“Your Son Is A Man, You Have No Right To Take Him To The Doctor” – A Family Member’s Story

This story comes to us from one of our friends whose son has been involved with the World Mission Society Church of God for over three years.  His drastic and sudden personality shift is not unlike the many other stories we hear about.  Our heart goes out to this mother who is persevering in her effort to win her son back.  Here she is now in her own words:

My son has been in the World Mission Society Chuch of God since July 2008.  My husband and I did not find out until October 2008.  He hid it from us all that time.

We were away for a week at the time, and had left him in charge of the house.  Being extremely responsible at the age of 20 we trusted him.  He was meant to come away with us but had to remain to complete a short course at university.  By the time we got back, he had already apparently been baptised within 2-3 days of knowing them in our home.  The WMSCOG apparently came knocking on the door offering their literature which consisted of small leaflets about “God the Mother” and the “second coming”.  As we were away for a week I had my parents pop in to check on him. My dad said he found 4 glasses, one of them had lipstick on it.  He joked with my son about the lipstick, as though he’d been entertaining.  My son admitted to nothing.

He obviously listened to what they had to say.  Within 3 days after meeting the WMSCOG recruiters, he dropped his class at university to study daily with these people.

When we got back, we noticed he became extremely interested in the Bible and started showing us different verses.  He was jumping all over the Bible.  We’re Christians but not over the top religious and were not very knowledgeable about the Bible at the time.  Our son wanted to read the Bible every night with us however, we’d just end up arguing about it.  All we were doing was fighting over the Bible.  He was trying very hard to convert us without our knowledge and to believe these weird doctrines.  We argued that these were very strange interpretations of the Bible. We tried hard to explain to him that he was confused and his interpretations were a bit “off track” (He had attended a Christian school, so he already had  prior knowledge of the Bible – he even studied religion as a subject).

As we read the Bible together, I noticed he would reveal things very slowly.  He’d come to a certain “prophecy”, and then say I’ll reveal the rest tomorrow. I’d want to continue, but he would tell me I was not ready to hear the “truth” yet.

During one of our readings of the Bible he explained that “Jesus had already come back in secret”.  By this point I was getting very upset, as he was revealing this slowly and suspiciously.  I thought he was going to tell me he was Jesus Christ!  After a couple of days he finally revealed what he said was Jesus’ second coming, however he did not mention anything Korean or Ahnsahnghong or “mother”.  I was in shock.  At this point we told him he needs help -Spiritual and psychological.

Over the next few months, my son kept telling us he was extremely busy on Saturdays, helping out a friend with work.  This of course was extended to Tuesday nights.  The excuse was the same.  He had to help his friend with his business. My son also had a part time job, so when the feast days would come up, he would tell us he had to open the grocery store he was working in on his own at 5am.  He simply lied to us the whole time.

By around September 2008, our son told us he was going to go to Korea for a holiday to study with a friend from University.  He told us he was a very good friend who had invited him to go to Korea with him.  He kept telling us it was a great opportunity to visit the country and may not be able to again.  This just didn’t sound right to us but we couldn’t really say why.  But he said he really wanted to go.  Our response of course was that we were concerned because we didn’t even know this mysterious friend.  We tried hard to talk him out of it, but he reassured us it was a holiday to study and explore a new country.

About three days before he was meant to go, we found out he was really going to Korea to meet “god.” We confronted him with this and asked him what he was involved in.  He told us the truth that he was involved in the WMSCOG and that it was not a cult to him.

We spoke to our local priest who came and spoke to him the following evening.  Our priest tried to point out that the Bible interpretations he was presenting were totally off-beam when compared to normal Christian interpretations.  The priest also tried to point out the craziness of going to Korea.  He told him to hold off a while as 3 months of attending this church was not enough time to be placing so much trust in them and to be leaving the country.  My son agreed and swore he would cancel his ticket the next day.

The next morning our son was a totally different person and was acting very suspiciously.  I actually managed to ring the travel agent myself and cancelled the ticket.  But of course, the travel agent notified the pastor who alerted my son about the cancellation.  When my son found out he was absolutely furious with me.  My son had never sworn at me his whole life, but that day he called me every bad thing you can imagine.  He showed me the cancelled ticket and said he was not going and that the members were angry with him, as I placed him in an uncomfortable situation.  I don’t think any of that was true though.  He went on to tell me that in his fit of anger he threw his passport away.  I realized then, that he was still lying and planning to leave somehow.  He had given his luggage and passport to the WMSCOG.  In the following days leading up to the trip he continued acting very suspiciously.

This just was a total shock to us.  I did have the perfect child.  He was very close to us and we had a great relationship.  What was happening was like a death in the family.  He sold all of his possessions including iPods, cameras and a watch to fund his trip to Korea.  I go into his bedroom now and there’s nothing, just the bed he sleeps on.  He has kept the computer we bought him as he needs this for his study.  Although, I did have to stop him from selling it in the beginning.

He eventually went to Korea.  He pretended to go to work early in the morning on the day of departure.  He called us that evening from the airport and said he would be back in two weeks.  I was devastated.  I needed a lot of medical attention to get me through those two weeks.  When he got back he told us that he’d met “god” and this was “his church” and he was “never going to leave it”.

The day after he returned from Korea, he wanted his father and I to attend his “church”. I didn’t want to go at all but my husband thought we should give it a try so we can see what he is involved in.  On arrival at the church, which was just a house, everyone was welcoming and saying “god bless you” to us.  They made me wear a veil on my head.  I was in disbelief during the service as there was a lot of singing and NO worship of Jesus.  They prayed and sang to “christ Ahnsahnghong” and “mother god” who they call “mother jerusalem”.  The men sat on one side of the room and the women were seated behind them.  The women all wore veils on their heads.  I was expected to wear one.  The pastor was very forceful during his address to the congregation.  He choose bible passages and interpreted them with his own spin.  Everyone was friendly as long as you didn’t begin to question anything.  The members read from their own Korean/English Bibles.  They have “song books”.  The fellow who had converted my son sat with us during the service and guided us through the singing.  He kept encouraging us to join in but that was the last thing we could do.  They expected my husband to sit at the front with the men and they wanted me in the back with all the women.  But I refused to separate from him.

My son works part-time but he never has any money.  I’m not sure if they have access to his bank account.  From what I understand there’s a 10 per cent tithing on earnings plus many other offerings.  There are also the offerings during all services attended on Saturdays.

I know my son marks the roll of attendance at every service to see who has turned up.  If a member is absent, they will phone or physically go to that person’s home and ask why they didn’t come to church.  He goes “preaching” from 8 am to 10 pm on most days.  He has spent all of his time recruiting during semester breaks from college.  Most of the time it’s as if he’s not there, like we’ve lost him as a person.  He reads the Bible and WMSCOG literature all the time.  The change in his personality is astounding.

There was an occasion where I had to take my son for a medical appointment, as he needed medical attention.  They must have advised him not to go.  They kept him busy the whole day.  I had a lot of difficulty contacting him because he turned off his mobile phone.  I went to the “church” to find him.  I was approached by the pastor’s wife who told me “he was a man” and I had no right to take him to the doctor.  I told her how upset I was as he needed to see a doctor.  I continued to tell her how upset I was that he was part of this “church”.  The pastor’s wife then told me to get off of the property or she would call the police.  She turned very nasty towards me.  Other members came outside and urged me to leave also.  When I told my son about how abusive the pastor’s wife was towards me, he defended her and told me I should never have gone to find him to go to the doctor.  He told me I was on private property and the pastor’s wife had every right to tell me to leave or call the police.

About a year ago I had a local newspaper reporter approach me for my story.  I told him my story which he wanted to publish.  However the week before it was to be published, the local paper had written a small article about the church, which included a small quote about my son selling everything to go to Korea.  Apparently members from the church went charging into the office telling them how wrong they were.  They had to print another article written by one of their pastors. In this article they claimed what I said was not true.  I was furious!  The reporter told me they were quite abusive and they called the police.  Because of their intimidation, the reporter was too afraid to publish my full story.  You can imagine my disbelief.

Friends have tried to keep in touch with my son but he has distanced himself from them.  He had tried hard to convert all his friends but they didn’t want to know about it.  So he cut off all ties with them.  One friend (his closest) had supported him through the whole ordeal but he has now given up hope as my son has cut ties with him also.  Our son is still trying to get us into the church and tells us that we will one day become members.  He says this because “mother” told him he shouldn’t worry because we would all eventually enter his “church”.  He tells me one day we will see the “truth”.

As a family there are many things we can’t do together anymore.  We have not had a Christmas or Easter together for the past three years because he doesn’t believe in those holidays anymore.  On Christmas day my son will leave around 6 am and not return home until after midnight.  He has told me that Christmas makes him “sick” and we are all wrong to celebrate it.  He will not set foot in our church (or any other church for that matter) because he says they are the “wrong churches”.  He refuses to attend and has missed out on many family functions such as weddings, christenings etc.  My biggest fear is a funeral.  Both my husband and I have elderly parents, so the realization that he will not attend these is heartbreaking for us.

Our son has gone through periods of fasting when he does not eat or drink for up to 7 days.  He says he does this because it will make his prayers more meaningful.  He also tells us that we’re all wrong and he’s the only one in the right church and he’s trying very hard to save us.  We have found some ex-members who have written emails to us about their experiences but when we show him these he just dismisses them.  I’ve given him so much information and have encouraged him to do some other bible studies and branch out and look at other things.  I constantly print information from different sites to give to him.  He always just dismisses the information.  He tells me he has no time to read it and that it’s wrong anyway.  If I show him testimonies from ex-members, his response is that they fell out of the truth and didn’t fully understand.

Our son has been to Korea twice.  He had not notified us of the second trip either.  Instead, he just called from the airport letting us know that he was leaving.  He does still live with us but it is very difficult.  We live with a total stranger.  However, I live with the hope that he will “wake” up from this nightmare and come back to us.  The fact that he believes the things that the WMSCOG claims makes me ill.  His whole person has changed to someone we really don’t know and can’t trust anymore.  The people in this group can appear to be very loving but they can be very harmful at the same time.  This honestly has devastated and ruined my family.

A heartbreaking story of family strife caused by a son’s involvement in the World Mission Society Church of God.  Please comment below to let our friend know you support her.  Is your story similar?  Feel free to contact us and share your experience.

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  1. MountainMom says

    Your story is so similar to that of mine with my son, and so many others that I have talked to. One thing for sure, these types of groups are predictable in what they do. My son has also become untrustworthy and he was never like that. I could always rely on him. Not so after his involvement with this group. He, like your son, probably does think that he is going to save us all by getting us into his “church,” but none of us will ever go. Like, you, I was also told that my son was a man, and I should leave him alone. One thing helps me, and that is the knowledge that when my son says something hurtful, I need to remember that I am talking to the “group personality” not him, really. I’ll never have a relationship with the WMSCOG personality, but my son is still in there somewhere. Good luck to you. Let’s stick together in this fight. We can win it.

    1. Rudy says

      You are so wrong I go to this church and it is actually ¨God the Mother¨ not just mother or god it has to be capitalized and I am only 11 and I know im correct because I have been in this church for 8 about to be 9 years

  2. John says

    What is the religion? The religion is belief systems that relationship between God and human.
    Then, what about the family? The family is relationship between parents and children.
    But, I don’t understand why you are mixing up those two different issues?
    I just think there is some soreness between parents and children because the parents couldn’t accept the children’s religion.
    However, the above p
     However, the above passage of writing that intending like the religion is the cause of family dispute.
    I think you need to think of them as separate issues.
    I consulted many other people. However, in this case I feel very heavy.
    I think it is the the parents fault.

    1. admin says

      I understand that you may not agree with the opinion of the author of this personal account, but these parents are concerned about the changes they have seen in their son since he has been involved with the World Mission Society Church of God. Their son has started lying and swearing since his involvement with this “religion”. Yet you say that the changes in his behavior since becoming involved with the WMSCOG are his parents’ fault? Shouldn’t coming closer to God make you a better person? Romans 1:29-31

    2. mother of the son says

      How is it the parents fault? I had NO problem with my son until the church came into his life. He never lied to me or swore at me and we were extremely close. If the church is so good, why did he change like that? Why hide it from me if it is so good? His personality changed completely once he entered this church. He went from a normal 20 year old man to a sneaky, lying, disrespectful person. As a parent I have watched him slowly destroy everything around him that loves him. He abandoned ALL his friends. How is that the parents fault??? I had complete trust in him before entering the church. He was extremely capable and trustworthy. Why did he sell all his possessions? How is that the parents fault? I am now faced with having to change my will, because, I haven’t worked all my life for my son to hand everything I’ve worked for over to these fake Korean people. John, I’d love to know how you came to this conclusion.

    3. ttr says


      Attending a church affects one’s morality, and therefore the relationships in the rest of our lives.

      It is impossible to separate the two. You can not attend a church and not have it affect the rest of your life unless you aren’t paying attention to what is being preached, or are not following it.

      It is untenable to hold that you can alter your moral system by attending a church and then compartmentalize it so it doesn’t affect any other aspect of your life.

      1. asd says

        I believe John came to [this comment has been moved to forum for further discussion]

  3. Renita says

    I know people lie to hide things that they are afraid [comment moved to the forum for further discussion]

  4. BibleMaster says

    I have read all the whole thing and frankly I am extremely touched…[comment moved to the forum]

  5. danny says

    wow, what a similar story to that of my cousin, these people took advantage of him living with a foster family and not having real parents, they pray on the weak. he has dropped out of school, cut ties with all the family specially after he wasnt able to recruit any of us, maybe because we are all educated…now he has turn his back on me….his closest family member….i would take him out shopping, on trips , to eat as a kid and now im also a bad guy because i didnt go with the BS of “mother of god” non-sense….the brainwashing seems to be beyond salvagable, he speaks of the end of the world, how he wants to save me…he lost lots of weight and when around us it seem like he wasnt there mentally……

    cant believe this group is getting away with this

  6. denise says

    @ Mother of the Son…I would love to talk to you, as my daughter is in this church also, and has gone to Korea to meet God the mother. I have not seen her in 7 years…please reply.

  7. MountainMom says

    I am not “Mother of the Son”, but MountainMom. My son is also in this group. You can private message me on the forum. We should talk.

    1. Shelly says

      My ex husband joined the church roughly 10 months ago. He completely changed. He married a woman from the church only months after joining (she is a deaconess). We share a 10 year old daughter. He is trying to get my daughter involved in the church as well as his parents and other family members. He refuses to communicate with me whatsoever, as I have challenged his beliefs. It has become impossible to coparent as a result. He spends more and more time at the church and very little with our daughter. She feels pressured to attend just so she can see him, and also because he is manipulating and guilting her. I have spoken with my attorney and will be taking the case to court. Any info you can provide that would be helpful would be greatly appreciated. I am horrified by the situation.

  8. spectrum says

    similar story with my son…only the lie was that he wasnt getting married. They have married him off to a Korean girl that was not a US citizen and going to have to leave the country. We met her one week before we believe they married them…still wont be honest with us even after 6+ mths!

  9. MountainMom says

    Denise, I am finding that our stories are very similar. I hope you check back and reply to me, I think I can help.

  10. denise says

    That would be fine Mountainmom…I would like to hear what you have to say and how long your loved one has been involved. Also you can email me. Admin set it up for me to contact another parent.

  11. Marshall Whipp says

    Oh my goodness her story closely parallel ours concerned Ning our daughter. If there is anyone out there that could help two grieving parentsover her involvement with this group. Please please contact us.

  12. Anne says

    I have a daughter who has joined recently, she has totally changed, I have no idea what to do, it is so sad to see her like this it breaks my heart,I have no idea what to do anymore, she is learning arabiac because they want her to go to Egypt to preach. She is only 19 years, is there any ex members out there in South Africa(Cape Town)please that I can contact. We are constantly fighting and she is drifting apart.

  13. Rudy says

    Does no one else go to this church it is actually really inspiring if u wanna join us give me ur number so we can talk about God the Mother and this is not a cult i know cause i have at this church since i was 3 years old so come at me bro

  14. Amy says

    I have been in this church for 7 years and left about a year ago. It is terrible what they are doing to try a gain more members. The chruch manipulated my fanily and I for years, brainwashing us that if we didnt attend church and preach to more people that we were going to go to hell. They use scared tactics about the world ending to try and keep you in their grasp. They rob your kids of their childhood, saying thats holidays are pagan and if you were to celebrate them you would go to hell. They try to refrain you from socializing with anyone outside the church, calling them gentiles, ruining socail skills. They brainwash you by keeping you there 7 days a week almost all day, and make you feel guilty if you aren’t there. They try to marry off single people with Koreans. I also witnessed mothers and fathers alike leaving their own children behind for the sake of the church because they believe it’s for God’s will. If you have any questions please let me know. I am trying to enlight those that are suffering from this church.

  15. Hurtting Mom says

    My Son has been involved in this CULT for less than 6mo they preyed on him at his college in Jeff, City, Mo. they were relentless. I have sat down with the so-called pastor and we exchanged bible verses and when he couldn’t explain something he would answer with a question. all he kept doing was repeating himself. My son did the same thing and every time we talk it is an argument. They have ostracized him completely from our family and he just called me the other day to tell me that he would be getting married soon. He just turned 21 years old have only known these predators for less than 6mo. and now your getting married!! I asked him to come home so we can discuss as a family and every time he makes an excuse as to why he can’t come. He has sold all of his possessions and when they made him “Fast” he lost over 100lbs. they mentally drain you, sleep deprivation. I managed to have my son’s blood tested when he was home a few months ago before he was fully engulfed and it said that he had {DRUG) induced lupus?? My son has always been an athlete and would never put anything in his body. I am more than sure that they are poisoning him. My best friend and I visited the church which is in the basement of some 30-year-old man, his wife kept trying to get us to eat the food she prepared. We delined over and over before I finally said if you ask me one more time I am inclined to think you are trying to poison me. The wife kept her distance after that. Right now my family feels lost and we don’t know what we can possibly do. I have so much faith in my God that he will bring our son through this but I am afraid that we may have lost him forever.

    1. Timothy says

      Ask him this question, I Zhang Gil Jae “mother” under the Law in the Bible? this is a yes or no question. The is only one answer that is YES god is under the Law. Next question is, Is zhang under the law if she is GOD? answer is you but most members will avoid this question because it is a loaded question. Point is there is the law of marriage and zhang did not follow the laws. also Zhabg had sex partners. WMS teaches that crist refined the law between old testament and the new testament though this understanding. old law you can think what you wasn’t and lust was not sin but the act itself was but Crist said if you lust after each other then you have committed sin in your hart then you are a sinner. RIGHT? If mother Zhang had sex and lust then she is a sinner and can not be GOD for god does not sin. there are many more examples like this. Look at Mal 2:10 Mal 2:16-17 she was devoiced as well

    2. Chrissie says

      Hi there

      I was in the cult as well and I believe they do try to poison members, as they forced food down my throat one night when I refused to eat.I was alienated from my parents too and hurt them real badly to the point where I ended up in psychiatric hospitals after I left the cult.
      There are so many things I want to tell you as to what they did to me after I started discovering what they were up to. Please let me know if you are interested.

  16. MountainMom says

    Did you mean to say your son lost 10 pounds on his fast? You put 100 pounds on your post. Just wondering if that was a mistake.

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