How Joyful Will It Be Since Only Our Members Will Live While All The Other People Die In The Last Days? – Mother’s Sermon October 27, 2012

The World Mission Society Church of God claims not to preach about disasters in order to influence its members to stay. Victor Lozada, current World Mission Society Church of God Missionary, published an article on June 2, 2016, addressing this issue on his blog “The True WMSCOG.” Mr. Lozada claimed that a news station in Mongolia aired a false report about the local WMSCOG. According to Mr. Lozada, the report claimed that the WMSCOG in Mongolia:

…expanded its congregation by preaching that the world is coming to an end. The Church urges its members to sell their properties like houses, and exploits them for their money. This Church threatens people by preaching about disasters all the time…

In previous articles, we have examined the WMSCOG’s obvious fear mongering tactics in their pamphlets about the Passover. Former members have spoken out in YouTube videos about being taught that the world would end in 2012. A news station in South Korea broadcasted an investigative report on the WMSCOG’s claim that the world would end in 1999. The World Mission Society Church of God has even shown this video about disasters to members in their congregation.

But what does Zahng Gil Jah say about disasters and the end of the world? Below is an 8 page sermon from Zahng Gil Jah, dated October 27, 2012. Here are some highlights:

  • Like this, if we know that a disaster is coming, it is very important both physically and spiritually to warn people to evacuate. From now on, there will be more earthquakes, and people who survived in the last one might die in the next one.
  • All the arrogant and every evildoer will be set on fire like stubble. The war that can burn them without leaving even a root or a branch is the nuclear war, the WWIII. The Bible records that there is definitely an appointed day when these things will happen.
  • The only medicine that can heal us so that we can survive even in the nuclear war is the Passover bread and wine of the new covenant that Jesus promised us with His flesh and blood. Since God’s flesh and blood remain in us through the Passover bread and wine, the disasters can pass over us. Now the whole world is coming to our Church, being surprised by this news of salvation.
  • How joyful will it be since only our members will live while all the other people die in the last days?
  • No matter how much Gold tells them that what they are keeping is wrong, people do not listen to Him and they do not give their ear to His teachings. So as a result, they will receive a plague.
  • In the Bible, the wind means “war.” Then when will the wind be released? It is when all the children of God are found. If all the children of God receive the seal today, that day will come today, and if they all receive the seal tomorrow, it will come tomorrow, if they all receive the seal next month, that day will come next month.
  • If a nuclear war breaks out between Iran and Israel, North Korea will seize that opportunity and shoot what they have prepared. That day will come on an unexpected day. Since God told us to be ready, we must be ready. It is better to be ready in advance.
  • We must flee to Zion before the disaster comes. Once the disaster comes, people will not be able to flee to Zion even if they want to. And just because we are safe from disasters, we must not sit back and do nothing, but we must lead other people as well so that they will also escape disasters. Then we will receive an award.

Zahng Gil Jah’s statements speak for themselves and her sermon makes it clear that the World Mission Society Church of God does in fact preach about disasters in a way that would promote fear in its members. In this sermon alone, the word disaster or disasters is found 36 times.

Let us fact check the “mother god”.

From now on, there will be more earthquakes, and people who survived in the last one might die in the next one.

“According to the Words of the Prophecies,” by Zahng Gil Jah, page 2

According to the USGS Worldwide Earthquake Statistics below, the total number of earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 were 2,383 and 2,481 respectively. After that, the total number of earthquakes have decreased NOT increased, and have remained below 1900 thus far. The total number of fatalities in 2010 and 2011 were 226,050 and 21,942 respectively. Subsequently, the total number of fatalities has dramatically decreased, remaining below 10,000. The data does not support Zahng Gil Jah’s assertions.

They killed up to 70 million children of God to change God’s commandments to the commands of men-from the Sabbath to the Sunday service and from the Passover to Christmas. It is 70 million officially, so they must have killed even more people unofficially. Babylon did this. Parents bear a grudge even if someone kills only one of their children. But Babylon killed 70 million children of God. That is why it says that their sins are piled up to heaven.

“According to the Words of the Prophecies,” by Zahng Gil Jah, page 7

The World Mission Society Church of God commonly refers to the Catholic Church as “Babylon.” Zahng Gil Jah is referring to the deaths that resulted from past actions of Catholic Church, such as the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades. The estimated executions in Spain during the Inquisition is about 32,000, the area most affected. The death toll from the Crusades is estimated to be from 1.7 million to as high as 9 million and included people of other faiths such as Muslims, Cathars and Jews. The available data simply does not support Zahng Gil Jah’s claim that 70 millionchildren of god” died as a result of the Catholic Church’s actions.

Where did we obtain this document?

This sermon was attached to an email from Daniel Lee, a.k.a. Dong Il Lee, pastor of the Ridgewood, New Jersey location to leaders of various WMSCOG locations.


Additional documents will be posted within the limits set forth by the Court in the following orders:

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