Wrong interpretation of the Bible!!!

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    Hello, I am french and I live in France, I am a simple student who learns also English in my faculty.

    This year I was approached by members of the WMSCOG (2 koreans), I was always a
    person who believed in God even though I was not really a religious
    person. So they approached me on streets (looks like they are used to
    do that) and they gave me a paper and I had to write my name, adress
    …. a few days later, they called me in order to make an appointment
    and I said yes because I thought that they were teaching the gospel
    (but they were actually teaching a false gospel).
    So I was just happy because I wanted to know more about the Bible, and
    there were also really gentle with me, so I felt that I can trust
    them. With the Bible studies going on, I discovered that they believed
    in “a god the father” who is Ansanghong and in a “god the mother”, I
    was really schocked, in other words they believed that Jesus Christ
    already came as a korean man. So I was really confused, all the
    things that they were showing me from the Bible looked logical, but
    actually it was just a MISINTERPRETATION of the Bible!
    For people like me who don’t know much about the Bible, it is really
    easy for them to get innocent people into theit “cult”. And
    everytime that I was going to see them, they would force me over
    and over again to get baptize, or to do the passover meal… but everytime I would say no, because
    by the time I made researches about Ansanghong, and how he is actually
    dead, had children, borned in a bouddhist family etc…nothing that has to do with a God!
    I told them about that, but they told me that everything on internet
    was wrong or they would use the Bible in their own way to show me that
    I was wrong (but I was not, because I knew that they were taking just
    some piece of words from the bible and try to mix them with other verses so
    that what they say actually make sense, that is their tactic to make
    things look more logical) but when you read the Bible you SHOULD FIRST
    READ THE CONTEXT, and they did not do that!

    I think that I met them around 15 times for Bible studies and I
    went to their Church just once. I considered them as my friends
    because they were so gentle, so I also wanted to show them that they
    were wrong by giving other verses from the Bible, but they were being
    brainwashed, they refuted everything that I was saying! One of them was
    a member for more than 15 years so it was hard to make her understand
    that she has been deceived all this time.

    Now I’m not that much in contact with them anymore because they know that I won’t be part of that! But if you met those
    members, ask yourself some questions, and also read the Bible for
    yourself, and don’t follow that easily other persons’ opinion or
    doctrines, make some research by yourself on Internet, there are
    also really good preachers on internet, who share with us the True
    Gospel, for example: go see Robert Breaker, Grace Ambassadors.

    I know that they will try to convince you that Catholics, Protestants, Jehova’s Witnesses… are bad churches and that we should not trust them, even though there are some elements that may be true with their teachings, just don’t forget the fact that everything is not about going to a Church, the Bible never says us to go every Sunday to a Church. What is the most important is your personal relationship with God, read the Bible as much as you can, progress by yourself…and you will see, you will change instantly!

    There are so many other things that I want to tell you but it will be too long!

    Ask yourself those questions:

    -Ansanghong never said that he was god, why ?

    -How can a God have children when God himself in Genesis cast out from
    Heaven the angels who had slept with women ?

    -If you say that a passover saves us, why did Jesus Christ even died
    for us then? He says himself that he is the one who saves us by his
    blood (which is not wine and bread as they teach you, it is something
    spiritual that’s all! They took the verse too literally!) and the one that believes him or has faith in
    him will have eternal life. He never told that we had to eat something
    in order to be saved or have eternal life.

    -We know from the Bible that God always dealt with the Jews (old
    testament and new testament), and we know that when Jesus will come
    back, he will come back once again to deal with those jews who did not
    accept him as their Messiah. So tell me how it is possible for God to
    come back in Korea? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE AT ALL !! They will talk to you about an island…= MISINTERPRETATION of the scriptures!!!

    Finally, I saved myself because I never entered this Church, but I am
    still sad for those 1 million members around the world that trust this “cult”. They had spread
    so fast and concretly they teach you that what Jesus did for us was
    not enough and they rely on a human being which is Ansanghong rather
    than God, it is BLASPHEMY! They say that the cross is an ideolatry, that may be true, but when I went to their Church the first time, there were pictures of Ansanghong everywhere!!! THAT IS IDEOLATRY TOO!
    They are everywhere, and they will spread even more, so please protect
    your family from them and other cults!

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    Hi @paper. Sorry, I wasn’t able to reply soon. If I can recall correctly, you were the mom that is also new to this forum, right? I’ve been with them for almost 2 years being a “gospel worker” . What about yours? If you want a more private conversation, we can have a conversation via email.



    Hi Franky.  Unfortunately my experience has not been good.  I went to this site to understand more about the Church but have spoken to many current and ex-members.  If it brings you true happiness thats great.  For me, anyone in the world who believes they have “the perfect truth” is being mislead.  The world and universe are just not that simple.  Hope you fair well.



    Has anyone here heard of Jews For Jesus?

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