Evidence regarding the feast dates

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    In another thread, fromtheotherside, speaking of the materials presented againt the wmscog, said "none of your evidences speak for itself.  if you have such evidence present it without your explanation."

    I presented several 'evidences without explanation' there, but I think it would be a good idea to take each one separately into its own thread.  Here's the second one:

    Regarding the feasts that are to be kept in the 7th month: Several years the WMSCOG kept them in the 8th month.  This is a fact established by the calendar and the record of feast dates.

    I originally did not link to my research about it, because fromtheotherside did not want explanation, but if you'd like to see the research, I've collected it here:


    There was no discussion about this point on the previous thread, but it's definitely open for discussion here.

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