Second Former Member Files Lawsuit Against WMSCOG et al. In NJ Federal Court

On March 18, 2014, former member Michelle Ramirez filed suit against the World Mission Society Church of God in New Jersey Federal Court.  The case number is 2:2014cv1708.  New Jersey Federal Court documents are available to the public here.


  • Well I filed with the court for an Attorney to represent the children so we can get down to the point if the church is a safe place for the children psychologically and so on> I hop this will put an end the constant problem there mother has caused me for years because of her over active faith, paranoia and riotous lies. I know the Undo Influence is obvious when you look at the info it’s clear and now the children’s attorney will look into it from hear. They will have the have a child psychologist trained in cults tell me face to face there not at any risk be for I stop. I will move trial to Van Nuys Where church sued for picketing.

  • May God help you Tim. I look forward to know about trail unfold .

  • Thanks for the information about this organization .Hope they can read about what’s going on with their future and with their families . God is real and they are a bunch of liers.