Changes in the Green Book – Part 1 – Removal of “Second Coming” References

Update 2020:  It turns out that the WMSCOG deleted three entire chapters from the original version of Ahn Sahng Hong’s book and it turns out that he believed the world would end in 1988.

This article is dedicated to a man whose brother spends hot days out preaching in a suit. May he come home soon.


The “Mystery of God and the Spring of the Water of Life,” or better known as “The Green Book”, is a book read in the WMSCOG written by Ahn Sahng Hong, a man they incorrectly claim to be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  Since Ahn Sahng Hong is their false god, this book effectively serves as an addendum to Holy Scripture, much like the Book of Mormon.


God’s Book Changing?

So if God writes a book, do you think that book should change over time? It’s reasonable to have minor translation differences between languages, but what if the changes were not simply translation differences? What if they changed the meaning entirely?

When we compare the Green Book in 1993 to the Green Book in 2010, we find some curious changes.

The “Second Coming Jesus” Writes About the Future “Second Coming Jesus”?

Just to be clear, Ahn Sahng Hong never claimed anywhere in his writings to be Jesus Christ. Rather, it is the WMSCOG which claims he was the Second Coming of Jesus. Yet, we find that Ahn Sahng Hong in the 1993 version of his book, speaks about the future Second Coming of Jesus:

In the 2010 edition though, this language has been altered. The words “future” and “Second” have been removed. It’s curious that these words which seem to go against the WMSCOG’s claim that Ahn Sahng Hong was the Second Coming of Jesus Christ were the ones removed:

Ahn Sahng Hong clearly states in 1993 version of the book, that the Second Coming of Jesus will be in the future.  This fits in line with the understanding that he believed himself to be the Prophet Elijah heralding in the last days and announcing the imminent return of the Second Coming of Jesus.  After all, that’s what his tombstone says.  You can see the books side by side below, or if you want to jump to a high resolution version click here (1.1 MB) :

View or download the high res version here (1.1 MB)

Update 2020:  It turns out that the WMSCOG deleted three entire chapters from the original version of Ahn Sahng Hong’s book and it turns out that he believed the world would end in 1988.

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  1. Carlos says

    So even Ahn Sang Hong’s writings, considered sacred, can be altered or retrofitted to fit the evolving theology of the church! Although this reveals intentional deceit of church members, it does not surprise me from everything else I have heard about how they handle what they present as the “truth.”

  2. Renita says

    I have noticed that in some of the books, words have been altered. I’ve only been going to Zion for 2 years, so naturally I bought the books provided. But when I needed another copy, I saw some words were taken out or rearranged which sparked my curiosity. If the book was already translated, why are the words changing? I didn’t see anything as grand as removing 2nd Coming to His coming. The 2 are extremely different.

    1. jellybean says

      Yes! I remember during the feast the members that have been in “Zion” for longer time will have different versions of the books. Once I forgot mine and they borowed me one of the previous versions and it was totally different from what they were reading in the services. If you never been there and you wonder what do they do at 5am and 7pm services during their feast, they actually pick one of these books and read it in service and everyone else follow the leader quietly.

  3. KB says

    I always found it odd that ASH never referred to himself as Second Coming Christ. It was just assumed because ” he brought back the Passover”, or atleast that’s what I was told. I could never push myself to believe in him as God 100% …it never felt right.

  4. John says

    Are you serious? You think that those two writings are different? [comment moved by admin to forum for further discussion]

  5. g says

    I know right? His coming obviously means his second coming… did these people graduate???

    1. admin says

      g, if the meaning of “second coming” is the same as just saying his “coming” then why did your church change it in the first place? There would be no reason to omit your “god’s” word. Think about it.

      1. donttrustkoreans>. says

        good point .. y even change it??? idk if u go to wmscog like i have for about three years, go read the translated copy of
        “Problems With New Jerusalem, The Bride, and Women’s Veils” chap 16 was a heart breaker. ASH said the new jerusalem would appear 1000 yrs after the end. IF YOU STIL GO TO THAT CHURCH PLEASE READ THAT CHAPTER…Ive been there for 3 yrs i love all the members, it just sucks to be lied to..

  6. MK says

    SECOND COMING OF CHRIST will be seen by the world as reported in Revelations Chapter 1:7. There are no other concrete references to prove that Ahn Sang Hong’s teachings fulfill prophecy. It is interesting to note that during their meetings they teacher does not allow its members to question or complete chapters. They are forced to read ONLY the underlined verses that are manipulated to their OWN teachings.
    I warn anyone involved in this cult to GET OUT NOW! There will be a punishment for following false messiahs as stated in Luke. God help those families who are trying to get out their loved ones. AMEN!!!

    1. truth grabber says

      Actually what you wrote here is a lie. But the secrets of the kingdom of heaven are not for you. Is a. 40:5 also explained that all mankind would see the glory of the Lord. But Jesus didn’t travel all the world. Did He? Xmas is pagan sungod worship. The cross is idolatry and the Whole world follows the beast. 666 you’d be wise to study the Bible prophecies and not the confused people who don’t know who they are. And Saturday is the Sabbath day. Sunday worship is pagan

      1. T.H. says

        truth grabber, I don’t care how much you regurgitate the doctrine of the WMSCOG it doesn’t make it the truth. The Cross is idolatry if you WORSHIP it! As a symbol Gods Word makes it quite clear that it has power. How about if you grab some of that truth? Gods truth! The secrets of the kingdom are not for us? The same measure by which you judge us will be used to judge you. Are you really so arrogant that you would deny this truth as well? How is it that you missed the truth of the second coming? This is when the world will witness Jesus as Christ. The Bible does not say that Jesus will walk the entire Earth the first time He is among us! What “truth” are you grabbing? Your group likes to cling to its stolen teaching about Saturday being the Sabbath. Yes, I said stolen! It’s taken directly from the Seventh Day Adventist Cult. The Bible also addresses this very clearly but as you only seem to want to study Gods Word as the WMSCOG would have you learn it you will never be able to learn the truth for yourself. As some thing are revealed in Gods time not ours you group wants you to believe that they have figured out the mind of God and has translated what God really meant. What a twist of the truth! God doesn’t need anyone’s help revealing His message to us. I invite you to do as MK suggest and GET OUT NOW!

        1. T.H. says

          What’s the matter truth grabber? Truth got your toung?

  7. Mk says

    Luke 21:8 States to be aware of false messiahs that will come in the end times.

  8. T.H. says

    If their literature is found to contain errors they find it easier to cover the errors with lies than to admit there’s a problem.

  9. remco9519 says

    yeah, like that 2012 end of the world prophecy. they admit they done the prophecy and after nothing happened they say because it was postponed by god ahnsahnghong and mother god due that they give respite to everybody. they say they have answer(s) to all questions, any question. funny though that answers fail to stand against reason.

  10. truth grabber says

    Jn. 5:31-“if I testify on my own behalf, my testimony would not be valid.” …… Of course Father didn’t say He wash Christ. But though having eyes you do not see. Wake up we are in a spiritual war and you’re in danger of blasphemy. Woe to you who find yourselves wisewise and cannot guide you or yourselves to understanding. You don’t even realize you’re fulfilling the prophecy of those who go against God. Acts 5:38-39. You’re going to regret it. Don’t ignore this message.

    1. remco9519 says

      You have a big problem. Big indeed that you people of WMSCOG are the one making blasphemy then you point to somebody else. You’re too ignorant of the Bible. You know how to say “have eyes but you do not see”, and may I add “have ears but you don’t hear”. My advise is that you read the Scriptures intelligently from the first page to the last page in sequence. By that you’ll come to know who is liar. I pity you so much because you are ignorant and just depending on WMSCOG your knowledge of the Bible. Not a single thing in the Bible WMSCOG is following. If you prefer to stay with this group, mark my world, you’ll find yourself in hellfire in the life hereafter. Not anyone among you in WMSCOG is entitled to salvation. You’re worshiping people like you who you appointed as gods and they cannot even create a fly man. Oh man, what a filthy thing you’re doing.

      1. Wisdom says

        Be careful, your missing the fact that many Jews did not recognize Christ when he came despite all the evidence… so?

        1. UntouchableJ says

          But the scriptures DON’T actually speak of Christ coming again, as WMS claims. Thats like sayimg, “Many didnt recognize that Martin Luther King came to bring justice his first time.” Does that men he is coming, to be born and fight for Civil rights again?

  11. T.H. says

    John 5:31 is about John the Baptist witnessing about Jesus! What kind of twisted garbage are you trying to pull here! You want to try and take Johns unwillingness to proclaim himself as anything and try and use that as proof for why Ahn never said he was God? I can smell the stench from over here! Jesus made some very profound claims to His divinity and He did so because He is God. Ahn never made his own claim because he believed in Jesus and did not believe that he was Jesus. truth grabber, you are letting the blind lead you while you yourself are blind. Take some time away from this group. Focus on Gods Word and what IT says not what anyone else would try and tell you it says. It’s no great mystery as to why when people step away from this group and clear their heads they never return back to the vomit of the WMSCOG.

  12. what is truth says

    Truth Grabber doesn’t even know that Jesus fulfilled Melchezedek’s condition “without genealogy”, even though it is clearly written that Jesus DID fulfill this condition. That means the whole belief system is incorrect, right Truth Grabber? Since one part is falsehood, then the whole thing becomes false. After 7 years in that place, I know for a fact they teach such a thing. But you keep giving them your time and money anyway. Korea is befitting greatly from your intentionally misguided heart. I feel bad for people like us, because eventually you will realize, just as I did… it was almost all for naught. Keep your head in all situations, and you will see it all by yourself.

  13. mark says

    You don’t know about the prophecies so just shut up all that slandering the WMSCOG. I’m very feel sorry about you guys, I wish that you can repent.Now I can see were will you end up if you will continue your evil plans.

    1. T.H. says

      Oh, another scripture twister trying to make all of us poor naves feel somehow inferior. Welcome to this website! You have a lot to learn.

    2. remco9519 says

      You poor guy, don’t die while in WMSCOG for you will land in hell if you do. You’re doing the greatest sin against the commandment of GOD. You even replace him with korean gods ha. You are totally misled because you are too ignorant. Sorry if this hurts you but wake up my good friend before WMSCOG totally ruin your life. Your korean gods don’t even know english. How could they be gods. Wake up man, wake up. Who needs to repent? Not us, it’s you and your group.

    3. banks says

      I don’t know why everyone is being so condescending toward each other. I don’t believe God wants us to act like this. I don’t believe in wmscog teachings at all. i actually lost my long time girlfriend to this place. But the word of God can not be force on someone who is not willing to accept it. the wmscog doctrine is so strong that they continue to go back to it whenever you question them. the best thing that you can do is just keep feeding them the bible to show them what’s wrong with what they are saying and pray that they eventually see the truth. Don’t say they are going to burn in hell fire because you are not God. you never know what the future holds for any man or woman. Jesus gives everyone a chance to accept him for salvation. the big thing that keeps people in wmscog is that they say that they are persecuted for what they believe in so they think that it makes what they say true. If you use the word of God then that’s enough evidence and then they can not say your talking down to them or persecuting them. God bless everyone. I love everyone in wmscog and i will pray for you all to come back to jesus christ.

  14. mountainmom says

    I agree, banks, and I don’t think most people with a loved one in the wmscog tells them they are going to burn in hell. However, that is most definitely what the member has told them. Also that they can’t trust them, and that they don’t know anything.

    Trying to talk to them about the Bible is useless. I am no Bible scholar, but even those I know who are could not talk any sense into them. You can’t talk scriptures with people who are trained not to listen to you. In fact, they will shut you out very quickly if you try to talk to them about the Bible or quote scriptures to them. They all think they know better. It’s sad, but the arrogance and persecution come from the teachings of the wmscog. It would all be very simple if we could just use the word of God, as you say, and then that’s enough evidence that you aren’t talking down to them. It most definitely isn’t to them.

    So far I’ve seen that nothing works except an intervention or the time comes when even THEY can’t believe the B.S. they are spewing anymore. And interventions don’t always work either. I think after they are in a certain amount of time, you lose that window of opportunity, too.

    I also love some people in the wmscog. I don’t say everyone because I don’t know everyone, and I don’t love the leaders. It’s just a sad chapter in my life I wish was over, and it may never be because there is too much money involved in scamming members,and the leaders want to bleed them dry, in my opinion.

  15. 公主 says


  16. Udjo says

    The truth always prevails.
    What is from God no man can stop.

  17. Damien says

    thank you for this rattling post, I am glad I discovered this web site on yahoo.

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