Top 10 Reasons People Cease to Believe in the WMSCOG

Whenever I encounter a former WMSCOG member, whether in person or when they contact us, I always ask, “What made you realize that the doctrine just didn’t add up?”.  I thought it would be of interest to list the top 10 reasons why former members ceased to believe in the WMSCOG doctrine.

  1. Ahn Sahng-Hong said the idea of a mother god was “delusional”
  2. Ahn Sahng-Hong founded the NCPCOG not the WMSCOG, as documented by WMSCOG vs Ji Won Tak.  Ahn Sahng-Hong’s son is still a member of the NCPCOG.
  3. The WMSCOG’s failed end of the world predictions of 1988, 1999 and 2012
  4. Ahn Sahng-Hong never claimed to be God
  5. Ahn Sahng-Hong can’t be God because he contradicts what the Bible says
  6. Zahng Gil Ja never comes out publicly and says she is God
  7. Ahn Sahng-Hong contradicts what the WMSCOG teaches
  8. Ahn Sahng-Hong writes that salvation is by no other name than Jesus, but the WMSCOG prays in the name of Ahn Sahng-Hong
  9. Many members were told Ahn Sahng-Hong never had children.  Actually, he had kids, and their names are written on his tombstone.
  10. Ahn Sahng-Hong was raised Buddhist.  That means that he followed the teachings of a false prophet and worshiped pagan gods for 30 years before he was baptized into the SDA church.  Why would “god” follow the teachings of a false prophet and worship pagan gods ever?  And for 30 years?  Ahnsahnghong did not preach the new covenant Passover for 37 years.
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