“My Boyfriend Dumped Me And Was Married Off To A Member Of The WMSCOG One Month Later” – A Former Member’s Story

This true story from one of our friends who is now an ex-member of the World Mission Society Church of God has been posted here with their permission.  Here is our friend’s story in her own words:

I was raised Pentecostal/Apostolic and I was dating a guy from the World Mission Society Church of God.  He has been a member of the WMSCOG for about 2 years now.  He broke up with me because I would not convert to his religion.  I just could not enter that church!  I got such a strange and scary feeling the one time I got near it.  The Saturday after we broke up his pastor arranged for him to marry a Korean member from the church because according to him, “she would help him grow spiritually“.   I suspect that this was in order to get her US citizenship.  I mean she barely speaks English.  So he married her only one month after our break-up.  After he got married I asked him if he loved her and he responded “god the mother will bless us”.  I wouldn’t exactly take that as a yes.

I pray that he will wake up and open his eyes.  I don’t know how likely the chances are of this happening now that he has married a devoted church member.  The last few months haven’t been easy but I have prayed (to Jesus Christ) to give me the strength to move on. The Lord has blessed me since!

Are you a former member who would you like to share your story with us?  Contact us, and let us know why you also left the WMSCOG.

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  • I have heard several similar stories about the Pastors of COG churches telling members to marry Korean women. In a COG church in Naperville, I heard that this happened, and that the Pastor was the one who recommended this. I also heard about one where the “Mother” supposedly told a fellow to marry one of the Korean women. My husband attended the Naperville Church with my son one Saturday (to see what was going on because we were concerned). He met a guy who apparently had just gotten married to a Korean lady there because, as we heard it, the Pastor said he needed to so he could grow spiritually. My husband said this guy didn’t look happy with his wife at all. She could hardly speak English, and when they literally bumped into each other in the hallway, they looked at each other, but didn’t even speak.
    I do believe this is a ploy to get them citizenship, and to have marriages so that it is even more difficult to leave the church.

  • My boyfriend is part of WMSCOG and he’s really trying to convince me to come with him,and I have gone a few times and it doesn’t seem that bad but now that I’m reading all these stories I’m scared. I really like him but I do think know what to believe and he keeps telling me that this doubt is from Satan. What should I do?

    • Naomi, I am sorry to hear about your boyfriend. I am not surprised that he says that any doubts you have are “from Satan”. As you can see here in this article, this is what I was also taught when I was a member. You owe it to yourself to do your own research on this group. I hope that you find this site and the other resources suggested helpful.

  • I am a living, breathing testament that the WMSCOG is an organization that persuades loved ones to loss touch with their close spouse, or close family members. My husband was lost to the WMSCOG. PLEASE stay far away from this organization. We had a loving marriage. We were happy and newly married, just 2 years in. My husband was contacted at work by two Korean woman and had asked us if we had heard of a “heavenly mother.” My husband had many meetings with these woman and other people from the cult EVERY DAY for the next 7 days… they bombarded him. Until a couple weeks later he told me that he had been meeting with them and had wanted to get baptized. I was very surprised because he was attending our shared church with me regularly, acting as if everything was normal… 4 months later he finally decided to admit that he had converted to WMSCOG anyways even though we had decided together on him taking his time to investigate farther… the members pushed him to do it– aided and abetted him in lying to me– his own wife. He became completely obsessed with it giving up every bit of family time for a meeting or some get-together that always seemed to run his life. Not only that– but he turned on me and scoffed at me and laughed at me when I was in tears when I tried to share a spiritual relationship with him, a strong one we once had… I lost my best friend. I hope someday he will come home. We miss him, the old him, one not completely consumed with trying to prove to everyone that this destructive cult is good. I miss him so much.

    • It was your husband who wronged his soul. Satan is a deceiver yet he himself is not accountable over the choice man make to himself, though WMSCOG was use by Satan as instrument for deception. We human beings should always keep in mind and be on guard against our arch enemy for eversince the beginning, this chief of the Jinns already was successful in deceiving our parents Adam & Eve, and he vowed to GOD his Creator that he will attack man in front, at back, at his sides, from above and below him, and those who fall to his traps, they’ll certain surely suffer in the life hereafter. WMSCOG and the many cults are just his agents.

      Be brave and be strong.

    • Would it be possible for you to go to the forum and send me a private message? I have been dealing with this mind control group for over five years now, and know many people with similar stories. I am so sorry this happened to you. It is the same story over and over with this group.

  • Is Zahng gil jah still alive?

    • We have been trying to find that out for months now. There is an article supposedly from a Korean newspaper that said she died back in June or July. No one has been able to really find out if she is still alive or in fact dead. It’s going to be mildly interesting to see the excuse that the WMSCOG comes up with when she does officially pass away.

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