Job 38

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    Hi. I am new here. I wanted to ask a follow up question regarding the We are not angels from Heaven series. How do we understand Job 38?

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    2nd Timothy 2:14-16

    Study to show yourself approved workman that needs not to be ashamed rightly divided the Word of Truth.

    Verse 15 is the key verse. YOU STUDY to show YOURSELF approved. It doesn’t say: GO AROUND and get everybody else’s OPINION.

    Now carefully read verses 14 & 16 because this whole passage is a SANDWICH ( VERSE 15=MEAT and VERSES 14 & 16=THE BREAD) tell you why you don’t want to get yourself confused.

    **Remember Babylon is confusion

    The Jews do believe in Jesus. Go to Jews For Jesus online and check for yourself, you can even call Jewish Messianic and find Jewish along with Gentile people worshiping together. They continue to celebrate the Feasts and New Covenant till this day.



    I think the verse in question is Verse 21 when it reads “Surely you know, for you were already born! You have lived so many years!”

    Obviously that is not the case as man was created on the sixth day, and would therefore have no knowledge of things such as the foundations of the earth or be able to give orders to the morning as mentioned in the passage. The key is in verses 2-3 where God challenges Job’s “words without knowledge.” If you read not just chapter 38 but the book of Job in context, many times we find Job proclaiming his own wisdom and intellect. God shuts this down by asking Job these specific questions that most certainly no one would know or have seen except for God himself.

    Verse 21 in particular is an ironic question, meant completely in jest and not to be taken literally. It’s similar to as if a student were to say to his professor that the lecture material was below him and that he was already a master of the material and for the professor to respond asking, “well surely you’re the one with the doctorate so you should be teaching this course.”

    Hope that helps.



    Hi frankyu0154,

    first of all I want to apologize for the attitudes of the two comments before mine. I don’t know if he’ll even read this because if I were you and I went to a site where I thought my questions could be answered, and got responses like these two prior to mine, I probably would never go back to that site. I’m glad that you are asking questions. It is true that the Bible tells us to study. It also tells us not to judge. Luke 6:37 the passage you were asking about a job is a passage where God is using sarcasm as if to say to Joe that he does not know what he’s talking about. There’s another passage where Solomon uses sarcasm referring to the same sort of thing or a proverb that says wisdom builds herself the house well it’s not a woman named wisdom it’s a figure of speech. What do study the Bible yourself and don’t just read one verse out of context to take what other people perception or translation of it. Usually if you read the whole chapter around the verse that they’re trying to use to prove a prophecy or a Doctrine it will disprove itself that easily or prove itself whatever the case may be ask the Holy Spirit to help you have understanding and discernment. God bless you

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