Ahnsahnghong Vs WMSCOG

Ahn Sahng-Hong, the founder of the WMSCOG preached certain things.  The WMSCOG preaches things opposite to what Ahn Sahng-Hong preached.  What further proof do you need to see that something is wrong?

Ahn Sahng Hong says but the WMSCOG says
Salvation is found in no other name than Jesus, not only at His first coming but even in the last days.” – The Mystery of God and the Spring of the Water of Life, p. 181 “Today, salvation is only given through the name of […] Ahnsahnghong.” – Online WMSCOG sermon The Savior of Each Age and the New Name
Adam represents Jesus who was in the world of angels before the creation, and Eve represents the angels whom Jesus loved.” – Visitors from the Angelic World, p. 50 “If Adam represents the Second Coming Jesus, whom does Eve, the wife of Adam, represent? Eve, called the ‘mother of all the living’ (Ge 3:20), represents our Heavenly Mother …” – Online WMSCOG sermon The Sabbath and God the Creator
 “…the New Jerusalem in heaven that is an actual place“.  Problems with the New Jerusalem, the Bride, and Women’s Veils” Chapter 8.  “The Church of God that believes New Jerusalem God the Mother…” – Online Media Report  “Mother” The Mystery of the Bible