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    Where do i start. I was a member of this cult for 15 years of my life. From the time i was 7 years old being baptized in the early 2000s to finally being able to think for myself in my early 20s. Really feeling robbed of my years of living a life of a true kid and how a true kid should grow up. I was in the LA branch for most of my years in this cult and then when i was in the military, i was in the Seattle branch for about 3 years. It’s really crazy seeing how the church is ran from the time i was in the kids group to the time i was actually a group leader in the youth group. During my younger years, seeing how strict the church was on us. No dating, no video games (even tho i stilled played the heck out of them and still do) no girlfriends, no indulging in tv shows or too many movies, no social media because satan is on the internet, and now i see the church has many social media accounts trying to save their own face. To my years all the way to high school where i had to quot football in high school out of fear that the world was going to end in 2012. No prom or enjoying my high school years because the world was about to end so all they could ever allow me to think about was preaching. Then around 2014 i decided to join the military because i knew i had to do something in my life and not just stand around after high school working minimum wage jobs waiting for the world to end, not truly valuing or investing in my future. So i joined the military was looked at in the church as someone who was making the wrong decision for myself because the “end was near”. Ever since i was a kid I’ve always hear “the end is near, father is coming soon” and i had so many nightmares about the end of the world as a child. I don’t think gods true church will instill fear into even the children a part of this cult. So i said Fuck it. I’m not gonna let a Korean man tell me what to do in my life so i joined the military. But what do you know, going to the Seattle church i was right back at it, going full fledged in this cult, going preaching. Then coming back to LA i became a group leader and truly saw how it wears all ran like a business. From being told to look in all 25 of my members that i was over, to look in their tithing envelopes to see whether they were tithing or not and to record it for our monthly leaders meeting. To me creating a power point on the status of my group of current status and goals or recruiting people into the church, and attendance. For crying out loud these templates i was using for PowerPoints were the same ones used for business presentations. My story is so long i know i am leaving so much out so if you have any questions regarding my experience, please reach out to me via this thread because i have a lot locked away in my head that i want to reveal and speak about my specific experience in this cult, and maybe I can help someone to truly think freely for themselves.

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    I had been in this cult from 16 years old to just a few years ago total of about 6 years. I also wasn’t allowed to date, play video games, had to give up my favorite music since I could only listen to New Songs. I also missed out on prom and my graduation ceremony. Since I was told that the world was going to end any day now I didn’t pay attention to my homework and school work because preaching was more important. Also, our overseer looked down on people who wanted to go to college saying that theirs no point in going if the world was going to end soon anyways. I also had to check that the members in my group were tithing and keeping services .


    Danieljay I would love to hear more info about the Seattle group.  We have a family member stuck in that one …. Heard that the Hindu guy that was the deacon (married to a rather homely Korean woman) had moved somewhere else …



    Yeah the indian overseer (missionary) just recently moved to Fresno with his wife. There is now a korean overseer at the seattle church. The seattle branch was for sure ran a little bit differently than the LA church and I remember asking why, and i was rebuked being told that we should not compare zions lol

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