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    I am a current member of WMSCOG for around 1 year and 3 months.


    After frequent feelings of “being in the dark” with regards to the teachings of WMSCOG. I made a decision to leave the church, while investigating on their inconsistencies using the resources in here.


    To former members who left the WMSCOG:

    1) Did you immediately leave the church after finding out at least one inconsistency or did you leave once your investigation about WMSCOG is done?

    2) How did you leave? Did you suddenly left without a word?

    3) How did the members react? What did they do once they found out that you left?

    4) How did you defend yourself from them? Or did you simply avoid them (and any forms of contact at all)?

    5) How long did it take for them to give up their efforts on you?

    6) How did you manage to recover from leaving the church?


    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi, just an advice, leave as soon as possible. I left 5 years ago, after the failed end of the world story of 2012. After that I found this page and it gave me more info about the diversity in their stories. My loved one is still in, and I’m afraid will remain for ever. We divorced a while ago, our different opinions about the group was the main influence, and still is a subject hard to discuss. I left quietly, no one asked any questions, and if I come across other members, they are still nice to me and talk to me. No one ever tried to get me back, recovering did take a while. although I wasn’t in to deep. The hardest part is that my loved one, is still believing all they say so, no matter how many times stories changes. Not much enjoying the fun of life, but getting people to be saved.



    Im going through the same thing curios1 except i was never a member but it took only 4 months for my wife to decide to leave and split our family up shes been moved out 2 months almost now and shes there day and night now she also said she has no time for a relationship with me cause she a gospel worker well we have a 2 year old son we split custody with so hows she got time for him you know



    Hi my name is Mark, it’s very tough leaving the church I was there for about a year. My wife brought me there one day. She had been going a few months longer than me. I had never heard of WMSCOG before so i didnt know what to expect. I had never opened a bible either. After my first few studies (when it became more than Sabbath and the passover) I talked to some of the leaders about my scepticisms of the teachings (god the mother, father, and a few of the prophecies). This was 1 month in to being there. They said that I couldnt truly understand anything I was learning untill I was baptized which didn’t make sense to me but me and my wife ended up getting baptized on the same day. I did it out of support for her it had nothing to do with me or what they had said to me. After that I started to realize that there was a lot of manipulation and psychological nonsense going on. I have a small background in psychology and sociology so when I started to realize that something wasnt right I started to investigate.

    You are asking very good questions. I will do my best to answer them.  Also I left about a month ago

    1. One inconsistency isn’t enough regardless of being cult or not its still a church therfore your decision is your own based on your beliefs. Dont let people yell at you and tell you that you believe in nonsense its not fair. Make sure that you’re leaving because you want to because you feel as if there is something wrong.

    My evidence was overwhelming I couldn’t disprove the teachings they have too many ways of explaining it and it just makes it very difficult. My reasons for leaving we’re because I found that there was textbook psychological manipulation, thought reform, and many other things in that category. Also I wanted to know where all the money went because the church says that they don’t need money so where does it all go it has to go to someone so I did some research and I found where went to I use the Michelle Colon case to help me with that. After I had found everything that I needed I explained it all to my wife and said that I wasn’t coming back she cried she was upset but she understood (she is currently still a member). The next day I went to service and I explained to the church leaders and some of the members that I was leaving it turned into a whole mess and I was actually kindly removed from the premises. You will know when your investication is done its about how you feel. Also make sure not to explain why you’re leaving they will tell you a lot of different things that may or may not make sense and there’s a good chance that psychological manipulation will prevail and you end up going back they tried to do this to me but I recognized it as soon as it happened they ended up lying to my face about it saying that what I had found out never happened when it was a federal court case.

    2. I answered most of this in #1. Do not leave without a word make sure to tell them that you are not coming back this will prevent them possibly like coming to see if you’re okay and just phone calls and text messages and stuff like that and it’s disrespectful just to leave.

    3. After I left I found (my wife is still a member) out that a lot of the members didn’t know that I left they didn’t know what happened to me the only people that knew about it where the church leaders and the few people that I discussed it with no one talks about it.

    4. I didn’t defend myself at all because they there were no attacks. No one contacts me apparently no one is supposed to talk to me. But they may ask someone to try to convince you to come back they asked my wife to do this ( they didn’t ask directly but it was put along the lines of why haven’t you tried to convince Mark to come back yet) eventually I know they will try but it will probably be a little while ( my wife won’t she respects my beliefs but a memember will at some point).

    5. I’m not sure when they will try but when they do just try to make it clear that your beliefs are not going to change and they should leave you alone if they don’t just block them.

    6. This is a difficult question because of the very tight-knit group there and the severity of thought reform and manipulation it makes it difficult to recover depending on how long you’ve been there you’ve experienced the culture for a long period of time it’s become part of you. For me it was very hard even now I’m having problems sleeping when I know I have service the next day and I know I’m not going because it was always taught to me that he would take my salvation away if I miss service so the thought is always in my head that I’m going to go to hell because my beliefs are different than theirs. I lost a lot of friends because of the church I just didn’t make time for them and they were upset at me because I was never seeing them because I was going to Zion instead and I was blatantly blowing them off. If your friends and family truly love and care about you they will take you back and understand what you went through make sure that you have a support system setup when you leave or at least someone that you can talk to about it.


    I apologize for the very long post and if anything doesn’t make sense I use the Google text-to-speech to make it a little bit easier.

    If you have any questions at all feel free to reply I will be watching this and would be happy to answer any further questions that you have if you would like to get in further contact just let me know reply to this post and we can figure out a way to do that good luck with everything.



    I compiled all of the information and made distinct cross references. My family left when we did a FULL investigation. The last bit for me, was talking to a West Coast, ex-member who was a former leader when WMS first came to the West Coast. He confirmed that wms had taught them that Blacks and Minorities weren’t chosen people and had some direct info that we had been told. Thankfully one mistake WMS made with us was 2012 phrophecy. We were there when it fell through. I remember the disturbed look on the Missionaries face when the world didn’t end. I’m glad your leaving and I pray you grow in understanding.



    @<span style=”color: #51c2ba; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; text-align: center; background-color: #d2efed;”>littleasura</span>

    Sorry to hear you leaving.

    Can I ask what were the things that made you leave and convinced you that wmscog is false? Maybe every Zion is different and since we are all humans, we make mistakes by the words we say.



    @bentovo Take a look around this site it has everything to disprove world mission. I was a member for a year and when I found out that Ahnsahnghong was not the first one to preach the Passover it completely unraveled every teaching that aren’t (Sabbath Passover feasts). Wmscog`s main teaching is that Ahnsahnghong could interpret the bible because he was God and he is God because he was able to give eternal salvation (because he was the first one to preach it). The COGWA was established in 1930. Which proves that Ahnsahnghong was not God therefore he cant proclaim mother ect ect.



    Hi, everyone. I apologize for not giving a quick response regarding to your experiences.  I greatly appreciated your time for explaining your experiences and it definitely hasten the process of my leaving in WMSCOG.

    It has been almost three weeks since I have left the church. I left in bad terms with them (bad for me, that is), as I was angry that whatever they are teaching…it does not make any sense when it was further dissected or when you try to confirm their teachings with what actually happened in history.

    : What made me leave the church were for many reasons, but the top reasons were:

    1) Taking the Bible out of context (1) – When WMS used Gal 4:26 to justify the existence of a Mother God, they forgot to take into consideration on John’s statement that Hagar and Sarah are to be taken *FIGURATIVELY* (not a literal woman) and that they represent the *COVENANTS*. Furthermore, I recall in one of their studies that the woman in red/ scarlet represents the Roman Catholic Church and not a woman. How can WMS be sure that the woman is a church and not a literal woman? How can WMS be sure that the woman in Galatians is a literal woman and not a church?

    2) Taking the Bible out of context (2) – WMSCOG would use a part in Proverbs 8 to justify that humans used to be angels in Heaven. They justified that the “I” in the Bible is Solomon. However, they did not take into consideration the verses that preceded the ones that they are highlighting. It is stated there that “I” is Wisdom, and not Solomon.


    3) They stated that it is OK to for Ahn to lie about the controversy of “There is no Mother God” because Jesus also lied – I was so aghast when I heard them said that. I demanded them to show me those verses that proves that Jesus lied, and they never showed it to me.


    4) Most of the teachings of WMS involving history and years do not coincide with *ACTUAL* history. Moreover, the lack of references when they teach (esp with the history part) makes me feel very uncomfortable. I want their claims about the historical parts to be backed up with references in legit history books, and not just the Bible.


    5) Most of their teachings have full of assumptions and are loaded statements. All of them boils down to the assumption that Ahn is Christ and that there is a Mother God, which is not fully stabilized, mind you. Also, the assumption of the “Age of the Father, Son and Ho,y Spirit” is stated, and was not much explained. If you try to ask them about it, they will just say that it is part of the prophecy. Does not really answer my question, tbh.


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