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    2020/05/20 at 8:22 pm
    Posted beneath Zahng Gil Jah’s Ex-Husband’s Side Of The Story?

    Hello COVID-19 will those people who mocked God the Mother will be Saved from this pandemic? I’m ELLA by the way who used to comment here in 2013. Still this page spread lies. If you have some evidence show it the divorce paper and the Birth certificate of her children. By the way we are Partners with PNP here in the Philippines so if we are liars story makers we End up in Jails. But of course not! We are partners with PNP for Reduce Crime Together. You know from almost 9 years I’m here. I experienced Good and Bad but it’s up for you if you would stay or not! I chose to stay even if it was hard. You know why? As Apostle Peter said. “Where do we go?? You have the Words of Eternal Life.” As Jesus said men does not live on Brea alon But on Every Word that comes out from God. For the Watchmen who commented here 9 months ago. He stated very well. You cannot answer him back. Why because u can’t you don’t know the whole bible because you are not reading or studying it. You just Focus on Physical Life of Mother. Jesus also have Physical Life but did the Bible tell anything about his Physical Life, Physical Lovelife? No. Because it’s Physical. You know the Marriage between Father and Mother is the Fulfillment of Heavenly Wedding Banquet in 1984 before Father ascend in Heaven. It is fulfillemnt of Heavenly Wedding Banquet. It is not a Physical Wedding But Spiritual Wedding within the two for the Fulfillment Only of Heavenly Wedding Banquet. They didn’t have Sex at all. 1985 Father Died for tge fulfillment of King David 30 year Reign! They were just married for the purpose of the Fulfillment of Heavenly Wedding Banquet. So regardless of their physical life it’ not part of your salvation. Just as Jesus Physical Life and Physical Lovelife are not part of our Salvation so it was not indicated in the Bible right?
    For Jesus is Lord sect Cult! Hello! Magtagalog ako since Pinoy kayo. Huwag kayo masyado take advantage at magsalo ng mga lost sheep at dadalhin niyo sainio para lalo maging Lost. We Celebrate Passover as Jesus did? How about you Jesus is Lord Do you Celebrate Passover? 2nd you praise Jesus but you ignore all Jesus teaching Like Sabbath, Passover, Unleavened Breaf, Resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost, Day of Atonement, Feast of Trumpets & Feast of Tabernacles. All of that is Feast of God. And You Keep Ingnoring the Feast of God while Praisimg Father as Jesus is the Only Lord. How ridiculous isn’t? sabi nga Sa isang verse. You keep on Praising me But your hearts are far from me. You Worship me In Vain. You know that verse find that google mo JIL Cult.!
    For the spy how pity you are. I’m sure you get mad at church I don’t know who you are but for me and for all of us. You still have time to Repent. Because Betrayers are like Judas they end up in Vain. So if I were you Repent! Stop what you are doing. If you don’t want to go anymore just leave. Don’t let others die spiritually. Anyway, This is Ella Jorraine Serrano from Quezon City Zion before. I have good and Bad experience from Church but it doesn’t mean I must Leave Mother and don’t keep all the Feast. I stayed because of the Feast Don’t you know. I don’t stay for others. I still stay because my Family were blessed enough to stay in Zion and they were Good Fruit. More Good than me.
    When I wrote 7 years ago here. You removed my post and put it in forum. One commented Emil. That I must go in forum so that many of them will be save if my statement and the bible verses I gave are True Enough. I don’t go why? If they are children of God they will come back. If not then they were never. I tried so many times to go out and never comeback from this church. But I stay. Why? Because my Faith are Not Depend on Other people or other sinner inside the church. If they commit mistake against me. It’s their fault not mine. I leave I go to other Zion Branch so I started new Life, New Pastor, New Beggining away from sinners who are judgmental. Like yours. All comments here are too Judgmental ha. By the way I’m lesbian before I was persecuted by our Pastor old Pastor but Mother called and said to the Pastor who is a sinner “Please Tell Ella that I loved her so much! Please take Care of Her I want Her to be Saved! Please Help her to become Spotless and blameless before Father comes! Please Help her to bear Many Good Fruits! I want her to stay in QC Zion. She is Your Sister” She called Oct. 2013 before the Feast that time. And she said All of that despite that I’am Lesbian before and I was persecuted by so many judgmental sinners inside QC Zion. Those people who Judged me are Not Gods! But merely sinners like me who ate not Perfect enough! Only Father & Mother Saves and Forgives and Sacrifices and Love us Despite other people around us Judge us. In the End I was Happy Sister with No Title Holder here at my New Zion Temple somewhere in Bulacan. Respected enough by newly members. Away from Shame and all of Judgments. With so many Good Fruits. Because I don’t mind the Judgment of Pastors. After all they are not God. Mother knows well. All our Future! She’s Our True God prophesied in the Bible. Honestly I don’t remember anymore that I commented here way back 2013. Lahat kasi pinapatulan ko if it was Mother Involve. That is why may be Mother love me so much! I hope all of you can be saved from COVID-19 eventhough you didn’t Kept the Passover. Self-Service pala kami lahat so Goodluck sa mga nag-Fall away! At bumalik Hope maaprovahan kayo mag self-service. Naman. One thing yung 2012 na sinasabi nyo. The Bridegroom is long time in Coming! But I think He Comes in a Different way Now to Judge the World by His Sword. So Goodluck for COVID-19 Guys! By the way Father was Born in 1918 during Spanish Flu and 50 Million People Died. 100 Million were infected and it lasts for 2 years!. For the past years WMSCOG conducted several Preaching worldwide kahit hindi ako kasama because I’m taking care of my Child. For several Years People Ignored the WORD of GOD. For Several Years Father & Mother waited too long. So 2020 will be time for Judgment! Para sa mga Judgmental na katulad nyo. You are Hiding your Identity while you persecuted the WMSCOG and Mother! What ashamed! COWARD! In tagalog Duwag! Anyway, Goodluck talaga sa COVID-19!
    Hello COVID-19 will those people who mocked God the Mother will be Saved from this pandemic? I’m ELLA by the way who used to comment here in 2013. Still this page spread lies.

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    Lots to unpack here lol.
    Ella if you’re reading this, are you implying that people who don’t agree with you about God the Mother will be infected by Covid-19?
    Also, do you not know that the WMSCOG fully acknowledges now that Zhang Gil Ja was married, divorced and had kids?
    You say you chose to stay even though it was hard in the church, what do you mean by that?
    Many former members experienced difficult times in the church which pushed them to leave such as their families being torn apart, pushed towards divorce, dropping out of college, etc.
    Apostle Paul did say that Jesus had the words to eternal life. He wasn’t talking about a Korean man and woman who would appear 2,000 years later claiming to be a second coming Christ and God the Mother.
    What makes you think that the admin or anyone on this site doesn’t read the Bible? Do you know us personally?
    If you read the contents of this site you would see that it doesn’t just focus on Zhang Gil Ja’s personal life, but also focuses on the doctrinal inaccuracies taught by the WMSCOG as well.
    You talk about the marriage between Ahnsahnghong and Zhang Gil Ja but did you know that in 1984, Ahnsahnghong was married to Hwang Won Soon, the confirmation of this is posted on this site, just search Ahnsahnghong’s family census. Another key point that has been circulating online is, where in the Bible does it say that it’s okay to be physically married to one woman while spiritually married to another?
    Also where in the Bible does it say by lighting a red and blue candle that means Second Coming Christ will reveal God the Mother? Where in the Bible does it mention that by giving the prayer during the Passover ceremony in 1984 that Second Coming Christ will reveal God the Mother? It doesn’t say that anywhere.
    Ahnsahnghong and Zhang Gil Ja didn’t have sex, got it.
    You say that Ahnsahnghong died after the 37 year reign in 1985, but where is the proof he was baptized in 1948?
    If their physical life didn’t matter, then why did the church cover it up until it was exposed around 2012?
    Jesus said in Jn 6:53-54 that unless we eat his flesh and drink his blood we have no life in him. But in the context of that verse, in Jn 6:35 Jesus taught that we can do this by going to him and believing in him. Tell me one verse in the book of John where Jesus explains we need to keep Passover to be saved. It doesn’t, that’s why the WMSCOG teaches their members to go to Luke or Matthew because the book of John doesn’t say what they want it to say.
    You call us betrayers but then ask us to repent meaning go back to the church? Um no thanks. Jesus preached to prostitutes, the disabled and the homeless 2,000 years ago, three groups that the WMSCOG won’t preach to today.
    Why does it matter if your post was moved to the forum?
    You say Zhang called the Pastor? How do you know that happened? Do you speak Korean?
    General Pastor Joo Cheol Kim gave a sermon explaining that the church does not accept gay people. For the record, there is nothing wrong with being gay, but that’s not what the WMSCOG believes.
    If Mother knows well, then why would she appoint such judgmental pastors that might make members fall away?
    And the creators of this site are not cowards, they are heroes who dedicate their personal time to help provide info that the church doesn’t want members like you to know about.




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