All Worldly Enjoyment is the Highway to He/ll

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    Love'n Honey

    My coworker (Bobby) was telling me yesterday that he knew a brother in San Diego (Steve) who was basically the video game guru. He absolutely loved and enjoyed video games. Not just playing but also talking about them. He was a gamer at heart. Bobby noticed that after Steve joined the WMSCOG he gave away all his games and consoles. He said when Steve started to talk about games (as a member) he would light up. When he realized what he was talking about he would shamefully walk away. At the time Bobby didn't understand why he did that but after I (Ms. Sofat) started telling him about how the members change after joining the church, he said it all started making sense. I'm guilty of doing something similar. I gave away all my Christmas and Halloween decor, threw out all my movies, music, and clothes that revealed "too much". I was told directly to rid my life of these things in order to enter Heaven so it's safe to presume Steve was given that direction as well being that he was in San Diego like I was.

    My question for the current members is: How does a "worldly" pleasure such as video games, dancing, movies, etc. compromise your salvation?

    My question for ex-members and the friends and family of current members is: Can you relate?

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