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    In past postings I have used an example of lies being like poison. If you put poison in water, how much do you need to kill a person? Today at church I was introduced to another example. Here's how the story went: A couple of teenagers were going to go to the movies. One of the teens asked his father if he could give them a ride to the theater. The father asked what was the rating for the movie they were going to go watch. The teen answered, "R but it's really no big deal. There's a little bit of violence, just a little bit of nudity, and a tiny bit of foul language. It's really no big deal. All of our friends have watched it and there is only a little bit of the bad stuff in it. Almost nothing." The father said that he would take them to the theater but they had to choose a different movie. This young man argued with his father repeating that there was only a little bit of inappropriate stuff in there and that it was no big deal. The father said, "You have two choices. 1) Choose a different movie or 2) Stay home and do something around here." The teen said, "Never mind, well just stay here and play video games in my room." Later the father decided to make some food for the boys as he was sure they were hungry. He made a bowl of oranges and a pan of brownies and presented them to the boys. He said that they had to choose just one of the two options. Of course being teenagers they jumped at the opportunity of having the brownies. The father said, "Ok, there's just one thing. There might be some dog p o o p in it. It's only a little bit, no big deal. I was mixing up the batter and the dog had an accident. I cleaned it up but I forgot to wash my hands so it's possible that a little bit of the p o o p got into the mix but only a little bit." The boys declined the brownies and instead chose the oranges.

    Why do we feel that in some cases it's ok to willingly let lies into us? We would not willingly eat something that might have something bad in it why do we try to justify when we know there is something wrong with the teachings of a group still continue to allow them to put bad stuff into us? Unless you are willing to drink the poison and or eat the p o o p you must stop letting these bad things into yourself.



    I've used the poop in the brownies analogy with kids and teens before. Always gets the point across! It's a good one! Thanks, Joshua.


    Well, today she said she wants to "do it like crazy." And I was thinking I could use a little more crazy in my boring stable routine called my life right now. So no! No brownies for me!

    Lol 🙂




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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