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    Hello all! I am currently a member whom my wife brought me in. Before I joined, I know that this church was suspicious but I gave it a go anyway and I was following their doctrines without problems, particularly because I love my wife.

    Fast forward to 2 years being in this church, I received sermon book 2 and was reading on chapters 2 and 3. As I read the sermon that was about the prophecy of King David with Ahnsahnghong’s coming where Jesus preached 3 years and Ahnsahnghong is to come to fulfill the 27 years, I read on the bible verse that used the word about in Luke 3:23.

    So I asked my group leader about this. Why does the word about equates to 30? He told me ‘if you pick on this, then there is no point, just like the Babylonians.’ (or something similar along this).

    From then on, I couldn’t help it but saw there is really something wrong. So I started reading the Bible, just like every members that commented on YouTube (funny thing is my wife is saying we can’t and not supposed to read the Bible ourselves, according to the church because it was taught that we are not God and not able to interpret the Bible. It’s not interpreting but studying I thought. Such discrepancies and inconsistent teaching …) and also asking questions to my leader.

    As I read the Bible, I found more and more contradictions and discrepancies. With that, I asked more questions but it ended up going round and round just as I have suspected that it’s all circular reasoning.

    I asked things like Revelation 2 and 3, the letters to the seven churches. Their sermons used Revelation 2:17 to refer to the fact that they have received the hidden manna (Passover) and the new name (really, just one verse?). However if we read each individual conclusions of the letter to the different churches, it all says ‘to him who overcomes’ or ‘to him who is victorious’. Before this I was told that Book of Revelation has no chronological order. So I thought doesn’t that meant when we are back in Father’s Kingdom? Furthermore, Revelation 2:26 says we will have authority over the nations. If we have received the new name, all of these rewards we will get it too isn’t it? But I don’t see that apparently. To which I also showed the verse in Revelation 19:12 where it says “His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself.” and in verse 13 it then says he is the Word of God (Jesus). So, He has a name that no one knows but he himself and it make senses to say this is the new name. Context wise, I believe it is about the end of days. This means that no one will know the new name even at the end of days. So why is the new name Ahnsahnghong then or how did we receive the new name? I get the response, to overcome is to be in the correct church. Huh? That is contradicting the context.

    Following after I have been reading the Bible non-stop, amidst to many quarrels with my wife since she felt something was wrong with me that I didn’t like to go church and etc.

    When I realised that the whole Bible talks about Father and Son and Father’s kingdom, it all became clear.

    I’ve found verses in the Bible such as Matthew 25:31-46, which is the judgment and here it showed us the examples (v. 36-40) of what we should do to receive eternal life (v. 46). Isn’t these the commandment of love which has been summed up from the law by Jesus Christ?

    Also, if we look at all the sermons that proclaim Passover, they conveniently hid the verses like Matthew 26:29 and Luke 22:16 and Luke 22:18. These are the verses which will literally destroy their teaching as Jesus said that He will not take the Passover bread and wine until the kingdom of God comes. Makes me wonder are we already in kingdom of God?

    I really have more to say.

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    Amazing observation. They really got shit twisted.



    Hi there! I was a ten year member and the told us initially not to read the Bible on our own because we are not God. They have since changed this. If you want to talk, PM me.



    Hello @ kayem


    số không

    Thank you for the post. It is worth the precious. but I don’t know how my sister can see it. very difficult

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