When “Mother God” Calls Diane Sims & Another WMSCOG Member Who Was Kicked Out

In 2012, Zahng Gil Jah calls former Deaconess Diane Sims to ask her to return to the World Mission Society Church of God. The “mother god” desperately begs Diane to go to Korea. Tom asks Zahng Gil Jah for help with his marriage which he feels is failing because of the WMSCOG. It appears that “god” has no idea who Tom or his wife are, despite both having been members of the WMSCOG.

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  1. David Luong says

    Can you upload the video? It is removed.

    1. admin says


      1. Diane Sims says

        can I ask? where did you get the video or the conversation with Diane Sims? Do you know who posted it?
        It is really important that I find out. Please this is Diane, and I really need to know.

        1. admin says

          This is not Diane, and whoever this is likely hacked into her email. Tread lightly.

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