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    I was recently informed of a brand new reddit community that was created. Please come and join r/antiwmscog and share your testimonials.

  • @Joshua

    I have to say, you have been posting jokes on here for 5 years. Which is very impressive and they are great you have brought a great amount of comic relief to the WMSCOG topic. Keep it up!

  • DO NOT throw bible verses at a member they are trained with written lists of rebuttals and “proof” that the devil is speaking through you. I joined the “church” for about 6 months because my wife became a member, I did it to study them and find holes in their teachings. The mindset they have makes their misinterpretations flawless (to them). I…[Read more]

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    I am a former member, how it was explained to me was that 144k would be raised to heaven painlessly. This referred only to the “most loyal” or “best children”, but its considered only a goal. Everyone hoped they would be one of the 144k but the thought was just by following the teachings you would still enter heaven when you die anyway, you just…[Read more]

  • @bentovo Take a look around this site it has everything to disprove world mission. I was a member for a year and when I found out that Ahnsahnghong was not the first one to preach the Passover it completely unraveled every teaching that aren’t (Sabbath Passover feasts). Wmscog`s main teaching is that Ahnsahnghong could interpret the bible because…[Read more]

  • Hi my name is Mark, it’s very tough leaving the church I was there for about a year. My wife brought me there one day. She had been going a few months longer than me. I had never heard of WMSCOG before so i didnt know what to expect. I had never opened a bible either. After my first few studies (when it became more than Sabbath and the passover) I…[Read more]

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