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  1. Hollis N. Thornton says

    Today, I was approached by a Korean as I was coming back from work. For some reason, I decided to do his survey. I was a little surprised to see that it (apparently) was about Christianity, because it asked questions that at a shallow glance would seem to be used by Christians to initiate outreach. They were questions such as “Did you know that Jesus commanded us to celebrate the Passover in order to receive eternal life?” and “Do you know what 666 means?”. Then the questions got a little strange to me. Next up was “Do you know what Jesus’ name will be when He comes again?”, “Do you know that Jesus second coming will be from the east?” and “Have you ever heard of the Heavenly Mother?”. Red flags went off.

  2. Janet Monroe says

    Steven goes on to explain that mind control is a tool that destructive groups use in order to manipulate members and create a new identity where the “locus of control” is no longer within the individual. Through his many years of research, Steven developed a tool called the BITE Model which is used in order to help determine if a particular group is a destructive mind control group.

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