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MISSION STATEMENT:  Our mission is to educate the public about the dangers of membership in the World Mission Society Church of God and the negative impact the group has on the community at large. Our goals for this mission are to educate the public about the World Mission Society Church of God’s history, religious practices, undue influence over their members’ lives, recruitment tactics, negative effects on the family unit, negative effects on the member’s finances and lack of transparency within the group. We understand that it is possible, though unlikely, that someone will have a positive experience with the World Mission Society Church of God, but the consistent reports of negative experiences by former members and their families simply cannot be ignored. We also recognize that all adults have the freedom to practice the religion of their choosing, and while we disagree with the World Mission Society Church of God’s faulty interpretation of the Bible, the greater concern is the non-religious behavior of the church’s leadership. The World Mission Society Church of God, like other cults, does not tolerate any negative criticism or dissent from its members or from the public. The World Mission Society Church of God has coerced its members into signing non-disclosure agreements and has filed numerous lawsuits against critics in an attempt to stifle freedom of speech. We also provide a public forum for members of the community to participate in discussion and debate about the World Mission Society Church of God.

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  1. Jeff says

    Thank you so much for this awesome site! My daughter is deeply caught up in this in New York right now, and our family is in crisis. Any suggestions you have as to how we can approach this would be welcome. Even though I’m a committed and serious Christian with a very good knowledge of the bible and Christianity, I am not well prepared to deal with this.

    1. admin says

      Hello Jeff and thanks for commenting!
      I hope that you find information that is helpful to you on the site. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. Please check out why your family member may change. If your daughter has been involved for quite some time and you have discussed your concerns, you need to understand why it is seemingly impossible for your daughter to let go of the group. We will talk via email soon :).

    2. Sandra Salazar says

      We are in San Antonio at our freshly dealing with this ourselves at the University of Texas at Dallas these people need to be stopped

      Shouldn’t be that easy to step onto a campus and lead people astray

  2. karey says

    Thank you so much for this website. It is very enlightening. I got involved with this group and did some studies with them. Many of the topics I studied seemed very amazing and everything appeared to be genuine combined with their seemingly thorough knowledge of the bible. What I found strange was the second coming of Jesus as my limited knowledge of the bible said all eyes will see Him when he comes again.I also discovered that my knowledge of the bible was very minimal so I decided to read the bible on my own chapter by chapter to confirm everything I had studied. But between work and parenting young children and housekeeping the bible reading pace was very slow and in between I got bombarded with more studies. This site has really done a lot of the research and I wish I had found this much earlier. Well done and I hope many others will find this useful.

  3. sasha says

    Thanks for this site. I am sure this will help a lot of people caught in this group. My brother is now a deacon for WMSCOG and with some more visit to Korea he may become a Pastor soon:lol:

    He is very adamant and his marriage hardly lasted for about 2years. He is used to burning his fingers and whenever he has got trapped in any situation it was late he always realized his mistakes.

    So I am positive someday he will know the false God he worships and will have to bury his head in sand as he may not be able to accept the fact that he has been cheated once again in his life by a living fake God on this earth.

    Keep this website going and God bless you Admin for your time and patience you have given in helping others

    1. Sandra Salazar says

      Hopefully your brother can return to his family without any shame please welcome him home

  4. Matt says

    I just fell on my knees and thanked the Lord that I found this website. I’ve had a WMSCOG member hound me with these verses taken out of context and it shook me up a little. We met for a two hour Bible Study and I couldn’t sleep that night with all the new information. Luckily, I started researching the “god the mother” thing and came to realize all of the things that this guy didn’t tell me! Thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put into this website!!! God bless you..

    1. admin says

      hey Matt,

      sorry for the late reply. thank you very much for your compliments and prayers for the site.

      may God bless you in your search for the truth.

  5. Joseph says

    If you daughter is caught up in a different religion than you are, than you should talk to her yourself. Talking 1 to 1 is very good. She is your daughter, however you both ought to talk with love, this is the best way. Rebuking each other with repetitiveness verses is meaningless.

  6. T. H. says

    God the father and God the mother is not even a possibility. God the father would have broken a covenant in order to make Mary with child. This would also have made Jesus the illegitimate son of God. Not a perfect sacrifice for the worlds sins.

  7. Laura says

    You do not see the scriptures accordingly, Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, he created them male and female. So there are two images male and female, in the Hebrew Bible God stands for Elohim(plural)

    1. admin says

      Your argument has been completely refuted here in this article. Please read.

    2. T. H. says

      Hi Laura, please do some research for yourself. Elohim is the plural for god however in Hebrew when you place a plural in front of a singular topic is simply says that the topic is great or superior. I’m sure you can agree that God is great and surely superior. I’m glad I can help you with this. There have been many things that this group has mislead people about. Please take everything your told and research it for yourself. You might want to start with Constantine. They say he abolished the Sabbath but history proves different. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. The truth will set you free. May the love of Jesus Christ lead you back to him.

      1. missy says

        but actually,laura is right. because if god the mother did not exist why there are mothers in the family. even on plants.animals and etc. there are mothers who were the copy and shadow of god the mother. i am not a member of the church but after the discussion about them i realize what they are sharing about is true. but i am not forcing you to believe. let us just wait for god’s coming. if who will be eternally joyful and who will be eternally suffer.

    3. Renita says

      Laura, has your mind changed about the images of God?

  8. Leland says

    It’s so sad to see the responses from WMSCOG members, they seem so simple minded and brain washed to the extent that they can not see the simple truths right in front of them. My daughter has been involved with them now for 2 years and she has changed. We pray everyday that she will come to her senses and realize that she is being lied to. She is penniless and we have had to cut her off financially. Since when does a church allow their members to give all of their finances? I challenge all their members to give $1 a week and see what their “Savior” will say about that!

  9. where to go, now? says

    I’ve been a member for about 6months. I thought this was it i finally found god, I understood the bible, and its meaning. They put in your head the reason you suffer is because we are sinners and this is our punishment. if we have no money , no education, if we had a baby ect…. This was our punishment from god. And the only way to live a better life , is if we walk in the light of god ( following them). I almost dropped out of school, and was about to give up my apartment , to get a job and give them my money.. I felt like i would of did almost anything thing because I believed i was doing it for god… Then one day my friend tells me she’s leaving the church and never going back, i couldn’t understand why would she want to leave “mother & father” , Then she started saying that the church is a cult , its not real, they are brain washing me ect… .I started looking at her as if she was the devil, i felt she wanted to spiritually kill me , because she was leaving. I was so upset with her that i told my deaconess and i didn’t want to speak to her again , and they told me not to speak to her as well.Days went by and i started to question my self, saying what if she’s right! I felt so spiritually weak , i thought i was losing faith, I was upset at my self for even paying mind to her. one day my curiosity got the best of me and i stared searching the web looking for information, and i couldn’t believe it. Then I stop cause i didn’t want to believe what i was reading….
    One day on sabbath we had service and pastor [removed by admin], started talking about the history of Anh,” he said how Anh was married and divorced with 2 children,And he and “mother” never married. Anh never prayed in his name , but in Jesus name, and Anh never claim to be God, he was the teacher. Pastor,also said that one day in Anh time, A lady went into his bag and looked at his notes and saw that a bride is to come. This lady claimed to be the bride .
    supposedly when she caused tension within the members she was kicked out. Anh said that there is no bride and the bride is the church to protect “mother”, that was it for me . The spell was broken and I started to think for my self again , I did more research about this so called god and it broke my heart I couldn’t believe they would do such a thing. I feel so raped and hopeless, confuse, and anger all mixed up … It’s not right, this can truly distort a person’s life .. Luckily my daughter keeps me sane. I hope every member’s from WMSCOG cult wakes up sooner than later.
    Thank You soooooo, much for this website.
    God bless you! ♥

    1. ed says

      where to go now keep to yourself. did you see how convincing they where with the bible all the churches are much like this. I’m shure when God comes again his true church will keep all of gods commands not just sabbath,passover and some feasts. Like love, forgiveness, not judging, lying, marriage etc. which this church does not care or have an opinion about or keep. People there who dont participate in preaching are singled out and harassed by the pastor. He will even take you in his office and ask you what your doing going to church as if faith in God is not good enough. They love to make examples of people for all to see and the rest love to talk about it. I heard that fool for a pastor in Receda tell a story about George Washington about chopping down the cherry tree that he could not tell his father a lie and that being honest was the point but it’s not the point. That story is told in school to our children because honesty leads to truth and truth to justice. Washington was willing to take his punishment for what he did. That is why our constitution was written by Washington reflecting this story, but is it not strange that mankind has a grater moral standing for the laws of man than this church has for Gods commands and laws? Should it be said that we don’t have to keep the laws of man since we are above Gods commands and laws? If that is the case then there would be no way to know right from wrong and there would be no such thing as a sinner. So in the present case killing stealing, lying, cheating, divorce and out with the ten commandments is ok with gods true church? How is it then they claim to keep the Gods truth?

      1. AMANDA says

        I am so sick to my stomach, I don’t know who to believe any more, alot of their studies make sense, like the sabbath and the passover, the seven feast of GOD, I can see that so clear, it’s in the bible in black and white. BUT, LORD forgive me if I’m wrong…..BUT I don’t and can’t see MOTHER, I JUST SEE A HOLY CITY coming down out of GOD. They try to make me feel guilty, I must believe in both to be to SAVED! I have so many questions and it’s always the same run around, next lesson you will see, and I see nothing, but feel EVERYTHING, I may be new but GOD created no fool, Seriously, I HAVE ALOT TO SAY, BUT for now can someone tell me how you figure from 3 verses that we have a mother god, Our CREATOR IS ALL OVER THE BIBLE, but mother is not. They tell me that the bible testifies about mother from begining till end..THEN SHOW ME,BECAUSE THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! AND don’t use the verse, the reason they don’t see or hear is because they do not belong, because like i said above i do see, SABBATH, PASSOVER, AND GODS 7 FEAST, maybe i don’t see mother because she don’t belong. I know i sound harsh for saying this, but no one here can JUDGE ME, ONLY GOD…. but like i said FORGIVE ME LORD IF i am wrong, BUT I AM SOOOO CONFUSE, PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND

        1. Kevin says

          Its ok.. relax. Faith in Jesus is the way. Look out for false prophets and do all you can to walk as Christ walked. If you see biblical hopscotch, then do not believe a word of it! Parables, prophecies, and eye witness testimony should never be combined to make a point. That is what they do. I could probably use the bible to say some other seriously blasphemous stuff with just as much believable using their tactics. Hold fast to the truth and read the new testament. It is clear that there is one God, the Father.

        2. Sandra Salazar says

          John 3:16 should help you not to be confused

    2. admin says

      So “god” didn’t know that someone was looking through his belongings? So “god” needs notes? Why? Because he might forget his interpretations of the “truth”? Sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

    3. amanda says

      WHERE TO GO NOW…WAS THIS A FEW WEEKS AGO WHEN PEOPLE WALKED OUT OF CALIFORNIA ZION AND THEY (ALL THE EAST COAST ZION) WERE TO MEET ON A SABBATH AND PAY 20.00 PER person. THEN IT WAS DROPED AND A PASTOR WENT TO ALL THE ZION AND SHOW TWO VIDEOS AND SAY THAT PEOPLE ARE SLADERING THE CHURCH, and that he trew out two sisters for slandering and that he was going to sue someone in the internet (could this be THIS site I hope this site is hacker proof I hear so many things) who has a website of church and he made EVERYONE SIGN a paper that if we leave the church and talk about it or put out their books or materials that he would sue us too. HE talked about some (umo) lady who stole book and found out the truth of a mother god so ash wrote another book with her name in it becuz she was claiming to be GOD. That sounded so fake to me, like really WHY would GOD need to write book. WE HAVE THE BIBLE!

      1. ed says

        amanda did you read the lawsuit? it’s on this site. they have been hiding this info and that’s part of what daniel is refering to

      2. ed says

        amanda yes that does corresponed to whats taking place in LA and your sisters where most likley asking the same info we are. I would like to talk because the info changes church to church contact this web page pleas I will explain in detail and read my post ok.

      3. Lost says

        I was at that meeting and signed the contract!

  10. T. H. says

    I recently read a sermon by WMSCOG which stated that the children of Israel didn’t enter the promise land because they grumbled. I’m confused, the Bible, where this story is found by the way, says that their disobedience is what caused them to stay in the desert until most of their generation had perished. Grumbling did happen but it was not the reason. Members of the WMSCOG please look at everything you are being taught and hold it up to Gods word. When it doesn’t match up get rid of it because it is not truth. I keep reading different sermons from their website and surprisingly I have not found one yet that is without fault. Throw out the bad stuff. Do your own research and find the real truth because what you’re being given is not the truth.

  11. ed says

    I want all of you to know one thing outside the church and inside the WMSCOG. We are not blinded by the devil nor are we slanderers against you who wish to distort the church and the rest of the WMSCOG claims and accusations that they’re making against us. ON the contrary we are dismayed,in disbelief,confused,hurt and angry. In fact it has been the WMSCOG who has spread lies and rumors about us in order to discredit our reputation and its you who have helped them spread the false accusations around. We have only seen some information the church has been trying to cover up and get rid of because this has been happening throughout the church for many years. we are not the first and most likely not the last. I know you inside the church are too scared to look but it does not go beyond common sense and it’s not spiritual as well.The information at hand puts a wrench in the history and teachings and claims of the WMSCOG fulfilling prophecies and the like. THIS IS NOT OUR FAULT so stop and think a little harder about whats taking place.If the information at hand is false or untrue and has been fabricated it should be easy for the WMSCOG to prove publicly if there is nothing to hide so we may all feel at rest and sure of our faith,a solid foundation.There are just some questions that came up as a result of a book that ASH wrote and a law suit between the NCPCOG and the WMSCOG. When we asked for an answer about this our faith was immediately questioned. this was not expected. it was said we were slanderers.The church is throwing so much information around thats its information overload and hard to discern the truth.Why is this being done instead of an upfront explanation from the WMSCOG. Does the church have a solid foundation or not?

  12. Renita says

    Serious question: If God can do anything, [comment moved by admin to the forum for further discussion]

  13. PEDRO says

    HOLA saludos desde Perú, quisiera que pudieran ayudar porque actualmente mi esposa esta asistiendo a los cultos de esa iglesia hasta incluso se ha bautizado en ella, bueno eso paso en el tiempo en el que estábamos distanciados, el punto es que ella quiere bautizar a mi hija en esa religión y a pesar de que le he prohibido que asista ahí, ella se va a escondidas sin que yo sepa. Y la verdad es que me tiene desesperado y no se que hacer por mas que le hablo no me cree es por eso que acudo a ustedes a ver si me pueden hachar un mano para mi problema gracias.

    1. admin says

      Hola Pedro,
      Por favor visite esta página web para ayuda en español.

  14. Marco says

    I’m really thankful about the information of this website regarding to the WMSCOG. I’m a new member of this church, for about three months. And as I study more deeper about their core beliefs. I’m really convinced about what they say. And if I ask questions then they can answer me through the Bible. But one day, I’m having difficulty in managing my time with regards to my study and going to church almost everyday to study. Because I am a graduating University student here in the Philippines. So I am very busy, and sometimes I can’t come to zion. Then, because of this one of my closest friend in Zion which is a Korean. He told me that Spiritual life is more important rather than honor, or anything that is earthly. And he show me a video about decision making. Then he ask me to give up my study if I truly love God Elohim. Then cite an example about many other members who give up also their college studies to concentrate in preaching. Then, I’m very surprise about that. But I said to him that i can go to zion even i will not give up my studies. And he ask me to delete my accounts in twitter and facebook. and stop using internet, watching TV, listening to radio and he delete also all my music in my cellphone. And tole me that only the new songs should be in my cellphone. I’m greatly shocked about these. But I still continue come to their church,. But for some reasons, I’m always having difficulty in accepting Christ Ahnsanghong and New Jerusalem as my savior instead of Jesus Christ. I’m feel guilty and not comfortable when i try to accept Christ Ahnsanghong and mother New Jerusalem. And because of this, i research the history of the church. And this website really help me to know the truth about this church. I observe also in this church that they really use manipulative techniques to manipulate the mind and behavior of their church members and most especially the new recruit members. This website use by Jesus Christ to be the instrument in enlightening our minds about the lies of this church.

  15. Rahab says

    Thank you so much for this informative site. My loved one became involved in this group while deployed overseas. He did this without consulting me and when he returned home, we had a very difficult time. This site has been a God-send to me. Where I live in the US Midwest, no one that I spoke to had heard of this group nor had any experience with them. I had never felt so alone in all of my life. Every time that I spoke with someone about my husband being involved in this group and our marriage situation, all anyone could say was how sorry they were to hear about this and they wished that they could do something to help. This site had offered me valuable information, but SO MUCH MORE – it has offered me a community of people who have had similar experiences. When I had no one to turn to in person, I had these wonderful people on this site to ask questions, give my testimony, and vent my feelings. I thank God for this site. I know that I am not alone in this.

    1. admin says

      thank you Rahab for your kind comment. my prayers for you and your husband. i am very glad to know this site has helped you. thank you for sharing your story.

      1. Chrissie says

        Dear Admin

        I am a former member of the WMSCOG and would like to share my experience, how and where do I do this because I would like people like myself get out of this cult that brainwashes people.

        1. admin says

          Hi, you can submit your story via the contact form.

  16. Hannay says

    Hi everyone I’m from Malaysia and I would like to say thank you for this website to enlighten me. I feel myself very dumb because of believing to their words without actually research it by myself. WMSCOG almost breaks my family apart. I feel very sorry to myself and the same time thanks again to you all. Love you guys.

    1. jaypee says

      amen to that, buddy.

  17. ShengCaiña says

    Which Zion , Marco? Is it quezon city Zion..

  18. Sheng says

    I’m everyone.. I’m from Philippines.. I can relate so much on ur situation Marco… Thanks God I’m out of this group..

  19. :) says

    The bible testifies that if we don’t keep the Passover we have no life in us which is eternal life and that we should keep the Sabbath day (7th day, Saturday ), women should wear veils etc. the ONLY church that keeps all these teachings is the wmscog. We follow our mothers teachings as well which is it is more blessed to give love than to receive as God always gives love, a beautiful mind has no hate and brings forth the perfect love, etc. all these teachings are about love and we all practice these in the church and that is why we are all so happy in the church that and because we know true God. And this love is being spread ALL over the world. I don’t see what’s wrong with keeping the teachings of the bible and following mothers teachings. This church started in a tiny house church in Korea to over 2500 branched churches around the world only true God can do this ! (: the gospel is being preached to all around the world, were only trying to save our lost brothers and sisters so we can all go back to the kingdom of heaven which is coming real soon!

  20. Lou says

    Hello? How can you leave WMSCOG? I’m really desperate right now. They pressured me to join and being the pushover that I am, I joined but now I’m regreting it. They keep pestering me at my dorm and now they’re pestering me at home. They’re also trying to force me to go to their passover which I only went once and then I stopped going. Whenever I wouldn’t go they would go to my dorm and try to guilt trip me in going since Saturday is the day for worshipping God. I really, really want to leave. It’s like they want me to believe what they keep saying. It felt like they were manipulating or hypnotizing me into believing what they say and it almost got to me. What they’re proposing to me and what they are telling me to do is having a strain on me and my academics. Even my relaxing time has not been relaxing. I’m paranoid that they might get to me soon. I thought there was something wrong when I joined but now that I read this there’s really something wrong. Please help me in being an ex-WMSCOG. I’m from the Philippines and next year I don’t want to go to their “Saturday” passover since it’ll clash with either my ROTC or CWATS in my first year of college.

    1. Joshua says

      Your instincts are serving you well. Stay out of this group! At this point I would encourage you to write a letter to this group stating that you don’t believe in their doctrine and you wish not to be contacted or harassed by their group any further. I would mail this as certified mail so they must sign for it and you will receive proof that they received it.

  21. Paul&David says

    Block their numbers. If they call with new number – tell them to stop calling you. Don’t be nice to them. They will use that to your detriment.

  22. han says

    a pseudo (World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG)


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