The WMSCOG Removed 3 Chapters From Ahn Sahng Hong’s Book

The World Mission Society Church of God believes that Ahn Sahng Hong was the Second Coming of Jesus. The Bible clearly says, so does the World Mission Society Church of God for that matter, do not add or take away from the Bible (Revelation 22:19).  Yet, the WMSCOG deleted three chapters from The Mystery of God and the Spring of the Water of Life (1980), by Ahn Sahng Hong, a man the WMSCOG’s claims was God. The 1980 version has 38 chapters, while the 2007 Korean/English version of the book has 35 chapters. This is not the first time we see the WMSCOG making critical edits to Ahn Sahng Hong’s writings. Why would the WMSCOG delete entire chapters from a book written by someone they believe was God?

The names of the missing chapters are:

  • Chapter 1: Restoration of Jerusalem and the Prophecy of 40 Years (On page 3 below, Ahn Sahng Hong predicted that the world would end in 1988).
  • Chapter 11: Let Us Reveal the Truth from the History Books About the Church
  • Chapter 36: Elijah Will Be Sent

All three chapters are available below. They are available in Korean here and here. Articles about the possible reasons why these chapters were removed and the obvious contradictions between what Ahn Sahng Hong wrote in these chapters and what the World Mission Society Church of God teaches, will be posted over the next few weeks.


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    nvm, please ignore delete that… I see ch 36 now

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