Former Member’s Lawsuit Against The WMSCOG Gets Dismissed – Update

Update:  On November 29, 2016, the Appellate Court of New Jersey reversed the lower court’s decision regarding the hacking and invasion of privacy claim.  The case is currently being litigated and is scheduled for trial later in 2020.  See the Appellate Court’s Opinion below.

On March 17, 2015, the Superior Court of New Jersey dismissed Ms. Colón’s complaint agains the World Mission Society Church of God, Zhang Gil Jah, Joo Cheol Kim, Big Shine Worldwide Inc., Lincoln Avenue Grill LLC, Albright Electric LLC and a number of WMSCOG officials.  The complaint alleged conduct such as fraud, hacking/invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  Regarding these allegations the Court stated in it’s opinion,

“The very argument that Ms. Colon used as her shield in World Mission’s previous case against her, the First Amendment, is now being used by the Church as its shield in the case sub judice.  The same amendment that protected Ms. Colon previously, now protects the church.” (see Page 3 below)

Should the “church autonomy doctrine” serve as a legal shield for organizations that commit secular crimes or tort violations under the guise of religion?

The best way to challenge this decision is to convince the Court that New Jersey has a compelling interest in protecting its citizens from the WMSCOG.  In order to prove this to the Court people need to be willing to document the harm that the WMSCOG has caused them.  If you have been harmed by the WMSCOG, please post your experience in the Comments section below.



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  1. Lola says

    Wmscog makes people marry to live in the church, so they could pay all the bills. Where do tithes and offerings go? The gospel workers pay for just about everything.

  2. Mountainmom says

    The ex members of this group need to come forth and testify to the harm done to them, their families, and their lives in general. As the family members of people in the wms, I am sure we could also testify as to the harm done to our families in detail. I am in contact with many people who have had their families torn apart by their loved one’s involvement in the WMS. Their stories are heart wrenching, and very similar. We outnumber them, people. Like I have said before, for every member there are exponential numbers of people who have clearly seen the damaging effects of this group on their loved ones.

  3. Patientdad says

    MY wife has been with this church for 5 years. And that 5 years is like hell to me as a husband. To me, worshiping to God makes you a better person day by day. For 5 years my wife’s attitude did not become better. She became worst. She spends most of the time in the church and neglects her responsibilities for her family – like physically taking care of the kids and spending quality time with his spouse. She escapes whenever I forbid her. Not only that she is always in her church the whole Saturday from 9AM to 11PM, she takes the children with her, trapping them in a room in their church for hours. Last night, she brought the kids to her church because it was their passover celebration. She took the kids from the house at 530PM and the service was done at 9PM. The kids has not had any food to eat. My 5 year old son was so hungry when we arrived at home and my 1 year old daughter feel asleep of exhaustion. I scolded her about it and she was just quiet as if she doesn’t know about what is wrong in the picture. And today, she is bringing again the kids. I have had enough of her already. At home, on Sundays, if she is not easily irritated with small stuff, I always catch her spaced out and talking to herself. One time, she took my 5 year old boy to bath and poured hot shower on his face. The boy was screaming and she was like “Devil! Please get out of my sons body and continued saying abuji…abuji..”

    1. T.H. says

      I don’t often suggest this but you might want to get the authorities involved. There is abuse happening here. If she was just going herself that would be one thing but your children are being forced into an obviously adverse situation and her actions are also physically damaging. You need to reach out for help with this situation. You have obviously been tolerate in this situation. Asking for help is no refection your strength or resolve. Time for further action to help your family.

    2. Megon Gabrielle says

      I agree, this is not the way God would have a family behave. We teach our children the love of God, and the innocence shines through them. Hot water is alarming. Please continue to document any weird behaviors, and I would advise that you explain to your wife that church is not a healthy place for the children if they are not tended to properly. My kids were always in a classroom during services ( No more than 2 hours) snacks were provided, and a suitable adult to supervise.

      You have the right to step in and protect your children. Obviously you love your wife very much, I pray that you can come to some mutual agreement to keep the children safe, and tended to at all times.

      Watching our spouse change can be painful, but please don’t allow it to destroy the love and admiration you have. If it is not healthy, then you need to make some tough choices.

    3. Roy Spears says

      I’m sorry to hear about your tragic story. Would you be interested in doing a phone interview concerning your experience with this cult?

  4. Yolanda green says

    I can’t help but feel the aches in everyone’s hearts who are being affected by this so called church..My brother and younger sister are involved and it countinously drives a barrier between are family. They literally will spend every moment in that church and if they dare not show up or miss a day a so called brother or sister from that church is knocking at their door, this has happend multiple times in my witness.I am nervous for the safety of my nieces and nephews as they do sit in a down stairs so called nursery or class ALL DAY! And are forced to stay awake during service..My sister and I were in a grocery store where three women were pretending to shop and approached us at 9pm and told us to go back to their church to study! And believe me they were not taking no for an answer they will stock you! It has taking many tears and arguments to make my siblings understand that Jesus Christ is the only son of God that I will ever praise!.. Please I need help I fear things are escalating I feel these people are plotting something , it’s so secretive I’ve found out only certain members can watch certain videos that show supposable end of time footage needless to say they prey in Korean and nobody’s Korean their :/

    1. Roy Spears says

      Yolanda, I just read your post and am so sorry to hear of your struggles. How are things going with ou now?

  5. David Raj says

    Yes what every they have mentioned is happened to me and my children’s but Almighty God Jesus only have to help them and our family. My wife also has the same attitude, behaviour, abusive to children. My faith on Jesus Christ will show them a lesson if very few days this is for sure

  6. Roy Spears says

    Jack, I just read your post (May 16, 2018). Sorry to hear what you are going through. I have been dealing with the members of this cult for about seven years now and have made about a half dozen or so YouTube videos on them with the hope of exposing their damaging practices. Would you be willing to do a phone interview with me, telling of your experiences? It would help others who are going through similar situations.

  7. MountainMom says

    Hi Roy. I’ve seen one of your videos. Would you go on to the forum and private message me?

  8. Name (required) says

    It’ll be four years in August that my husband has been a member of this cult and it has torn our marriage apart. I keep telling myself that it’s just a phase because I too attended the wms for a few months but after reading some of these stories I’ve become a little discouraged. Today is Sunday so of course he’s at the “education study” that the wms hosts from 9-6pm on Sundays, not to mention he spends his ENTIRE Saturday there. We hardly spend any time together, with me working during the week and him being at the wms. I need help getting him out of this place, every time I utter anything against them he says that “Satan is using me”. He even told me at one point (when I was pregnant) that it would be best if I left him because he doesn’t have time for a family, so I did just that. I packed all of my things and left and the next day he begged me to come home so I did. He even stopped attending the cult at one point for a few months but the members kept calling him until he went back. It’s exhausting and we need help. Please, if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.

  9. John says

    Everyone needs to see this youtube Video about the World Mission Society of God

  10. Becky says

    I lost my daughter to this cult. It saddens me every day that they were able to brain wash her to the point of no return. They are not of God or they would not be breaking families up for financial gains.

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