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    Here is the translation of the video: 

    안상홍님 설교

    Sermon by Ahn Sang-Hong

    -천년왕국 중에서-

    About Chiliasm

    Revelation Chapter 21



  • This story comes to us from one of our friends whose son has been involved with the World Mission Society Church of God for over three years.  His drastic and sudden personality shift is not unlike the many other […]

    • Hi,

      My daughter has been in the cult now for 3 years. It has been so difficult because my story is just like yours. She is the best kid in the world and we have always been so close and i feel like I don’t recognize her anymore. I initially freaked out and went and spoke with the leader of the church etc and had a few not so nice things to say, but I have always been treading lightly since. People from the forum gave said just continue to wait and she will eventually come back to u. However, she now is pregnant and having a baby in a few months and I worry about my grandchild with the all day Saturday nonsense, fasting, spending all their money on some psycho lady in Korea! Ughhh!! It is completely unbelievable to me still! I would appreciate any advice or anything u can tell me that has helped u if there is anything and ur son is finally free from these crazy fools! Thanks

  • The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) claims that keeping the Jewish feasts is necessary for salvation.  Do they keep them correctly though?  Read on to learn how to calculate for yourself, and see h […]

    • I was in the group for 9 months and studied this “evidence” and frankly it falls flat on its face when you check the facts.

    • You obviously know that this lady IS NOT a god! Do yourself a favor and just stop asking for something that this group cannot give you. You’re much better off without being manipulated by all of this!

  • The World Mission Society Church of God claims that a Korean man named Ahn Sahng Hong was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ (incidentally this is the same claim the Unification Church makes about their Korean […]

    • Dew, I don’t think you could be anymore cult like. Take some time away from this group and its influence and then research what they are teaching. You ARE going to find fault in their teachings! Hopefully you will be able to find your way out.