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    Sorry to post like this however, I keep signing in and not being able to reply.
    Here’s several question that the group has never been able to answer for me. For the member that are convinced that they should never question anything taught I doubt that it would matter anyway. Why, if Ahn was God, did he worship false Gods (Elohim) for the first thirty years of his life? (Buddhist) God would NEVER do this! Would God ever cheat on his wife even if she asked him to? (Abraham, Sarah, and Haggar) Would a mother ever marry a son in Gods kingdom? According to the WMS god the father and god the mother created everything. They were a couple! But the same group claims that mother is the “Bride” that will marry the “Lamb of God” who is Jesus the Christ! Jesus is the recognized son of God!

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    Didn’t he <b style=”color: #222222; font-family: arial, sans-serif;”>prophesize </b>to come to non believing family? You can’t just look at one sermon/prohecy, you have to look at the whole bible and its prophecies.

    Sarah and Hagar are meant to be figuratively as the main point was Issac was born from a free woman which Sarah represents heavenly Mother. You need both parents free, right? Paul said she is our mother.. “our”. How can a city or building be our mother?



    Galatians 4:4

    “These things are to be taken FIGURATIVELY…”

    How can a city or building be our mother? Figuratively!



    Is there any questions you want to ask a wmscog member? A hard question that you felt our church cannot answer? Please post all your questions here and the members like myself can help with the blessing of Elohim will try to answer. If I can’t answer them, I will ask pastor (overseer).



    Sure, bentovo.

    Why don’t you take a crack at these. Just a few…

    1. The wmscog teaches that God lies. Why? (Think about John 8:44 before answering.)

    2. Why does the wmscog keep the 7th month feasts in the 8th month sometimes, going against their own teachings? They even say that it is the 7th month when it is the 8th month (like if I told you today was December 26 when it is actually January 26)? Here are details if you haven’t heard about this problem:

    3. Why does the wmscog use an inaccurate year for their teaching about the Antichrist/Catholic Church? Their teaching is based the Ostrogoths being destroyed in AD 538, but they were not destroyed until 553. There are other historical inaccuracies related to this teaching, and they can be confirmed by history books. Here is more info if you haven’t heard about this problem:



    I was talking about biblical questions. Make a list of the hard questions and I will give them to my overseer (pastor). Make sure its clear because the overseer are Korean.



    What is wrong with my questions? They are biblical.

    1. The Bible teaches that God does not lie and that we should not lie. The wmscog teaches that God does lie and that it is ok for us to lie. Why?

    2. The 7th month feasts are described in Lev. 23:23-43. The method for calculating months is shown in various verses, such as Is. 66:23. Why does the wmscog not always follow the correct calendar calculation?

    3. The wmscog’s Antichrist teaching is based on Daniel 7 and Revelation 13. Yet to prove their interpretation of these chapters, they use historical “facts” that are untrue or inaccurate. Why?

    You can read my links to understand better what I’m talking about. Then you will be able to explain it to your overseers, if they can’t read my links for themselves. (Likely they have already heard about these questions, though.)




    Just checking in with you. Are you ok? Do you need more time with my questions? If these are too hard for you, you can try the ones I asked zoom in this thread:

    You could also try this one:

    Part 1 — Joseph had a dream about the sun, moon, and stars (Gen. 37:9-10). What does the wmscog teach about this dream? What do the sun, moon, and stars represent, and why?

    Part 2 of my question will come after you answer this part.




    1. Ecc 3:18

    There is a time for everything. It wasn’t the right time to reveal heavenly mother (as the bible showed us how Adam was put to sleep (death) for Eve to be revealed), alss it wasn’t the right time to change name from Christ Jesus to Christ Ahnsahnghong for our salvation. For the bible clear, that unless we have Jesus flesh and blood, we have no life. Jesus preached that truth, Ahnsahnghong  also preached that truth.

    2. I don’t know.

    3. I don’t know.





    Hi @bentovo.

    1. There is NEVER a time for God to lie. If it wasn’t the right time for “Heavenly Mother” to be revealed, don’t you think “God” could have said something about it that did not involve lying? What would make it ok for God to ever lie when Titus 1:2 says God does not lie?

    2 and 3. It’s honorable to say so if you don’t know. Why don’t you ask around at your church until you find an answer? Surely your pastors or deacons or teachers have an answer to these? I’ve been asking them online for years, and we know the wmscog keeps tabs on these websites, so they’ve had plenty of time to work out an answer if there is one. If they do not have an answer or if they discourage you in any way from asking, then you have a problem.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.



    @bentovo do you know if people who leave can go back? (Totally off topic)



    @ckl2018 Prior to leaving WMSCOG, I actually asked this to one of the members who is the group leader, she said yes. I was a bit astonished with that reply, to be honest, as they also believe in one of the verses in Proverbs 26:11 and 2 Peter 2, in which they interpretted the dog and the pig as people who have “received salvation but went back to their earthly ways”.

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