WMSCOG Files Second Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Former Member

In July of 2012 the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) filed a second multi-million dollar lawsuit against their own former member.   That’s at least four lawsuits now against their critics:

  1. WMSCOG vs Ji Won Tak
  2. WMSCOG suing critical TV Journalist in Mongolia
  3. The owner of this site and a former member
  4. and now a second lawsuit against their former member

On January 11, 2013 the judge granted the World Mission Society Church of God an opportunity to amend their original complaint to add Defendant Colón’s husband as a Plaintiff and Newton as a Defendant.

Below are links to documents associated with the court case:




  • a true goddess on earth smiting the non believers with lawyers and lawsuits…. what a fun loving swell goddess she is.

  • What Church you knows sues people??? Never heard of one but than again this is no church! It’s a Cult!

    • Shut up. There are many people on this earth that slander and as a result they deserve to be sued. You are fuckin pathetic. Stop blamin the church and imagine if you were bein slandered as much as this church is. And NO IM NOT A MEMBER DICKHEADS.