Former Member Testimony

We personally know many former members of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG).  Many are friends.  Some are family members.  Through this web site we also come into contact with many other folks with stories just like ours.  Over time we get to know them well, and we encourage them to speak out about their experience.  Many of our friends still have lasting emotional and spiritual wounds.  Below is a collection of their stories.  Maybe your experience is similar?  You can help these folks by praying for them, and by commenting on the articles to let them know you support them.

  1. Former Member 9 Year Experience – Dorothy
  2. WMSCOG Exposed By Former Leader – Jeremy
  3. WMSCOG Member Prayer List – Jordan
  4. Former WMSCOG Deacon Discusses The WMSCOG’s Failed 2012 Doomsday Prediction
  5. Testimony From Jordan – Former WMSCOG Member 15+ Years
  6. Testimony From Kelsey – Former WMSCOG Member 10+ Years
  7. Interview With A Former WMSCOG Leader – Jeremy
  8. Former WMSCOG Leader Responds to Members’ Accusations
  9. “I Started Seeing Things For Myself” – A Former Member’s Story
  10. “I Had To Do Some Research On My Own” – A Former Member’s Story
  11. Missionary Ron Ramos Explains Why He Left the WMSCOG After 12 Years – A Former Member’s Story
  12. “It’s not the devil… It’s my baby” – A Former Member’s Story
  13. How The WMSCOG Turned My Life Upside Down Part 1 – How I Got Involved – A Former Member’s Story
  14. How The WMSCOG Turned My Life Upside Down Part 2 – The Creeping Time Commitment – A Former Member’s Story
  15. How The WMSCOG Turned My Life Upside Down Part 3 – Why I Left – A Former Member’s Story
  16. How The WMSCOG Turned My Life Upside Down Part 4 – The NDA – A Former Member’s Story
  17. How The WMSCOG Turned My Life Upside Down Part 5 – My Marriage Destroyed – A Former Member’s Story
  18.  “What’s More Important, Your Mother or God?” – A Former Member’s Story
  19.  “Your Son Is A Man, You Have No Right To Take Him To The Doctor” – A Family Member’s Story
  20. “My Boyfriend Dumped Me And Was Married Off To A Member Of The WMSCOG One Month Later” – A Former Member’s Story
  21. Read the experiences of others posted in the comments section of this blog.  Numerous comments leave many sad tales in their wake.  Not unlike the stories we hear from former members all the time.