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  1. M.T. says

    I was researching a lot of their verses and sayings that they used in their teachings and I felt so upset and disappointed in myself that I believed in their nonsense. I learned from a friend about them and slowly I was dragged in with false hope and promises they told me about the afterlife. They told me that each soul that passes the gate of heaven gets the power of creation (which is absurd) and that they can create anything and everything they imagine (which sounds like fantasy). I was dragged in and to be honest at first I’ve bitten the catch they had in store for me. But a year and a half later I started to feel more doubt that would often lead to me and my friend having arguments where he’d tell me that I’m overthinking the whole thing and that no matter what they say or do it’s all for the God’s (Father and Mother) pleasure. After a while I left without a word and never came back to their meeting place. Overall it was a confusing and weird experience that still haunts me till this day.

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