note: This was the original church founded by Ahnsahnghong).

We became very active, devoted Christians, missionaries and evangelists for this church after becoming members.

While I spent much time overseas working, my wife underwent many changes and became a different person than the one I married.

My wife, Zahng (Gil Jah), claimed that as a part of our devotedness to Jesus, she sold our house (paid for with hard earned money I made overseas) and donated all our family’s assets to Ahnsahnghong and his church.

I also saw that my wife did not properly care for my family while I was away. Therefore I, the husband, requested that my wife be responsible for family matters while she is working for the church. However, my wife refused to listen to me and asked me for a divorce. When she made this request I begged her to think carefully before making the commitment to divorce.

During this time my wife continued to go on missions without me to even remote regional locations. She would be in a group of people from the church, which included both men and women. If the group was made up of all women I could understand. But these groups also included men. What kind of husband could put up with this behavior from his wife? Think about it….

So, I finally agreed to let her be free and we divorced. I lost my wife, money, and kids to this church. I also became ill with a liver disease. Gradually I decided it was wrong to end my life. I realized eventually I needed to look after myself. Slowly my health returned. Once I regained my health I went to find my children.

By then, however, my children were totally under the control of my ex-wife, Zahng Gil Jah. My children asked me not to visit them as it made them feel ashamed.

Soon after our divorce, Zahng immediately married Ahn. Within the church, Zahng became known as God’s Bride. How can Ahn, if he is an honest person, tell the church that Zahng is his Bride? Everyone knows he was married and had children. This is insane. I wanted to tell everyone in the church the truth! I nearly exploded with rage!

However, I restrained myself because I didn’t want to shame my children who were members of this church. After this incident, I suffered insomnia, neurasthenia and became ill again. In order to recover myself, I have gone into rehab several times, but I could not recover, because I was too angry and heart-broken.

This cult teaches that the end of the world is in 1988. I tell all members, do not believe what this cult is saying to you. I want you all get out of this immediately and come back to real Jesus and get your life back in order.

(This statement was written by Mr. Jae Hoon Kim sometime in 1987.)

This information, if true, does not support Zahng Gil Jah being divine in any way, because the Bible speaks strongly against divorce.

But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, makes her the victim of adultery, and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

Mathew 5:32

And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery.

Mark 10:12

Therefore, since Zahng Gil Jah divorced her husband, not only is she guilty of adultery, but is Ahn Sahng Hong if he married her after her divorce, albeit “spiritually.”  Would God come to the earth and commit acts that speak against His Word?  Absolutely not.  

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  1. DavidsOffspring says

    The WMS Church of God has not ever predicted the end of the world. The bible tells us that the end of it’s prophecy is in 2012, but we do not know the time or day of the end. The last day will come “Like a thief in the night”.

    This article has to be false.

    1. admin says

      Hello DavidsOffspring,

      Thank you for reading the article and leaving a comment.
      I think that you should ask your WMSCOG pastor regarding this one. Ahnsahnghong seems to have indeed predicted the end in 1988 and there is a pamphlet that is said to have been distributed by members of the church when it was called “Ahnsahnghong’s Witnesses” which you can read here.
      But I am curious, what makes you say that the “bible tells us that the end of it’s prophecy is in 2012”? Do you arrive at this calculation the same way that this pamphlet does? If not, I would be interested in the verses and calculations you use to arrive at this number.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      1. jjtripolee says

        I don’t think he has a response to that. Sad that members can’t defend their belief but desperately hold onto it.

      2. g says

        Answer: 1844 was the fulfillment of atonement day according to the 2300 days and nights consecration of sanctuary.. during the first year Moses went with Israel God established the feasts. Atonement day was appointed 7th month 10th day of the fIrst year comI g out of egypt. It Took 168 days until first day of the second year from coming out of Egypt that they finished the sanctuary.. the mission of the church is the great gathering to take place in the last days. Bible says God people make up the spiritual material for the heavenly sanctuary.. bible prophecies show when all Gods people have gatherd in the last days this heavenly sanctuary will be finished.. now a day in prophecy is fulfilled as a year in history.. from atonement day to completion of the temple was 168 days.. so 1844 adding the 168 years adds to 2012.. did you understand? Maybe not…

        1. admin says

          We covered those calculations in this article here. So does that mean that you believe the world is going to end in 2012. There are only a few months left. What do you plan to do when nothing happens this year?

          1. Gail says

            My prayer is that all from WMS will come out of their blindness and find the only true God and Jesus Christ. Time is short. Jesus wants all who are miserable, blind, naked and lost to find him. Satan is the father of all lies. If you believe these delusions, then you will also bow before the antichrist when he comes with his signs and wonders in the end of days. Wake up before it’s too late.

    2. Jomjee4you says

      How can you possibly say that ? HOW ? Do you not see the END OF WORLD FLYER on the first page of this Website ? Do you not see the GREEN BOOK changes article. Do you not see the Ji Won Tak lawsuit article ? Bury your head in the sand and go worship this fake deity and don’t forget (they won’t let you) to give em all your money. So obviously fake, it’s not even debatable.

    3. Henjenim says

      above statement seems true you cannot Denise that we were taught that world would end in 2012 put your hands on your heart don’t tell lie ok.

    4. Mothers daughter says

      I agree. Plus God can do whatever She wants lol she cannot treason against herself lol. There has never been a date when the world will end. Nobody knows. Love you Mother!

      1. ChildOfElohim says

        No one will ever be able to grasp this spiritual concept of how out gods have to come in the flesh just to reteach their lost brothers and sisters god has not said one thing about the end regardless of proving anything to anyone the one who keeps calling on Jesus follows nun of his ways or teach whole heartedly we all should check carefully within ourselves and still ask our self have I been seen blameless in the lords eyes we know this is the last days the time we live 1 day to god is 1,000”years so whatever you choose to believe ask your self do you have the seal of god and will you enter heaven when the dead and the living is raised we a sinful beings tht over look ourselves

    5. Gimmieabreak says

      Well that came and went 🙄

  2. Adam says

    Regarding the “article”, or blog, anyone can write anything on the internet. I could say I was married to Hillary Clinton, we had this and that child, but things went downhill and she cheated on me, would you believe me? If you could come up with legal documentation showing the marriage or divorce of these two, that would be wonderful. That could then be used as evidence. It is unfair to accuse on speculations. Matt 28:11-15 is a very good example.

    1. admin says

      correct. that is why it is clearly called out multiple times in the article that the account has not yet been verified.

      1. Felix Lee says

        IS there a way to verify the story of the ex-husband at all?
        Has there not been any attempt by any investigative journalists to try and dig up the truth on this, do you know if anyone had done any reporting on this?

    2. Dr.2 zion nepal says

      if any one can write any thing then what are you watching can’t you differenciate the true and false can’t you examine the fact. this is very serious every thing has to end one even we also. so be faithful to god read bible clearly not only what WMSCOG teach you. ask question to church about all the matter you hear from this web site i am sure church (WMSCOG) can’t answer you any thing, then what will you do will you stay there or leave it’s upon your decession.

  3. samtheman says

    does anyone know how old is zhang gil jah? and does she have children?.

    1. admin says

      Yes, it is believed that she is in her 60s and has 2 children.

      1. henjenim says

        You People don’t know her age in this 2012 her age is 70.

    2. donttrustkoreans says

      69 this year i believe

      1. anthony says

        God the Mother is now 72 years old.

        1. admin says

          thanks anthony. how do you know her age?

        2. anthony says

          No, it’s not 72. She will turn 70 in Nov. 14, 2012. That is her birthday. I’m a new member of this church. For about three months. And i ask my Korean brother about her age.

      2. anthony says

        I’m in the state of confusion now, whether i have to continue going to the church of WMSCOG or go back to my former religion as a Christian Alliance. I get baptized in WMSCOG 2 months ago. And I continue go to their church to study and for me to really understand their belief. But, until now I can’t totally accept and understand that the 2nd coming of Christ already happened. And about God the Mother who came to the earth as flesh. I’m having a hard time if i will accept Christ Ahnsanghong as our Savior and also to mother New Jerusalem. Every time my Korean friend asked me if i totally accept God the Mother and Christ Ahnsanghong as our savior in this age. I just nod to him, with a smile. But deep inside, It’s not totally 100% that i accept Christ Ahnsanghong and New Jerusalem as my personal savior. I really don’t know why., Please advice me about my state of confusion right now.

        1. admin says

          hey anthony. unfortunately the e-mail address you left on your comment is invalid. if you contact me from the contact form, i can speak with you further.

        2. Mark says

          the same situation right here. My friend invited me to come to the Church and already baptized immediately. I can’t say no because every thing they say is in the Bible. But when my friend started to say she is the Heavenly Mother and the Holy Spirit is Ahn Sahng-Hong. I started to have a doubt. They seem very convincing and the Deacon was very nice and approachable . The place was decent and impressive. They are kind and understanding. Before I get into it, I will consult this to my spiritual advisor from my current Church. I am a logical thinker and at the same time have Faith. This will test if that Faith that I hold is true.

          1. T.H. says

            This is a good plan of action. I do hope that the advisor at your church understands about preconceived ideas backed up by specially chosen scriptures. What the WMS does is something I call slicing and dicing. You could do thid on your own as well. Take any idea that seems good to you and research through the Bible any scriptues that will back up your idea. Here’s a real simple example: the reched, knowing he was lost, took himself out and hung himself. – now go forth and do likewise. The first part of this refers to Judas after his betrayal of Jesus. The second part is from Jesus himself as he was addressing a crowd. Both are taken out of context but when put together it seems that we should go hang ourselves. This of course is not true but it is out of the Bible right? Please don’t fall for this kind of thing. You have a good idea going to you church and talking to a spiritual advisor. Keep in touch and let us know how it goes.

          2. MikeyMan says

            Everything is Biblical don’t let anyone put you down. If you see it is Biblical just keep going because others don’t get to. Not everyone is allowed. What you see and understand is for you and all you love not anyone else. You don’t need any approval from anyone weather you understanding clearly. You have been blessed to see. Like I said not everyone is allowed to see. You may go to 100 people or 1k and they all look at you as if your wrong maybe you preached to 10k, Who cares what anyone thinks because when you see it is right it’s right. And no one can say other wise. Take for instance if your family member gives you a yellow and green shirt and they say it’s called a yellow and green shirt because your family member gave you the meaning and reason witch is let’s say because the shirt is mostly yellow and only some green, and you go to your friend and say my Family member gave me this yellow and green shirt you should come get one for the family reunion, and he looks at you and says it’s green and yellow, then you say no its yellow and green because there is more yellow than green. Then he says it’s green and yellow. Sentimental feelings man. God put so much time into saving you. All you have to do is Study fo r yourself keep reading The Holy Bible and study with W.M.S.C.O.G.
            If you study the basic studys memorise them. No one can take them away if you memorise them. Study one subject and when you understand it and you know it’s true without a doubt then memories it man because truth is pure and worth more than anything. When you have something perfect if it fits that’s the only way it will fit perfectly is if you only keep it perfect. People sometimes have there opinions let them be the hat that goes ahead and you be the tie and hang around. It will always be perfect to you now it’s just adding to the perfection and praying for those that could not see like you have. They may be with pride but we have God’s words that come From Jerusalem just as prophesied. They have no protection. They need the seal of God in order to be protected.

          3. T.H. says

            MikeyMan, really? This is your “logical” advise? You would equate a persons spiritual quest for truth to an argument over a shirt and then suggest that the WMSCOG gets to decide what you should know and /or think? How crazy does that sound? I hope you don’t take serious medical advice the same way. One doctor says he wants to do surgery for your headache do you jump right in or do you get a second opinion? The next doctor could run some tests and find out you’re dehydrated. Your headache goes away by simply drinking more water! Don’t ever get stuck only listening to one source of information like the WMSCOG! Do your own research! MikeyMan, you gave some really bad advice!

        3. Inga Goudentyte says

          Here’s what you do Anthony: Follow along closely: WAKE THE [moderated by admin] UP.

        4. Believer of God says

          Religion, to me, is not a church, I believe in God, but I do not believe in any churches, to me churches are man made, they are made to serve men, to serve only the founders of that particular church, under the disguise of serving God.
          There is NO God the Mother, no such character in the Bible, it is this cult that twisted the interpretation of the Bible to serve their needs. this God the Mother, and all the weird doctrine that they adapted by their own interpretation the some particular versus to confuse and brain wash their members. (such as no cross, and do service on Saturdays, instead of Sundays)

    3. hal-xy says

      Dear Gil-jah Zahng,

      today on your 70th birthday I want to give you my warmest greetings publicly. And here is the place to reach most of the members and getaway members at the same time. The readers of this site are the most eager researchers about the truth, however on every single page that I read, I found at least one significant error. So, whenever I came here I went back to the church much stronger than when I had left.

      This time it is different though. I am out even in case your church does have the truth. To me it is really still equally possible: That the church’s concept is completely right or completely wrong.

      However, whether one way is true or the other does make a big difference. Some ex-members e.g. on this site have given a lot, have dropped their careers, have chosen a spouse who would only fit until the next end-of-the-world-date or have lost one who would have fit beyond that date. In your time zone in Bundang nobody yet has celebrated your birthday even though it has ended 7 1/2 hours ago. And nobody really will cheer you birthday on the upcoming Sunday, when the Korean moon calender shows your 71st one. They will mourn that it is their fault, that you still have to live on in this difficult place called earth waiting that the last sheep will be found. Maybe it is my fault, but what should I do.

      We live on this planet for a limited time, and in a long term sense we will leave no traces here. For a few decades of course some will remember us, but for centuries or for millennia that will not happen. And even if… compared to eternity it all is nothing.

      Yet, this little short life here: Is the world becoming better if nobody fights for their rights anymore? O.k., I ask the opposite question, too: Is the world becoming any better if everybody fights?

      There are some things to fight for in my case, and I will not hang out out waiting and losing time. I hope I won’t.

      Anyway, your path for change is long and hard either. Can I wish you good luck or something? But if I could I would.

      Yours in love…

      1. hal-xy says

        Dear Admin,

        since I’ll be off for a while, I am going to answer your next question now: How do I know the date?

        Her birthday is on a different date every year, so it must be related to the moon calendar. In 2012, Nov. 14 was Oct. 01 in the moon calendar, and since the Koreans add one year at birth, she wasn’t born in 1942 but in 1943. A simple Google search completes it:

        O.k., it is not that simple, but still, why could nobody find it out here? No offense, please, but all this arguing and fighting actually closes down the mind, which makes me think about my own troubles…

        Good bye

  4. Explained Titan says


    1. admin says

      Hello Explained Titan and thank you for commenting. Ahn may have called Zhang his bride, but in the book you are referring to, he was speaking of the meaning of the “bride” in the Biblical context. These are two different things. This article, nor the book you are referring to, support the idea that Zhang was a “mother god”.

  5. Curl-Q says

    Matthew 24:30
    30 “Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the peoples of the earth[c] will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.[d]

    In the above verse, Jesus is speaking of His second-coming, so don’t let any of the WMSCOG church members tell you that He was talking about the Holocaust.

    Call me “word of faith,” but I really think that when Jesus returns it will happen as it is stated above. That is, ALL will mourn. Seeing as though this Christ AnhSahnghong guy already came and went and nobody really knows about it, that should be a red flag. Also, some of these WMSCOG members will try to convince you that clouds mean flesh, meaning that He will return in a body. All I’ve got to say about that is that sometimes clouds just mean clouds!!!!

    How we demote God if were are not going to believe that He is magnificent enough to literally be seen by EVERYONE and that yes EVERYONE WILL MOURN. I believe that everyone will mourn at His return because some will be rejoicing, while other fearful and ashamed for denying Him all of their lives.

    In summary, AnhSahngHong already lived and died. Did EVERYONE hear about this? NO!!! Did everyone mourn? NO!!!! Please believe Jesus when He said what He said in Matthew 24. Make no mistake, WE WILL KNOW and have no doubt. God is not a God of confusion.

    Oh and BTW check out the verse above it: Matthew 24:29
    29 “Immediately after the distress of those days
    “‘the sun will be darkened,
    and the moon will not give its light;
    the stars will fall from the sky,
    and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’[b]

    Have we experienced any of these above signs yet? NO!!!!! Therefore, Jesus has NOT RETURNED yet.

    Plus…if AnhSanhHong was God…why would he need corrective lens? LOL!

    a. Matthew 24:15 Daniel 9:27; 11:31; 12:11
    b. Matthew 24:29 Isaiah 13:10; 34:4
    c. Matthew 24:30 Or the tribes of the land
    d. Matthew 24:30 See Daniel 7:13-14.
    e. Matthew 24:33 Or he
    f. Matthew 24:36 Some manuscripts do not have nor the Son.

    1. admin says

      well said Curl-Q.

    2. Untouchable J says

      I just recently left WMSCOG, after 4 years. They explain that the “Stars falling from the sky” is spiritual meaning when the Holocaust occured (they state that the jews wearing yellow Star of David is proof, and also when YHWE told Abram his descendants will be like the stars in heaven). My point is, they make SURE, they have an answer for eberything..and the answers dont always make sense and usually lead to more Questions

    3. MikeyMan says

      What day is the true Sabbath Day?
      Answer that Biblically for me.
      Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
      Keep in mind the resurrection Day what day that is.

      1. Jesus-Is-Lord says

        When any WMSCOG member sees that everything they believe in nonsense, they go to the issue of the Sabbath, why is that? Is Sabbath correct of is Sunday service correct? This is called a false dichotomy. You create a false option between two things that doesn’t really exist.

        Am I making it up that this is a false dichotomy? No!! Read Romans 14. Paul tells us that any day you choose to observe as holy is fine. Even if all days are alike to you, that’s fine. Imagine God who over ruled the law of foods or meat, imagine the God who over ruled the law of physical circumcision – you’re telling me that God is too weak to be worshiped on any day, like it has to be Sabbath and third day? like really dude? You people are truly Sad.

  6. margoth says

    She is our Mother!!! It is happening the same things 2000 years ago happened

    1. Sarah says

      No. She is not God. Jesus proved He was God so many times and everything He said and did proved He was God Zahng Gil …. Is a woman like every other woman out there. We need to wake up. Are you sincerely happy being at wmscog? All you have to do is look around you the next time you attend sabbath. Who is really running the show. Did Jesus discriminate? By discrimination I mean, having most, if not all the pastors one race? Was Jesus flawed in any way that can be proven? No. Jesus was perfection. How can “A” be Christ? Most former members here I doubt knew each other at the same time, yet have similar stories. This ought to be illegal practice. Oh…. I loved the idea of being an angel as they teach but it’s all part of the mind control. Pay attention to the unspoken words of members when they say “God bless you.” Most can not look you in the eye especially one of the opposite sex. Oh, and for those who claim the mother God knew of them prior, I’m here to tell you that even the devil knew you the day you were born. Psychics are very good at this tactic, so no! There is only one God that has ever walked this earth and His Name was, and Is, Jesus the Christ! The end of the world predictions is not what bothers me the most but people claiming to be God and misleading the very elect.

      1. Jesus-Is-Lord says

        You are absolutely correct. The wmscog members like to believe that what happened 2000 years ago is happening now. No!! it’s not. Jesus never sinned, not once – If he had sinned, he wouldn’t have been worthy to be called God’s sacrificial lamb ( without blemish, remember).

        Zhang Gil Jah is simply not worthy to be called a child of God, let alone be called God. She has not repented of her sins and they pile up every time a soul is lost over to the dark side.

        I too do not care about worshiping on Saturday, Passover date or what ever other teaching – the real issue here, even though the wmscog fights to keep their members from seeing it, is that they are worshiping false gods. Somehomw they have been fooled into praying to another name other than that of the true saviour Jesus Christ.

        Passover, Sabbath, Easter and so on, that’s just a façade.

  7. Jose says

    My girlfriend is deep in this,…

  8. M says

    My boyfriend has joined this church for about six months now and it is crazy how brainwashed he has become. I have showed him many articles on this website and others about the church and I know before they make you not even question anything, but I have started to get him to question everything. However, I still am not getting to him. I pray to god every day to open his eyes and let him see the truth. This cult is very dangerous. He is a completely different person. Always thinking the world is going to end and how he’s never good enough and devotes all his time to the church and a lot of money. Someone please help me to open his eyes. I have tried everything, but when he goes to the church they brain wash him all over again. 🙁

    1. the-spy says

      The best way is dont persecute him. Dont show him anything. Be fake. Now there’s a new psstor that came to re-vaccinate everyone. Whats his full name… I might know him

    2. jaypee says

      have you tried calling the cops?

  9. i believe she is our mother… [comment moved by admin to the forum]

    1. Dr.2 Zion Nepal says

      ohe fata jhut bolchas ramro sanga adhan garera hera. ma ithari ma auchu

  10. Tonya McClellan says

    Me, my 2 sons and my sons girlfriend were baptized in the WMSCOG church. we know
    realize that this church is a cult. Do you know how we can get out? I am worried about it because we don’t want to be “stalked” by members. I am hoping that they just let us leave willingly. They wanted us to pick up and move closer to the church which is 2 hours away from family and friends. Thank you for your time, Tonya

    1. the-spy says

      Hhello, im a current member of the wmscog. I became aware of all this lies and how nasty the church is. I still go to this church because I have become more like a spy. Im staying-in for the sake of my loved ones. Ive been slowly encouraging my loved ones to grumble against and get bored and letting them make their own choice of wanting not to come back. The best way to leave without being followed is to not let them control you. Say you are working, minimize your activities with them, also showing them as if you are so thankful to father and mother. Just be fake, but care less. Gradually lose your interest and tell them you lost job and its a struggle to come for service… wmscog doesn’t like low class people and they are classified as ghetto people.

      Ill remain a spy and im enjoying it. They try to control me, but im just having fun messing up with them.. they talk about satan infiltration to steal information. …. well… im not satan… im an angel

      1. ELLA says

        THIS STATEMENT WAS ABSOLUTELY STORY MAKING AND FULL OF LIES:)…[this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion]

      2. jaypee says

        well, good luck with that. Hanging out with them decreases one’s IQ (literally). So I bid you good luck, you’re going to need it.

      3. MikeyMan says

        You say your with the W.M.S.C.O.G yet your not you say?
        Did you keep Passover?
        O please I need to know?

    2. T.H. says

      You need to do two things. 1)Write a letter (each of you) stating that you do not believe in this groups teachings anymore and that you wish to be left alone. 2)You will be called and text messaged. Make very clear affrimations that you are not interested and to please not call or text anymore. Most of the time these people will just disappear out of your life. I have not heard of a case in the USA where someone who exited this group were stalked in a threatening way. They will try to get you back in but they tend to lose interest fairly quickly. How are you and you family holding up right now? There are lots of people here who are willing to share their experiences with you and your family. Most of us want to help if we can. Keep your faith in Jesus Christ and surround yourselves with others who share the same faith.

    3. MikeyMan says

      Please remember The Sabbath Day To Keep It Holy.

      1. UntouchableJ says

        Keep it holy, by NOT going to this church.

        1. MikeyMan says

          There are only 2 Churches in the world and only one is the true Church keeping the Sabbath day. Do you believe this?

          1. Mountainmom says

            No, obviously.

  11. george says

    que pena da saber que supuestos estudiosos de la biblia esten en un grave error el de no reconocer lo que esta escrito muy claramente en la biblia pena por ellos ya que dios madre y dios padre siempre estan con nosotros dios lo bendiga mucho

    What a shame to know that these supposed Bible students are making the great mistake of not recognizing what is clearly written in the Bible. Pity for them now that god the mother and god the father are always with us. God bless you much.

  12. Dr. 2nd Zion nepal says

    I am 100% sure & i know, we were taught about end of the earth on 2012 by head paster for nepal.

    1. concerned sister says

      what is your stand now that the world did not end in 2012. is tehre an explanation given to you by your church why it never ended last year? I believe they do since they were very certain that the world will end last year. Or maybe they might have an explanation why if for some reason there might be a delay? i really want to know.

  13. Will says

    Everyone don’t believe the lies there is only One God and the only way to get to him is through jesus christ God bless

  14. Anne says

    This is not a christian church. It was founded by a man who made up his own version of the truth. Do not be fooled by this “cult”. Only if one believes in Jesus, his father and the holy spirit will one go to heaven. No earthly person can make/break your journey to heaven unless you let them. Jesus warned us of false prophets and Christ Ahnsahnghong and Zhang Gil Jah are just one of many mortals decieving the children of God – the God that died and rose on the 3rd day.

  15. concerned sister says

    i would have to agree with anne,remember when jesus was crucified,one thief asked for forgiveness and begged to be with jesus in paradise and right at that moment the thief was forgiven and promised to be with jesus in paradise. So i believe that no matter how big our sins are but if we accept Him as our Saviour then trully we will be saved. We do not need to live in fear that if we do not complete all the feast or missed a passover celebration or if we dont praise Him during the sabbath or call Him Ahn sang hong that we will not be saved. Because God is a loving and forgiving God. He does not descriminate nor limit people who will be saved. Because He gave us our own freewill to decide and contemplate on our Faith. Because true Faith does not insist which name to praise because faith comes from within. And this jesus that I have been prasing and praying never failed me and made me feel outcasted during the times that i faltered on my Faith. He gave me freedom to praise Him. And I know that as long as I believe in Him that i will be saved.

    1. Questiel says

      I just joined this church and idk
      Seems pretty weird
      People around me keeps warning me that this is a cult.

      1. UntouchableJ says

        Hi Questiel- Im a former member of 4 years. The actions of WMS,by far go against what they preach. If you want to hear my story please PM me. Have a good one.

  16. ELLA says

    Oh i always use to write in capslock, sorry for your misunderstanding:)[this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion].

  17. ELLA says

    TYPOGRAPHICAL ERROR:…[this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion].

  18. ELLA says

    Sorry again for capslock i use to write in capslock:)[this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion].

  19. Emil says

    Hello Ella. Perhaps you should visit the forum and continue this discussion. It will be easier to do that there than to let it be mixed with all other comments here.

  20. ELLA says

    EMIL, hi I don’t need to go to forum i already gave my last statement…[this comment has been moved to the forum for further discussion].

    1. admin says

      ELLA your comments not been deleted, they have been moved to the forum as previously noted. Duplicate posts will not be approved. Thank you.

    2. Emil says

      Ella, your original statement is in the forum in entirety. Nothing has been removed. It has only been moved. You will see a discussion on the various bible bases you have provided. If you have such a strong belief in Mother, why do you fear to come to the forum and participate in the discussion? If you are right, you will save so many of us too.

  21. truth says

    Admin why do you challenge the responses of the wmscog believers and not that of the non-believers? Stop turning people are away from the church of God. You devil. You will never win.

  22. truth says

    Was referring to the devil not you by the way. But don’t let him use you

  23. Truth? What is truth? says

    Truth.. Our church laughs out loud in congregation about how ridiculous other church’s are to believe the earth is only 6,000 years old. So much evidence points to the contrary, wouldn’t you agree? Though our church has found a way to explain this, there are still fundamental flaws. For example… the flood. Let’s visit this topic since accepting scientific evidence is an allowable foundation to the beginning of the “6 day creation”. Ask your Pastor if the flood was worldwide. He will likely say “what does the bible say?” or “yes, the entire world!” Then admit the evidence. Ice core samples taken from Antarctica and Greenland, such as sample GISP2, accurately record 110,000 years worth of captured historical sediment… none of which have had any ocean water or even slightly significant salt layers. So the same scientific evidence used to date the earth’s history, which by the way is supported by church of god, also says they are big fat liars about a flood coming around 4000 years ago. Examine the same evidence they crammed down our throats in this regard… I actually got my pastor to backtrack and admit the flood was just local to the Mediterranean area, after first insisting it was world wide. Do your homework and set the table before your question, and you will reveal the lie. Then the “truth” will set you free. God Bless You!

  24. COG says

    Decon of WMSCOG have signed and given a statement that 2012 will be the end of the world. while I was in WMSCOG we were taught about 2012 same as written above by Ves Jan Gil pastor of Nepal.

  25. NB says

    Same here… When I was there, They do say the world gonna go boom in 2012, But I guess everybody seems to deny that statement now 🙂

  26. WALTER GARCIA says


  27. eddie says

    good to make movie film for this. gods and goddesses love story!!! starring ahnsahnghong as god the father, elijah-christ, zahng gil jah as mother god, jae hoon kim in supporting role,
    directed by Joo Choel Kim. Cast of characters multi-support, all deacons and members, produce by WMSCOG. How about that, blockbuster movie.

  28. Christina says


    I appreciate all your research and investigation to bring to us the truth behind this organization. I was so lost for a while and I am ashamed that I have questioned my own beliefs after going to this congregation. While I was active in this place and participated in all activities, I cant help but to feel this void and heaviness in my hear every time I attend or participate in their services. I grew up as a Catholic in a very religious family. I’m just very curious as to what led you to start your research and this blog? Have you had your own share of experience with this congregation? I would really appreciate your reply in my inbox. Thank you once again.

  29. Jonas says

    Admin,please explain this verse. Let us make man in our image, in our and our is plural right? Now another verse,Ecclesiates 12:1 ‘remember thy creators in the days of thy truth while that the evil days come out, nor the years have arrived, that thou sayest I have no pleasure in them’. Ok now the words creators and them are both plural. The word elohim that means Gods is plural. Yahweh in Hebrew is the singular verb for god. How do you explain that their is only god the father if their is plurality in the meaning of god.

    1. Anais says

      You may have missed this article that talks about the meaning of Elohim.

  30. Jonas says

    I really appreciate your efforts and research. How did you get the documentation of ahns wife and children? Doesn’t ahnsahnghong say that Jesus has to come in secret?

    1. Anais says

      You must be a member. Why aren’t you concerned with more important things like the manipulation your likely being subjected to?

  31. Mountainmom says

    Jonas, isn’t Elohim a Jewish word? Don’t you think the Jews understand their language better than we do? I asked a Jewish man if Elohim meant two Gods and he laughed! Of course the answer was no.

    And how would you explain that God says over a hundred times in the Bible that He is the only one? Do you think God lies? I know He doesn’t.

    He didn’t “reveal” anyone later either, because that would be lying too. If you came to my door and asked if I was the only one there and I said yes, but I knew that I someone was sitting in another room, wouldn’t that be a lie? Well of course it would. And God didn’t lie when He said He was the only one.

  32. UntouchableJ says

    The WMS argument/sermon , “Savior of each age” is flawed. A Jew will tell you that in the old testament, there is CLEAR understanding of Jehovah being in existence. Then, the Messiah was always understood as God coming in th flesh, and as being the same. We know this. Isaiah 9:6 speaks of this. This is the SAME old testament. So the argument of;
    Jehovah being the only one
    Then Jesus being the only one
    Has flaws. The OT always told of thr Messiah, being Jehovah.

  33. UntouchableJ says

    @Jonas. Many men have said, “Jesus has to come in secret”. These are the same men that Jesus said to be watchful of…”For many will say, here is the Christ”…But Jesus daid NOT to follow them.

  34. blue eyes says

    I amazed when people are arg
    uing by their thoughts. bible says donot judge till the lord comes.

    1. T.H. says

      No it says that the same measure that you use to judge will be used to judge you. I invite this! The Lord will judge when he returns but it’s not to keep us from making judgments in the meantime. We are to test everything to see if it is of God or not. This is how most of us here know that the WMS is NOT of God.

  35. Sam says

    Truth of the matter is all of your churches are false you do not keep the sabbath holy as it is commanded by God but worship on Sunday the day if Baal

    1. T.H. says

      Thanks for the useless comment! Read the Bible will ya!?!

    2. Jesus-Is-Lord says

      It’s so sad that you have been fooled into thinking that there is one true Church? Where in the bible does it say that? As far as I have seen, the whole denominational discrimination thing is something Paul expressly taught against.

      The bible doesn’t teach salvation through one true church, it teaches salvation through One True Jesus Christ. And as long as you’re stuck in the teachings of the wmscog, you will never see that.

      Think about it, for cryin out loud – why would Jesus Have to come and die if salvation was just about following the old testament laws? Even if you say lets keep the sabbath in truth and in spirit, you’re still implying that there was really nothing wrong with the old law – people just had to keep it better… that is ridiculous. The law is there to show us how imperfect we are and how much we need Jesus to come die for us on the Cross.

      Being lawless is being outside of Jesus Christ, which where you are right now.

  36. Pooja says

    It’s the Saturday workship chruch
    I went time to the chruch
    He started the msg
    After songs directly asking about 10% amount

  37. vijaya says

    Just for the I am beliving her
    I have a doubt why she had married two time this not fair

    1. abbhi says

      I can’t believe that. There are many rumours on Christ, like Jesus is married with Mary Magdalene. Do they believe that? Its not fair.

  38. Erica says

    The world might’ve not ended in 2012 but the Bible explains that the Bridegroom was long at coming meaning the Bridegroom (who is Christ) would come late. Late implies that there must be a true date which in this case was 2012 but did not come in that year to fulfill the Bridegroom profecy of being late.. Gby!

    1. Ammonia Salts says

      Erica use your head! Your “logic” supports every failed prediction of the second coming of Jesus/end of the world. Also, you just admitted that you, at least at one point, believed the WMSCOG’s 2012 end of the world prophecy. Egg on your face for almost 6 years now lol! How many more years of your life are you willing to waste? First it was 1988, then 2000, then 2012… I guess that the religion that makes you wait the longest is the “true church”? Seriously wake the F up.

  39. gianna says

    you really must have no life to make a whole website to persecute a church that has been so sucessful by the grace of god we have been reconizged by queen elizabeth! what other church has done this?? no other church. we have true god and so these lies you tell, will not effect true members who want to make it to heaven. everything here is fake, it is so sad that you chose to do this with your life on this earth instead of asking for forgiveness because we are all sinners, instead you act like you know so much with no actual proof and you get a lot of wrong information about the church. sad what the world has come too.

    1. Jeny Rai says

      I have visited twice once for the Bible readings and once to see my friend getting baptized. Although I like the teachings and everything because they show with the proof(Bible verses) ..But its really hard to accept Heavenly Mother and Ahn Sang Hong.. Because they pray in his name..Didn’t Jesus said he is the only way to the salvation. Well can you help me to get out of this confusion. Till then I will be praying in Jesus name because he came down to the earth and suffered for me..

      1. Jesus-Is-Lord says

        It’s not confusion, it’s common sense.

        Look, a lot of fundamentalists use the bible to justify extremist behaviour and they do it successfully. I grew up in a Church – not wmscog- that also justifies everything using the bible – it’s really not a big deal. Even the Devil used the bible to try and kill Jesus sooner than his time.

        Learn to read the bible in context. I once thought had a lot of misconceptions too about the bible that were fixed by reading the whole chapter rather than a verse, for example.

        Here is a simple example, Read Revelations 22:17 again – then ask yourself where does the wmscog get the idea that the bride “gives” water of life. No where in the text does it say that. But if you read the bible and understand who the Spirit is and who the bride is – the bible says that the Spirit testifies about Jesus – you know who else testifies in the same way? the Church.

        We testify together with the Spirit and call (say come) those who have not heard the Gospel of Christ Jesus. When they hear and repent – they (let him who hears) also call others to receive the free gift of the water of life found only in Christ Jesus.

        You are not confused if you are still praying in the name of Jesus – since the wmscog claims they only care about what the bible teaches, they should be proud of you and shouldn’t pleasure you into praying to a different name – Jesus is in the bible and they say ultimately Ahnsanghong is the same as Jesus right?? Unless He is not…

    2. Anna says

      They are called the keyboard warriors. They really have no life actually. 😀

      1. T.H. says

        I think people might be able to agree with your assumption here if there wasn’t so many of us posting truth here against this control group!

    3. Jesus-Is-Lord says

      Every other sermon in the wmscog is about false insistences and how every other church is wrong and wmscog is right, and you say we don’t have a life?

      News flash, real churches aren’t bashing other churches every chance they get, they don’t even bash wmscog.

      If their were no false insistences how many messages would your pastors share every Saturday and Tuesday? The barely give any new sermons as it is.

      You should take your own advise, stop bashing other churches and start focusing on connecting with God, maybe he will be merciful and open your eyes.

      By the way, many churches as organizations have received the queens award – If you’re gonna call out people on their lies, why don’t you start with your church.

  40. Wings007 says

    A “Prophet” dieing and leaving his prophecy to a divorced old Korean woman who wouldn’t know the definition of a Mother if it hit her upside the head! Like the Bible says, in the end will be false phrophets …. u keep falling for them. I have some land I would love to sell ya, if your looking for a sign, here it is stu#%^pid

  41. Sebastin says

    This concept totally wrong and cheating people through bible verses , what is the meaning sprit and bride , jerusalem,living water wmscog teachings was against Creator one day sourly they will punished

    1. Spencer says

      I do hope that these people leave this cult and come to christ.

  42. B Lang Rngaid says

    I clearly understood that the Heavenly Jerusalem is our Mother. Through the Apostle Paul God tough us that we became children of the promise because of Our Mother. Without doubt,Surely we can go to Heaven if we are the children of the free Women,Heavenly Jerusalem.
    I am a new member of the Church of God WMS.but the only thing I want to know is,whether it is true or not that Zhang Gil Jah had ex-husband and two children?

    1. admin says

      Yes it is true that Zhang Gil Jah is divorced and does have 2 children. Ahn Sahng Hong never divorced his wife and had many children. It is all laid out for you on his tombstone and in public records.

      1. Remmy says

        Who are the children of Zahng Gil Jah ?
        Where are they now ?
        Are they members or leaders of WMSCOG?

    2. Jesus-is-Lord says

      Actually Apostle Paul never said we become the children of God through a promise related to God the Mother. If you have read all the books of Paul, you will know that through Pauls teachings, we a re children of God through adoption which comes through faith in Jesus Christ. Did Paul explicitly say we need a mother god to be children of God? No he never said that. Through Paul’s Allegory which he literally described as an allegory, the wmscog have been able to twist Paul’s words to mean something else. In Ephesians 3:20 we see Paul calling us sons of God through Adoption which comes through Christ Jesus, we also see Paul in 1 Corinthians 8:5 saying there is only one God, the Father. Assuming Paul had been given a revelation about “god the mother”, he would have contradicted himself more than once.

      Moses who also apparently had a revelation about two images of God, male and female in Genesis would have contradicted himself in Deuteronomy chapter 6. Moses literally wrote there is one God and assigned a male pronoun calling God Him. Does that mean Moses never understood the word Elohim? Does it mean all the Jews especially the writers of the Bible never understood what Elohim means? No…. of course it means the WMSCOG is lying.

      Not only are they lying about the bible, the are also lying about the history of their church. they hide the broken past of their gods cos they know that the second coming Christ is not a sinner.

  43. Parameshwari.. says

    My replay not coment it is important truth….This statement absolutely wrong..because god said in Isaiah 8: 14″
    And he shall be for a sanctuary; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Israel, for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.” Actually now everyone knew Jesus Christ but that time so many people didn’t believe the Jesus .uffcoure Bible testified about Jesus is god but many people only looked for Jesus personal things like parents ,physical family,education, society etc…so they got failed to recieve eternallife from Jesus..because god already prophecied in isiah he is stumbling stone for us…but apostle didn’t saw jesus physical things only Bible prophesies according to 2 Corinthians 5: 16
    “Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more.”
    this time also same…we will look only Bible testifies heavenly Father and mother or not..we will also look god physical things we can never receive eternal brothers and sisters please believe the Bible..Gal 4:26..Rev 22:17 says in the last age we want take salvation we will go to heavenly Father ang mother..please believe this truth…thank you …

    1. Jesus-is-Lord says

      Yes Jesus became a Stumbling block to many, here’s some of the reasons: He was a man claiming to be God, He challenged the Religious Leaders, He didn’t bring mass resurrection and world peace as they had expected. But here’s the thing, all these things were clear from God’s laws.

      Jesus would first resurrect as the first fruit. He was born into David’s blood line was given an eternal kingdom which he referred to while he was still alive. He was killed on the Passover so also the fulfil the purpose of the Passover. Jesus was clearly testified in the bible without any vagueness. His disciples read and the scriptures and God allowed them to understand the Scriptures that we now know and understand to be clear and precise description of the coming messiah.

      Through these same scriptures which God used to show the through messiah, we are able to know for sure that Ahnsanghong is not God, he is not Jesus Christ, He certainly not the Holy Spirit.

      No verse in the bible says there is God the Mother. But there are many verses that tell us that there only one God. There is many Verses that tell us God is Father.

      Please believe the Bible when it says there is no other name by which we can be saved not in heaven, earth or under the earth except the name Jesus.

      Ahnsanghong said in his book ( The Mystery of God and Spring of the water of Life chapter 12): no other name in the last days except the name of Jesus. Please listen to Ahnsanghong.

      Ahnsanghong also said in his book ( Visitors from the Angelic World page 50): the last Eve is the Church – not Zahn-gil-jah.

  44. Watchman says

    Where to begin.
    First, the photos of the marriage are not a real wedding ceremony – it’s a demonstration for those in Zion on how the wedding banquet will be. Secondly – in the Bible in the Age of Jahova you were to pray only in his name. In the age of the Son Jesus said “up until now you have not prayed in his name and to do so, the age of the Holy Spirit is the same. Each age has a name. This is why when you’re baptized you are to be baptized in NAMES not titles. Names are Jahova Jesus and Ahn Sangh Hong titles are Father son and Holy Spirit – this is a parable and to the one saying glory of the clouds. You sir are mislead by false teachings and it’s truly sad. In both the Old Testament and new Father tells you he speaks in parables that contain the hidden secrets of creation. John 14 and 16 tells you about the advocate Christ “Father/Jesus would send at a later time. Revelation 3 tells you if you overcome the world and the ways of the world he would give you his new name. How does God come to earth? A child is born to us read Isaiah about this. No where does the Bible say to break the commands matter of fact Jesus who is the “so “ but is God the FATHER in flesh tells you to keep his commands. He set the example of what we should do as his followers but because men/Satan in Rome abolished the sabbath and the feast and took away salvation during the dark ages and slaughtered millions of us that know this truth 1260 years they changed the religious system and the world pays homage to the sun god. Isaiah tells you Satan would exalt himself to be like God and what a better way than to make an image of a beautiful man, when Christ wasn’t attractive as the Bible testifies nothing about him would draw people to him breaking the command not having any other God before Father. They made the cross an idol breaking that command and the sabbath command remember the sabbath.

    To the person that says “show me where sunday isn’t the sabbath” in your bible in Matthew it testifies Christ was killed on Friday. Mary waited till the sabbath was over to go to the tomb on the first day or “Sunday” when he was resurrected it’s before your eyes but because you don’t seek truth and don’t keep the commands men tell you we no longer keep the sabbath because Christ frees us when the reality is the Bible testifies that by keeping the commands of God we show him we are his children and he takes the vail away. The law makes us a slave if we don’t keep it because breaking the law is sin and lawlessness. Keeping the law sets us apart and frees us. Why do you think we are so happy in Zion?

    There are many people that leave the church – because the Bible tells you not many will get to go to heaven. The reason is because the Bible tells you only a few are chosen – per destined. At the same time if the internet was around during the age of Jesus do you think the Pharisees wouldn’t have been on the net smearing Christ as you do? To say Ahn Sangh Hong isn’t christ is to bare false witness even to Jesus. What you do unknowingly is blaspheme the Holy Spirit which there is no forgiveness at the end, repent and you may be saved. Also. To list Babylon practices.
    Sunday, communion, Easter and Christmas are all of Babylon so is valentines and Halloween dig deep into pagan festivals – Christmas is to the sungod birthday 12/25 it all leads back to nimrod and Babylon. This is why the Bible testifies that the world is deceived not a few the entire world. Even the Jewish people the “star of David” is the star of molecules and who do you think that is? I bet you already know. To argue scripture is to cut yourself to pieces as it says, I’m not here to argue but to teach rebuke and correct you, if you learn then great if you refuse it’s because your spirit is still rebelling as it did in heaven – we were all cast out as the Bible says we were all combined with the dust of the earth as the Bible says we are all going to die where our body returns to the ground but our spirit returns to where it came from.. Heaven – God. You bash our faith and you really don’t know Jack besides what men type on the internet. You mislead many seeking truth and yet now you have some light being shined because there are those of us out in the world but not of the world with the full armor of God the salvation of God with the seal of God on our foreheads. Think I’m still wrong? If you have salvation, why does Christ have to return a second time to bring salvation to those who waited for him? Hebrews 9:28 – salvation is the Passover meal brought back by the Holy Spirit and think about this. In 1948 Israel became a nation. The parable of the fig tree tells you when Israel becomes a nation Christ is at the door – 71 years since has there been any man to offer salvation? No false Christ who deceive many have no offers of salvation they break the commands and teach the same as everyone else. Only one man came. Galatians 4:26 says but the Jerusalem that is above is free and she is our mother. Jerusalem in revelation comes down to earth with father and dwells here for a time – not the city but our mother. She gives the water of life as the Bible tells you. But because men are waiting on “rapture and tribulation” thinking thy will have the easy way out – rapture is false teachings and you forget to see where the saints were worn out by the Catholic Church and persecuted. The last prophecy to be fulfilled is judgement but men say this and that and that but the followers don’t look to history after Christ left.

    If you want to keep asking questions I will answer them but rumors about “such and such took our money etc” false if you’re moved to give your house and money to the lord do so with gladness in your heart just as Abraham did with Melchizedek. Oh a few other things when john was on Patmos he said Christ would come from the East. Directly to the ends of the earth on google is what country? Korea. He wasn’t going back to the Middle East remember his work was finished and the Jewish people had already done the work of preserving the first half of the Bible.

    I hope this reaches many of you, including the OP because truly I tell you everything in the Bible is truth. Oh and for those saying we pick and choose scripture – you know how we teach you know it’s truth you cannot argue and nothing in scripture or what we teach is false because if I pull up a verse and the other verse backs the first it’s truth especially when you are able to see it because you are one of the lost sheep. The rest won’t think so and will not see it there fore they leave.
    To the spy shame on you for feeling that you need to spy. You scheme and Father and Mother May have already thrown you out don’t know or they will keep giving you a chance to humble yourself and see your errors. For the owner of this page, what do you have to say? Do you want to study, or shall you return to the dust with a meaningless life as proclaimed in the word of God?

    1. admin says

      Hello, you may want to post this in the forum. You raise some good points but they are not likely to be seen or responded to below an article.

    2. Jesus-is Lord says

      Firstly, you made an error – I’m not gonna say you lied. There is no where in the bible where anyone prayed “in the name of Jehovah”. Jesus did not say “until now you have not prayed in his name” – He said, until now you have not ASKED anything in my name. There is a huge difference.

      David Called on the name of Jehovah, he never prayed or asked IN the name of Jehovah – that is a lie the wmscog tells people.

      The only reason Jesus said ASK in my name is because he is the only mediator between man and God. he is the perfect sacrifice for atonement that pleases God – To God, it is no longer I that lives but Christ who lives in me (Galatians 2:20).

      You read the bible yet you don’t understand or see things that are clearly there.

  45. Rashidun says

    Salam alaikom i on the other hand was a former member of this cult wayback in 2009 in Philippines. Two members of this cult came to my house but first they asked me if i am a chain smoker i thought they from the healthy authority until they bring out their korean bibles 😂😂

    They invited me to come to their church on saturday a korean girl came to my house to pick me up and then when i reached the church the filipina girl used to tell me that she was a former member of Born Again Christian and a Catholic…. they preached me everything especially the baptism that you will be saved if you get baptized ASAP and yes they pour a water in my head and wallah khalas!

    This cult used to hate the other religious group such as statue worshippers and the Muslims and additions to this is they used to condemn the Gays and Bisexual communities in the city… one time the deacon of this cult asked me if i am a Gay well i respond to him calmly but this shitty deacon keeps on insisting that i am a part of LGbT! In my opinion if you see some imperfection to your brothers and sister you should not condemn them but instead pray to the Lord Jesus to cleanse their hearts… the deacon said “the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of heaven” 😂😂😂

    To cut the story i decided to leave this cult after the conversation😂😂 you see they are not increasing they baptize people who they catch in the streets and alleys but no one is coming back 😜😜😜 God hates sin but as a Sinner i am willing to confess my sins…. after 5 months i throw a doggy bag of CD(compact disc) in the umbrella basket of this cult it consists of gay pornography and i dedicate it to that stupid deacon of this cult. After that i never heard any news about them but when i am encountering some koreans i am ignoring them for some kind of shits!

    Since i am a Muslim now i will be careful for dealing with these kind of infidels!

  46. Spencer says

    If God the mother is real I don’t like here.

  47. Norberto says

    John 14:6
    Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

    Revelation 20:15
    And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.

    Jesus is the only way to Father God. There is no other way, no religion, cult, human, that can give you your salvation but Jesus.

    Revelation 22:18-19
    I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the PLAGUES described in this book, and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.

  48. Lio jr says

    People who didn’t obey the laws like Sabbath, Passover they will never understand this mistery of God.

  49. ELLA says

    Hello COVID-19 will those people who mocked God the Mother will be Saved from this pandemic? I’m ELLA by the way who used to comment here in 2013. Still this page spread lies. If you have some evidence show it the divorce paper and the Birth certificate of her children. By the way we are Partners with PNP here in the Philippines so if we are liars story makers we End up in Jails. But of course not! We are partners with PNP for Reduce Crime Together. You know from almost 9 years I’m here. I experienced Good and Bad but it’s up for you if you would stay or not! I chose to stay even if it was hard. You know why? As Apostle Peter said. “Where do we go?? You have the Words of Eternal Life.” As Jesus said men does not live on Brea alon But on Every Word that comes out from God. For the Watchmen who commented here 9 months ago. He stated very well. You cannot answer him back. Why because u can’t you don’t know the whole bible because you are not reading or studying it. You just Focus on Physical Life of Mother. Jesus also have Physical Life but did the Bible tell anything about his Physical Life, Physical Lovelife? No. Because it’s Physical. You know the Marriage between Father and Mother is the Fulfillment of Heavenly Wedding Banquet in 1984 before Father ascend in Heaven. It is fulfillemnt of Heavenly Wedding Banquet. It is not a Physical Wedding But Spiritual Wedding within the two for the Fulfillment Only of Heavenly Wedding Banquet. They didn’t have Sex at all. 1985 Father Died for tge fulfillment of King David 30 year Reign! They were just married for the purpose of the Fulfillment of Heavenly Wedding Banquet. So regardless of their physical life it’ not part of your salvation. Just as Jesus Physical Life and Physical Lovelife are not part of our Salvation so it was not indicated in the Bible right?
    For Jesus is Lord sect Cult! Hello! Magtagalog ako since Pinoy kayo. Huwag kayo masyado take advantage at magsalo ng mga lost sheep at dadalhin niyo sainio para lalo maging Lost. We Celebrate Passover as Jesus did? How about you Jesus is Lord Do you Celebrate Passover? 2nd you praise Jesus but you ignore all Jesus teaching Like Sabbath, Passover, Unleavened Breaf, Resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost, Day of Atonement, Feast of Trumpets & Feast of Tabernacles. All of that is Feast of God. And You Keep Ingnoring the Feast of God while Praisimg Father as Jesus is the Only Lord. How ridiculous isn’t? sabi nga Sa isang verse. You keep on Praising me But your hearts are far from me. You Worship me In Vain. You know that verse find that google mo JIL Cult.!
    For the spy how pity you are. I’m sure you get mad at church I don’t know who you are but for me and for all of us. You still have time to Repent. Because Betrayers are like Judas they end up in Vain. So if I were you Repent! Stop what you are doing. If you don’t want to go anymore just leave. Don’t let others die spiritually. Anyway, This is Ella Jorraine Serrano from Quezon City Zion before. I have good and Bad experience from Church but it doesn’t mean I must Leave Mother and don’t keep all the Feast. I stayed because of the Feast Don’t you know. I don’t stay for others. I still stay because my Family were blessed enough to stay in Zion and they were Good Fruit. More Good than me.
    When I wrote 7 years ago here. You removed my post and put it in forum. One commented Emil. That I must go in forum so that many of them will be save if my statement and the bible verses I gave are True Enough. I don’t go why? If they are children of God they will come back. If not then they were never. I tried so many times to go out and never comeback from this church. But I stay. Why? Because my Faith are Not Depend on Other people or other sinner inside the church. If they commit mistake against me. It’s their fault not mine. I leave I go to other Zion Branch so I started new Life, New Pastor, New Beggining away from sinners who are judgmental. Like yours. All comments here are too Judgmental ha. By the way I’m lesbian before I was persecuted by our Pastor old Pastor but Mother called and said to the Pastor who is a sinner “Please Tell Ella that I loved her so much! Please take Care of Her I want Her to be Saved! Please Help her to become Spotless and blameless before Father comes! Please Help her to bear Many Good Fruits! I want her to stay in QC Zion. She is Your Sister” She called Oct. 2013 before the Feast that time. And she said All of that despite that I’am Lesbian before and I was persecuted by so many judgmental sinners inside QC Zion. Those people who Judged me are Not Gods! But merely sinners like me who ate not Perfect enough! Only Father & Mother Saves and Forgives and Sacrifices and Love us Despite other people around us Judge us. In the End I was Happy Sister with No Title Holder here at my New Zion Temple somewhere in Bulacan. Respected enough by newly members. Away from Shame and all of Judgments. With so many Good Fruits. Because I don’t mind the Judgment of Pastors. After all they are not God. Mother knows well. All our Future! She’s Our True God prophesied in the Bible. Honestly I don’t remember anymore that I commented here way back 2013. Lahat kasi pinapatulan ko if it was Mother Involve. That is why may be Mother love me so much! 😊😅❤ I hope all of you can be saved from COVID-19 eventhough you didn’t Kept the Passover. Self-Service pala kami lahat so Goodluck sa mga nag-Fall away! At bumalik Hope maaprovahan kayo mag self-service. Naman. One thing yung 2012 na sinasabi nyo. The Bridegroom is long time in Coming! But I think He Comes in a Different way Now to Judge the World by His Sword. So Goodluck for COVID-19 Guys! By the way Father was Born in 1918 during Spanish Flu and 50 Million People Died. 100 Million were infected and it lasts for 2 years!. For the past years WMSCOG conducted several Preaching worldwide kahit hindi ako kasama because I’m taking care of my Child. For several Years People Ignored the WORD of GOD. For Several Years Father & Mother waited too long. So 2020 will be time for Judgment! Para sa mga Judgmental na katulad nyo. You are Hiding your Identity while you persecuted the WMSCOG and Mother! What ashamed! COWARD! In tagalog Duwag! Anyway, Goodluck talaga sa COVID-19! 😅😊😂

  50. ELLA says

    Hello COVID-19 will…Your comment was moved to the Forum

  51. God loves us says

    You guys are terrible people i go to this church and it is amazing there are amazing people in this church. They speak the truth.

  52. Godpleasefindme says

    Hello, I am so confuse now. Should I continue to go to zion or should I stop? I am scared because it could cause my soul send to hell. I wish God will guide me to see the truth. Zang gil Jah commit adultery because she got divorce. I want to know more why she not marry ahn when they are single. And if Zang gil Jah is God she should know when is the end of the world because only God knows the end. If she is God she should know. And matthew 6:1 said don’t show righteousness but they always command us to do cleaning and blood drive to show righteousness. Everything is conflicted.

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