Was Ahn Sahng Hong The Last Adam?

In an online sermon, “The Sabbath and God the Creator” the World Mission Society Church Of God claims that Ahn Sahng Hong is the last Adam described in Romans 5:12-14.

Jesus who is to come at the end of the age, that is, the Second Coming Jesus…Therefore, through the first man Adam, we can recognize God our Father who is to come as the Last Adam.


It is interesting to note that they only cite Romans 5:12-14 because if you read (in context) on to verse 15, the Bible clearly describes Jesus as the last Adam.  The WMSCOG also believes that Zahng Gil Jah, or “mother” as members refer to her, is the last Eve.

Eve, called the ‘mother of all the living’ (Ge 3:20), represents our Heavenly Mother who is to appear at the end of the age in order to give us eternal life…together with the Second Coming Jesus—the Last Adam.


Who Does Ahn Sahng Hong Say Are The Last Adam And Last Eve?

On p. 50 of his book titled “Visitors From The Angelic World”, Ahn Sahng Hong writes:

Adam represents Jesus, and Eve the angels whom he loved in the angelic world before the earth was created.

Ahn Sahng Hong
Visitors From The Angelic World. page 50

On p. 55 of his book titled “Visitors From The Angelic World”, Ahn Sahng Hong writes:

Thus, Jesus is the last Adam, and the saints who are redeemed can be called the last Eve.

Ahn Sahng Hong
Visitors From The Angelic World. page 55

If Ahn Sahng Hong says that Jesus is the last Adam and the church is the last Eve, then why does the WMSCOG teach the contrary?  If WMSCOG members believe Ahn Sahng Hong to be their “god”, then why do they preach something that completely contradicts what he wrote in his own books?

Ahn Sahng Hong never claimed to be Jesus.  Since the WMSCOG preaches things contrary to what their founder Ahnsahnghong wrote, this must mean that the WMSCOG changed their teachings over time.  Any WMSCOG member who would like to comment or clarify may do so by commenting below, or in our forum.

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  1. Reina says

    While I was reading your writings , I thought that I should to tell you this verse.
    Matthew 22:29 ” Jesus replied, ” You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God “

    1. admin says

      Hi Reina,

      That is a great verse. Can you please be more specific about which verses you believe I am in interpreting in error? I would like this dialogue to be constructive.

      Thank you.

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