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  1. Elle says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Coming out of that church left me with so much resentment. For 8 years I struggled so much with my finances & when I only gave the minimum I could afford I felt soooo guilty. All that time I could’ve not struggled so much or put that money towards experiences and opportunities that would enrich my life. I could’ve saved up to buy a house or a car. But just left picking up the broken pieces. Just used and tossed aside. Please if anyone is thinking of giving anything to this church, just don’t. Please research them well. They will pretend to care about you but all they care about is numbers. You’re just another number to them. I was once a leader and all I could think about was my numbers, how many of my members were attending, preaching, tithing, etc. I did care about them as ppl but mostly I was just stressed about keeping them there bc per the church my salvation depended on those #s. & at the end of the day, most of those relationships are surface level in the real world. Once I stopped going, absolutely no one reached out to me to ask how I was or why I stopped. I was grateful but also deeply saddened to realize that I really meant nothing to any of them. Just another number.

    What also sucks is that it’s so difficult to find a job that will allow you to never work on saturdays, I had to turn down sooo many great job offers. I was never able to take jobs that would eventually lead me to a M-F job that would pay very well and give me more financial freedom. Didn’t happen until after I left. Now I have an amazing well paying job working M-F but I’m still struggling to pay off all the debt I racked up during all the years I attended that church. The pressure is so real, especially when you’re made to feel like your soul will be condemned to hell if you don’t squeeze out every penny you have.

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