Link between Park Geun-Hye and WMSCOG

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    Read this article and I firmly believe there’s a link between this cultic president and wmscog. There are many similarity for instance, those non profit organisations setup by the wmscog. What’s so great about getting the Queens award? Even government are corrupt. They can easily be bribed by the wmscog by looking at how much profit they are making.

    Are there any possibilities that Park gets interrogated to expose all these south Korean that has linkage with the government to play along with their second coming christ God the mother prophesy? To me, history had been re-written. For instance, anh sahng hong’s baptism to be exact is 30 years but park has been bribed to rewrite it to 37 years.

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    Not forgetting choi soon sil, I believe she is the mother of all south Korean cult. Just FYI, Park’s father(was the president back then) was assassinated by his spy chief mainly because his spy chief saw what was happening to his country. The country was being led by not the government, but the cult leader, which was then choi soon sil’s father. I believe if park had woken up early from the lies told by choi’s family, south Korea today wouldn’t have so many existing cult groups. The reason why they have so many cult groups today like wmscog is because they are ALLOWED to. Since park is being thrown in jail now I hope the country do something for the nation. Not just for profit and profit and profit. Please save your nation, the true Lord God Jesus christ will punish these evil-doers



    For many years several members of this forum have believed there are links between the WMSCOG and top levels of the korean government. Although the name Park is common in Korea it's hard to try and disconnect the possibility of a family relation. I hope that the interties between the WMSCOG and the Korean government are made very public if they are found to exist. Most members will not see the facts if this is found to be true but for a few of them this would be the thing that makes them start thinking for themselves and realizing that the WMSCOG is a fraud!


    Religious cults in Korea, and in many other countries, have influence with political leaders.  From Scientologists thru Moonies they all accumulate vast wealth and spread it around to political cronies.  WMSCOG is no different.  But as we are learning now, in South Korea there are many versions of WMSCOG.  Most with fat bank accounts and congregations full of sheeple who feed them.  And paying bucks to the politico's.  Sad to think our loved ones are caught in this horror.

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