Mother God vs Mother of God

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    Just seeing "mother god" written out infuriates me. What awful blasphemy. 

    Yeah so is praying to Mary, what a blasphemous deed, makes me wanna throw up

    First, its clear in scripture that God has a mother. It's Mary. Scripture says "all generations" will call her blessed, and she is indeed. Mary is praised by name in the inspired word of God. Zahng certainly isn't mentioned. 

    Catholics pray to saints asking for their prayers and intercession before God. We don't worship them. We are all united in the body of Christ, on heaven and earth. We are surrounded by a cloud heavnely witnesses who offer prayers to God on our behalf. (Hebrews 12:1, Rev 5:8) Christ spoke with the saints, we being part of His body, imitate Him.(Transfiguration)  It's an ancient Christian doctrine called the 'communion of saints,' not a modern concoction tricking poor souls into worshiping an old lady in Korea. 

    About prayer to saints from an Orthodox perspective:

    About Mary from a Catholic perspective:

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