ATV News Peru Reports On The World Mission Society Church Of God

ATV News Peru reports on the World Mission Society Church of God. ATV News visited Zhang Gil Jah in South Korea and reported that there were 200 students there visiting from the United States and Europe, thousands visiting per year.

The ATV News segment is obviously a very one-sided report on the WMSCOG. Why didn’t the news station interview any former members to get their side of the story? How much revenue do these trips to the “holy land” generate for the South Korean airlines per year?

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  1. kristian says

    we love you god the mother and god the father <3

    1. KHA says

      This is a stupid think when you thought those people are GOD!
      The mother now had a big business in Korea and use your money to build her financial empire!
      You are scammed and you will never get your life back .
      They are using you for their own!!
      They are retreating you as slave for them !

      How is GOD has a sex and go to bathroom!
      Where is your mind !
      By the way it is grown up business in Korea and you can see the show on Netflix about these shit ( in the name of GOD – holy betrayal)

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