Do The Beliefs Of World Mission Society Church Of God Members About Coronavirus Pose A Public Health Risk?

Last week New York State Governor Cuomo announced that due to the absence of federal guidance on containing the spread of the coronavirus, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will work together to implement uniform tri-state rules for as long as necessary to protect public health. Among these rules is that there are not to be crowds or gatherings over 50 anywhere. President Trump later advised that gatherings of more than 10 people should be avoided.

Will This Affect World Mission Society Church of God Services?

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Over the past few weeks, World Mission Society Church of God members have been touting the “protection” of the Passover observance against the coronavirus on social media. According to numerous members, including New Song Radio host Floyd A. Cray, people who observe the Passover “have the ability to feel great and have no fear of this virus.” Other members have posted similar statements such as “all po members of zion..remember that we have protection from elohim god” [sic], “keep the Passover and you don’t have to worry about this,” “Corona Virus? Protection: New Covenant Passover,” etc. on Facebook over the last few weeks. Most recently, members have been posting threats of a “final judgement” that they allege is imminent in efforts to lure new members to the church. Some posts have since been deleted, though the reason why is unknown (View Facebook posts below).

The World Mission Society Church of God has previously claimed that the Passover will protect members from “all disasters” on their official website and in fear mongering videos shown to their members.

Though the World Mission Society Church of God leadership has not officially announced its position regarding the belief that the WMSCOG Passover will protect its members from the coronavirus, current members are certainly under the impression that it will. How will this affect WMSCOG members’ behavior? Will the members take precautions as advised by the government and the CDC? Will the WMSCOG abide by restrictions on crowd size during services and the upcoming Passover ceremony? Last week, the World Mission Society Church of God circulated the following messages among female leadership:

While this may not be the case at every World Mission Society Church of God location, at least the above referenced WMSCOG location is still holding services and there is no mention of limiting the number of attendees. Instead, they are instructing members to leave in between services on the Sabbath. Why is the WMSCOG still holding services and allowing members to leave in between?

How does this affect the community at large?

Because the World Mission Society Church of God teaches that observance of the Sabbath, Passover and a number of other feasts, is required for salvation, members attend at the threat of eternal damnation. In the past when members were ill, they were still expected to attend services and would even bring their sick children to the church if alternative child care could not be arranged. While the World Mission Society Church of God appears to be changing their position on this amidst the recent pandemic, not adhering to the crowd size limitations put in place for prevention and containment of the Covid-19, puts the rest of the community at risk. Is the World Mission Society Church of God really concerned about the well being of non-members and the community at large? After all, Zhang Gil Jah, World Mission Society Church of God’s leader and “god the mother stated in a sermon in 2012, “How Joyful Will It Be Since Only Our Members Will Live While All The Other People Die In The Last Days.”

Any public health concerns should immediately be reported to the local authorities.

For current members reading this…

If you are a current World Mission Society Church of God member reading this, please protect yourself, your family members and the community by following the CDC guidelines on Covid-19. Do not allow the World Mission Society Church of God put you at risk for contracting the coronavirus and possibly infecting someone else, by exploiting coronavirus fears.

World Mission Society Church of God Member’s Facebook Posts (click photos to view)

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  1. Evelyn N'otyour says

    I live in a suburb very near to the Ridgewood WMSCOG. I heard rumblings from neighbors that people are very concerned that the parking lot was filled both Saturday and Sunday. I walked by and saw at least 25 cars in the parking lot, all close together, and many people coming in and out, clearly not practicing any social distancing.

    I found this site because the utter arrogance and disrespect for my community seemed unreal and I was hoping I would find some reason for the blatant disregard for public safety. I never knew anything about the WMSCOG. I am glad that my friends who live nearby have committed to keeping an eye and telling the authorities that the “yellow tape” in the front entrance is a sham.

    I’m a resident of this community who is angered, disheartened and frightened by this behavior. I will be monitoring and telling the local authorities.

  2. No says

    what a poor website so misleading…

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