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    Have you read some of the comments from our webpage? Somehow we (the people who post here) have forced god to postpone Armageddon. Our evil is so hated by god (our speaking out against Ahn and Zahng/Chang/Chung whatever name she has gone by or is going to go by) that we have forced the hand of god to hold off on judgement. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD A BIGGER LOAD? The God I love and devote my worship to will NEVER be forced to change His timetable of events I don't care how good or bad people have been. Obviously the man made gods of the WMSCOG are too weak, pathetic, and indecisive to be able to stick to a plan that they supposedly put in place. Time to wake up folks! Ahn and Zahng are no more gods than I am! Ahn is still dead and burried and one day Zahng will be as well. Gods NOT Dead! These two and the belief in them only serves to kill the spirit in people. It has to just such to try and defend a faith in something as stupid as Ahn and Zahng. It's obviously disproved and undefendable.



    ‘o’ WOW I don’t know why I’m surprised.. these people are crazy! where do I find these bogus posts?


    I hear love makes you doing crazy things, but this must be a different kind of crazy.


    I think we can give Ahnsahnghong more respect because I believe the wms took his image, set it up, and then proclaimed he was second coming Christ etc. It's wms' doing, not Ahn.


    I think tomorrow I'm going to flip up my collar, put my hands in my pockets, take a walk down to the beach, and ask myself some tough questions, like "is it because of my evil?…"



    You are cracking me up again, Mayor & Mike!  Lol!  I needed that.  Sometimes this is all so crazy and discouraging that a person has to have a reason to laugh.  

    As Joshua has said, it is completely bogus that we (non-members) are blamed for anything bad in the world and even for making their prophesies become untrue!  Their prophesies about doomsday never were true to begin with they were onbly fear tactics and manipulations to make members recruit at a faster more urgent pace. (Read: get money quicker for the leaders) The leaders want us to serve as their excuse for  being wrong, again and again and again about the "end of the world" prophesies they keep throwing out to strike fear into their members.  Oh please.  It's really getting old.  


    Haha, mountain mom. I try. I agree with Joshua, we should put some humor in here. 

    Zhang has to maintain the lie. At first they wanted to "speed Gods coming." now they are saying: nope we have to wait. That's fine by me. 

    Jesus said the false Christ's and false prophets will appear first. We see what the cog is doing. Jesus then says in Luke 21:9 "…but the end will not come right away." I believe we are "at the beginning of birth pains" in the world. 



    Joshua is so right.  The Wms is implying that we humans can control God and His schedule.  The Wms is always saying that we shouldn't believe our own thoughts and opinions or those of other humans, yet they insist that we believe theirs.  Last time I checked all the pastors and deacons in the Wms were human.  



    I see in my absence, Wms is still at it.


    Yes, still.


    We are getting members to leave though. We got members reading up on our posts while they are still attending services. 


    Hey current members, life is so much brighter outside the wmscog. Life is pretty good, I'm telling ya.

    Mayor and Mike feels like hes living the dream right now. He's feeling pretty good. 🙂



    So can anyone update me on where I can read these bogus posts? I’m missing out..lol TIA..



    TIA? This is Africa? Or this is America?

    Oh my America. Life is good regardless (@wmscog).  🙂



    lol Mayor!

    it’s Thanks in advance! (TIA)

    you’re a mess



    WarriorQueen wrote:

    So can anyone update me on where I can read these bogus posts? I'm missing out..lol TIA..

     I don't remember which post from the Homepage I got this from. After reading the posters comment I just couldn't help but make a topic out of it. I hope that a lot of current members read post like this and see just how foolish the WMS really is.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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