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  1. Frustrated, Angry & Confused! says

    Wow… I’m African and was preached to and even studied a little bit about the blacks being cursed on the Prophecy of 6 day creation, yet I was also recruited. I was taught the Prophecy of 2012 as well when I in fact was only baptized in 2011. After seeing former member testimonies of people like Ron Ramos, I’m even more inspired to share my story as well since they are busy recruiting in Africa, saying that Africa is the last continent to be preached to and after that, “we are going home”…Nonsense!

    1. ed144 says

      yes that makes 2 times I was going home one time in 2000 and then 2012 lol

    2. dsm1992 says

      Thats nuts. I dated a black girl last year and she kept saying mother this mother that. She was part of that church and i even went with her one day. Apparently she is still apart of it. And me being an outsider they told me right away they believe that asian lady is god. After that i broke up with her. She said since the asian lady is god they must obey her, WHATEVER she says. So i was like what if she says you need to sacrafice your kids?? She said she would have to. Anyways about the black mexican thing they must have changed that. I live in new mexico by the way

    3. Lukas Dohnal says

      The link you posted was moved here for further discussion.

    4. davao says

      ………………….Ron Ramos………………………….the Judas Iscariot of this age…………………………………who betray God…………Beware!……………….God’ wrath on the last day……….

  2. sam says

    Missionary Ron Ramos is 100% true this is happening. I am also in research and still a member from Asia now I will not tell my name and country. when time comes I will let you know many things.

    1. Inga Goudentyte says

      Sam the sooner the better.

    2. Lisa says

      Glory to God, my children and I are free from this CULT!!!!!! I studied all the way up to SEVEN CHURCHES before realizing what was really going on. Our missionary also did not like the poor, or uneducated. He specifically instructed us to preach only to “quality people”. No, homeless, no ghetto neighborhoods, etc. This was one of the breaking points for me. They twist the word of God for gain. But the word is too powerful, and prayer still changes things because I never stopped praying for truth, and God showed me his word so clear as time went on, while also exposing the evil in our missionary. I am so grateful today. As much as I wanted to blow up the church, I prayed instead and was given the peace I have today. God tells us in Romans 12:19, Vengeance is mine….I will repay. So let us trust our Father, our keeper, the one who loves us most. The blood of Jesus has set us free, and even though satan is busy, God is still on the throne and will have his glory. Be encouraged, all you who have been broken and hurt by these vultures. They will not escape in the end, and I hope those who are innocent will be spared as we have.

  3. Slee says

    I was at the same location as Ron, and was shocked he left being that he had been there a while. They are liars. No truth exist in them. Please get out of there……

  4. sunshine says

    I am not angry anymore as I use to be….I am now very concern about the members who want to leave and dont find the way out to. Also, for those who have left and feel confused of what to do moving forward. I am very happy that leaders are now sharing with us their story…I also believe thar everyone watching this video should add their experience in support to those who are struggling emotionally, spiritually, and physically..

  5. Jose Gomez says

    I also am a former member of the cogwms. And I knew Ron Ramos, he even came to my house when they recruded my brother! My brother is chest deap in there sh#t!!!! He won’t listen to me because according to them I’m a lost sheep and im gonna burn in hell!!!

  6. ElohimBrother says

    I hope this entire article is read, the information is very urgently important.

    This “Missionary” is highly suspect, the way that he talks is nothing at all like how all the Missionaries I’ve known talk…[this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion]

    1. Inga Goudentyte says

      How is he “Highly Suspect” ? They begged the guy to come back.

  7. victor says

    I actually wanted to cry watching this… Not because everything that Ron said happened to me, but because I know Ron and can see how much pain he is in. I Sat with him. I studied with him. I was a member of this church for about 10 months between 2010 and 2011 and was one of about 15 people in a group led by Ron or Missionary Ron as we called him. He was always so calm and gentle and soft spoken. Just like he is in the video… I always said I would remain there till things stopped adding up or my questions couldn’t be answered and it eventually got to that point. Indeed, Ron was one of the few who actually gave me the “later, we will study about that” response on one or two occassions to my questions. Or when i would ask why certain things were not told to me up front, they would use the example of someone who has been blind and taken outside the minute their site was restored; how bright the sun would be and how it will affect them instantly. For me, the major defining moment was when i confided in a deacon about the life struggles i had endured and how I was practically homeless at the time but was yet so thankful that i knew God and had the church… I told him this during a study session as a way of showing my Faith and how devoted I was. Less than 5 mins after i left, he had gone over to the Pastor and told him everything i said in confidence, who in turn called the “brother” that recruited me (my closest friend at the time) to confirm everything and ask that he (my friend) not bring me back to the church. Of course, he didn’t tell me himself (just like Ron said)… My friend was heart broken and fought for me to stay by having to convince the pastor that i was a “good brother”. Obviously, he was never supposed to tell me all of this but he did when i saw him about an hour later and he pleaded with me not to leave. But for me, something was broken. I wondered if how i could stay somewhere that deep down i knew i wasn’t wanted. I wondered if it was because of my social status at the time and what i couldn’t give financially. I stayed for a few months and even the deacon that had betrayed me came back to beg for my forgivness and take responsibility (with none going to the pastor). I soon started noticing other things including the fact that as far as i could see, only Koreans were Pastors. When i asked a couple of “brothers”, they gave me responses like “why does it matter” or “the church started in Korea”…. Answers that made no sense to me. Anyway, i was never just a 100% comfortable there. I would preach to Jehovah’s witnesses and prove their teachings wrong, but was not 100% sure of mine and eventually just left. Thank you Ron, wherever you are

    1. mike says

      hey victor, i was the deacon who you shared that info with about being homeless. I remember that day vividly and it hurts me still till this day because your were open enough with me to share something very private as we shared a moment. I just want to say sorry again and that my actions were really an extension of the church’s influence since we were repeatedly warned about homeless people having wrong intentions in the church. i saw your sincerity but at the time i was merely a drone solider trying to be faithful to a cause i felt strongly about. None the less i too am out of the church and trying to move on, I hope your writing is going well and that we can continue to share these things to began our healing process. God bless Victor.

      1. BTB says

        How dare a church, any church, kick out a poor person because they’re poor ? I don’t give a damn what they ask for help with; Electric, Water, Gas, Food, petty cash ect…HOW DARE ? This is preposterous. Sneaky snooping bast[moderated by admin].

        1. CAPELLAE2003 says

          Hey Guys
          You don’t notice something this is a sect and in fact they just need persons to recruite more persons since all they need is your $$$$. They use the Bible as an instrument and make belive people that they are following crist, but it is not true. They don’t have faith since where is their love for others persons who need help.
          And this is not the love CRIST – OUR REAL CRIST ( not that one that they cold with this name ) showed when he was in this world.

          1. IG says

            Really ? We here @ Examining hadn’t noticed. Wow, thanks for pointing this out. Maybe we need to study more.



        2. davao says

          Be careful on your words. Because you are not God who knew the beginning and the end. WMSCOG is not like that!!!!I saw with my two eyes how they love, how they serve, and how they lead people to the truth.

      2. T.H. says

        Mike, what finally brought you out of this group? Was it something that was said, something that was done, or a combination of the two? Please share your story with us.

        1. Mike says

          it was a combination of experiences, but what culminated everything was there excuse of why Ahn had to write the book about there being no mother. They said a women sneaked a peaked into AHn’s bag and stole the most important truth of our church from God. That was my last straw, i couldn’t believe almighty God who foresaw the scheme of Satan and Died on the Cross intentionally to save me couldn’t foresee this women sneaking into his bag. And when i asked about it they said “well father was made perfectly human”. I guess saying that since he was in the flesh and couldn’t see it coming. Which is ridiculous because even though Jesus was limited in the flesh he was still all knowing and all Seeing. Also they had no biblical explanation for it either, It wasnt even a prophecy this women basically tricked God almighty and stole his truth. This brought my attention immediately to the first chapter of what we call ” The green book” (Mystery of God and the Spring of water of life) Ahn explains that he locked up the truth and appointed one man to reveal it just like King Nebuchadnezzar forgot his dream and GOd only revealed it to Daniel. We teach that Ahn Came as King David to unsealing the 7 thunders which ultimate through a lot of studies is God the Mother. We also said that if God sealed something God is the only one who can unseal it, So basically they would have me to believe to God almighty set up the GINORMOUS!!! prophecy and made a plan only to have a women ruin it? and its not even a prophecy that she would? I just couldn’t go for that, it was apparent that they hid this knowledge intentionally because it is problem and whats worst they had no biblical explanation for it. Cause several months ago when i was in the Church i would’ve believe that. If they tried to explain something biblical now it would be a year too late in my opinion. Plus I had been in the church for over 7 years and i knew about 2012 and was told and preached to about it. yet the church lied and denies that they ever taught that. Also IN 2006 the Church said 144,000 were already Gathered, this is contradicting because they are now saying 2012 is completion of the temple meaning 144,000 are Gathered. That didnt makes since as well and when asked i could get no answers on that. There are many other reason but what i know 4 sure is the church has definitely spinned stories and told lies. And i couldnt be apart of it anymore. for Years I rationalized things in the church myself to make it make since, now it is the churchs time to give proper answers. They have been failing to do so so far. ( this is in response to T.H.)

          1. Yah says

            Welcome back to reality. Talk to your friends that’ll still talk to you and talk fast.

          2. Ellen says

            Mike, I would greatly appreciate your (or anyone else’s) input:

            I recently began meeting with a member of the group. I am a devout Catholic, and made it quite clear that that I have done much thinking and studying to reach that conclusion and would not be swayed. They are aware of that, but we have been meeting to do Bible studies(or more like debates) nonetheless. Do you think there is a chance they have doubts, and are intrigued/inquisitive about how their beliefs contradict scripture at many points? Or do you think they believe they can break me down overtime (which I assure you they will not)?

            What is the best way that I can have dialogue with this person without panicking them, or causing them to be fearful? From my research, it also seems that they believe Catholics to be evil and the Pope to be the anti-Christ. If this is the true belief, can you explain to me any possible motive for them to desire continued contact with me?

            I want to find the most effective way to be a witness and friend to them, and show them of Christ’s true love, but am not exactly sure how to best proceed.

          3. Emil says

            Ellen, please be careful. You are playing a dangerous game. A catholic friend of mine allowed this pair of Korean kids into his home to preach to him. He intended that he would help them to realize. Unfortunately, his wife accepted all their anti-catholic stuff and joined them. Now the family is getting emotionally torn apart.
            Don’t underestimate them. They do not debate logically. When you point out a flaw, they ignore it and jump to another allegation.

          4. mike says

            hey ellen, I wouldn’t recommend this type of approach. In that setting it would be very hard for them to understand anything. what ever good point you have to bring up is simply reported back to someone at the church for scriptural advice. And there is an explanation for everything. I’d point out some of the things you see on this form though, and some of the things i pointed out in my testimony. It will be very hard for them to explain that. But don’t count on any change. They look at their experience with you as a growth to better their ability to preach if you decided not to listen. They have to willing come out and realize what they are in, i’m betting they are to young and zealous to truly hear any points you have. Good luck and be patient, understanding, kind, and available. that is the best medicine in my own experience. Also if you have questions let me know, i know a lot about this churches doctrine.

      3. Inga Goudentyte says

        Yeah–“Wrong Intentions”. How dare a poor person want to find a proper church home where they can pray and find hope and maybe get a little physical help. People walk in and see pics of Jesus (of all people) tending to sheep or Jesus at the last supper and think they’re in a Christian Church. Ever wonder why they don’t have pics Ahn breaking rocks in a church suit, I mean, this being the final age and all. Then they have the nerve to talk about the Pharisees and the Sadducees being arrogant. And, what is so inherently wrong with society today that so many of us fall victim to such obvious bull[moderated by admin] ?

  8. ed144 says

    so much for preaching to the poor it’s all buisness no work no church no 10% no membership

  9. GG says


    I was never a member of wmscog, but am affected greatly because of my own brother’s participation in this church. He is a robot, unable to think for himself and with almost a masochistic nature-always looking for bad news to confirm predictions of the end of the world. It is nearly impossible to talk the truth into him.
    At this point, all I can do is to walk in the light of Jesus Christ: love unconditionally, and speak the truth without arguing-keep it short and sweet. I noticed that when I bring up too many Bible Scriptures to my brother, our discussion gets worse. No matter what, all the lies can only be stretched and twisted so far before they snap.
    My heart goes out to those that are afraid to leave this church even thought they have a feeling something is wrong with the teachings of wmscog. God is with you, protecting and guiding you. Don’t be afraid to leave. Start your mind with a clean slate and ask yourself if all that you’ve learned makes sense. My brother admitted that “a lot of brothers and sisters leave for reasons I don’t know.” So, to all those who just don’t feel right in this place, trust the Lord Jesus on this one. Plus, the sooner you leave, the more you may inspire someone else who is doubtful in your church, to leave too. Remember that the longer you participate in this church, the higher the potential of leading others astray. We must not become stumbling blocks to each other. I would feel guilty if I knew something was wrong but still preached what wmscog advocates. I seriously don’t want someone else’s blood on my hands!
    Anyway, another concept that scares me is whether or not my brother will be alive before he opens his eyes to the truth. I haven’t been sleeping well because of this thought. My brother has such a good heart and a thirst for God, that my heart would be broken if he died believing in 2 gods. Seriously, we are all alive by God’s grace and mercy, and God’s mercy is strongest among those in wmscog. I will continue to pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, for all those affected by wmscog.

    1. S says

      This spoke to me so much because my eldest brother is so sucked in and I feel helpless! Please pray for him too and I’ll pray for yours.

      1. jaypee says

        don’t just pray about it, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

    2. remco9519 says

      dying while in a cult like wmscog worshipping man appointed false gods is just a very unfortunate situation and fate. for surety HELL is the destination.

  10. Alex says

    I was in an amazing relationship with a girl I met during high school. We lived in central California growing up, then she moved to LA for school 2008, I moved there a year later for the same reason. After living together for about 10 months in Korea town, downtown LA, I went home back to the central valley for a visit. When I was gone she had met a missionary for wmscog at a bus stop. They got to talking and he convinced her to go to church with him. I forget his name but he was Korean and an older gentleman. Anyway, I was visiting home for about a month and Mari was telling me she had been going to a new church, over the phone. We both were going to a catholic church downtown the previous few months while I was there. I didn’t think much of the change, other than the fact that she loved this new church, and was baptized very very fast. When I got back to LA she was different. She kept preaching to me and trying to convince me to join wmscog, but I wasn’t having any of it. She didn’t like that. She wasn’t as close and our private life got very uneasy. Eventually I gave in and we both went to the LA branch wmscog. When I was there I got separated immediately from her and she told me not to tell them we were living together and were in a relationship. She told them I was her friend from school. I met a few people or “brothers” and they were nice, then I talked with the Korean man that recruited Mari. I sat with him and Mari in a secluded room and he and mari had their “New Song bible”. We talked about our beliefs and why mine were wrong. He tried explaining through his own views and interpretations of psalms and parables in the bible. He didn’t tell me much about the church itself though. He just waned me in. After about 2 hours of that it was time to pray. I sat by the Korean man during prayer, and the prayer surprised me very much. It was a loud Korean chant at times. Not what I was expecting. Prayer ended and eventually we went in the room to talk again. He wanted to baptize me that day, that moment. He had been asking me to get baptized all day. I told him no and I wasnt comfortable with it. I said I would be back for another church session and we could do it then. I just wanted him off my back after a while. As i was leaving, a black member came to me trying to covince me the church wasnt a cult and it all came right from the bible, it was offputting. Everyone was nice at the church, but I could sense something in all of them that I could never figure out. I felt like “these people are nice, they shouldn’t be here”. I never went back. I don’t remember a whole lot of what happened because it was in July 2010, and I just started thinking about this again recently. Anyway, after that Mari and I weren’t ever the same. She told the church that she was living with me and who i really was. She got very very distant after that little conffesion. About 4 months later I had to break it off because she was so distant to “wordly things”, including me.That church changes people. She had so many new beliefs that I couldnt wrap my head around, and she belived them with a passion. That teally disturbed me, seeing her emotions get taken over and her not realizing it. I hope she has gotten out of the church by now. I hope that anybody who is reading this that has any doubts or questions, is feeling vulnerable, or needs to feel comfortable with their thoughts know that wmscog will use and minipulate those feelings and emotions of YOURS towards their benefit. Everyone is good and has love in them. Take an unbiased step back and listen to the people who love you.

  11. Oscar says

    I remember Ron. I used to go to the WMSCOG back in around 2007. Ron is a very nice person. So were many of the people that I remembered in the WMSCOG. I feel bad and sorry for the people still in the WMSCOG. I hope and pray for Ron and all the other people that have come out that everything will turn out okay for them.

  12. Jim says

    You have to repent…[this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion]

    1. remco9519 says

      or wmscog people should repent in order to qualify for salvation. not anywhere among the laws of GOD handed down to mankind allows the worship of a dead man and his concubine. it’s the greatest unforgivable sin. evaluate where you gonna be if you’re still with this church of satan.

  13. MD says

    OMG!! this is terrible, just reading all this make me very afraid for my best friend who just join the cult. She and her whole family got baltized. I went to a concert there just to please her… and my overall reaction was that is was TOO damn perfect! Something must be wrong. my teenager dauther who also went with me told me that she felt “weird” Now, I am trying to learn as much as I can, I know this cult is up to not good.

  14. healingfromthiscult says

    Wow watching this video seriously helps, wasn’t easy leaving a place like wmscog knowing that i wasted some years of my life. i want to go back to college and trying not to let this place discourage. i feel so bad knowing that there are people i care for deeply that have wasted/waste their lives and 10% of their income every sabbath believing in lies and drowning in guilt and fear because of this place… when will they wake up and realize the lies? what do i do when i see cult members that preached to me preach to my friends on face book? still a little paranoid and don’t want anything to do with this cult that takes down all of your information after baptism. and that threatens peoples lives in secret. last conversation i had with a member, i was close with the member and they told me in my own bedroom that if they where able to murder their family members and get away with it that they gladly would…… that week i googled the words brainwash and slowly started to wake up, i left “Zion” on my own and WASN’T KICKED OUT. i was slandered and lied about in the church after showing a few members the meaning of a cult and brainwash thank goodness they woke up around the time i did. it wasn’t easy leaving, still in shock and it’s been some time.

  15. healingfromthiscult says

    And of course this member that said this about their family was receiving a lot of “persecution” from their family and friends which made them feel like doing something that chaotic . Because of this “persecution” this member was receiving it also made this member feel closer to the “church” . my advise is if you have any family or friends in this please don’t argue against them about this “church” show them that you love them regardless and stick by them till they wake up because when they do wake up they’re going to need support and to be heard. I didn’t receive much “persecution” from my family and friends because they all knew what was going on and knew that they would have most likely completely lost me if they spoke down on the “church” or spoke down on me. They supported me all the way and even bravely attended a few sermon with me wisely not feeding into the propaganda and lies. I was i Zion member for about two years.

  16. healingfromthiscult says

    One thing i found extremely fishy after leaving was that i noticed people being recruited from the military/army/air-force/marines…. i find that to be a bit creepy after reading about what koreans use to do to Americans during the Korean war. Koreans would use brainwashing techniques with propaganda to turn Americans against their own people during that war.

    1. IG says

      North Koreans did. There were basically no South Koreans left in the whole country except behind the Pusan Perimeter and 53,000 American Men lost their lives to take back the country.

  17. chato says

    Hey mike im still in the church im goin on 3 years I got a lot of questions wat do u mean a woman stold his book I didnt understand that?

  18. Brother Edgar says

    Repent brother Ron ask yourself why did you get baptized in the first place becuse of 2012 and fear or because you realized it was the truth remember passover sabbath the 7 feasts if this is all a lie then please show me in the bible how else can I recive eternal life? Remember what Jesus asked peter u do not want to leave to.. To whom should we go. I will pray for you Ron sincerly your brother

    1. AbojiOmonilover says

      It’s too late for him! He has slandered the Holy Spirit 🙁 I feel so sad for him. He allowed this greedy, money hungry man to tempt him. My heart is broken for him.

      1. T.H. says

        My heart is breaking for just how badly you are missing the truth. Why is it that when someone finds out that things don’t add up that this WMS judges them so unfairly? Talk about burying the wounded.

      2. Lisa says

        It’s too late for you fool!

      3. Seventh Lamb says

        That is not true, my friend. If someone repents from worshipping this false God Mother, God will forgive. If you read Hebrews 6:4 it would appear that Blaspheme is the unforgivable is only if one turns away from God’s Holy Spirit forever. Read vs.9, and you will see that God is always calling us to salvation. Also, read Heb. 10:16-18. I hope this helps. A person, even a true Christian who was deceived into WMSCOG, can come back to the Father. It is NOT TOO LATE. God clearly shows us HIS heart concerning this matter in the story of Prodigal Son. In the words of Jesus, “Has no one condemned you? Neither do I”…or “stop sinning, or something worse will happen to you!”

    2. janine says

      You have studied the bible so diligently and still failed to see and understand that before Jesus Christ persecution and death. There is only one thing he asked for us to do. That was passover it was the only thing he to do in remembrance of him. As far as the feast he was busy preaching on those days not keeping them . The sabbath is the one thing we know from the bible that he kept as it was his custom. For many of Missionary Ron, DeaconTyron and , Deaconess Diane. Brought many fruits to this church including myself. I saw their sincerity like I see can still see it now. I have no regrets in walking away from the church. I am at peace with myself, and can only continue to pray for the real lost sheeps. For Jesus came and also set examples he spoke and preached to the poor, the sick, the sinners, Jesus said that which you do to the lease of my brothers you also do unto me. Never turned anyone away

      1. Seventh Lamb says

        The Passover is not required; the Apostle Paul is clear on this matter in Galatians Ch 1-3; the Power of Matthew 26:20 is not in the bread and wine, as WMSCOG teaches, but in His broken body and shed blood on the Cross. Salvation come from realizing the Lamb that was SLAIN (REV 12:11 and REV 13:8); for without THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD THERE IS NO REMISSION OF SIN (Heb 9:22) Peace to you my friend and I hope this helps…for whom the Son sets free is free indeed! The bread and wine (last supper)was only a shadow for the New Covenant that Jesus was bringing. Jesus said to do it “in remembrance,” not “do it for Salvation.”

  19. T.H. says

    Oh Edgar, you are taking the wrong approach with this. In Gods Word Jesus spoke, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” How do you receive eternal life? You must accept Jesus Christ into your life. Gods Word also warns us that if anyone comes preaching a different doctrine or saying Jesus is here or there, don’t believe them. Ron is finding a greater truth. Please do the same.

  20. Donttrustzang says

    Edgar…we were baptized because we had trust in the church to tell us the truth. Now they are saying Ahn LIED in the book “problems with new jerusalem..” The more you stay, the more and more you’ll see the lies come out. God Bless, hope u see the truth soon

  21. mike says

    Hey chato, in the church they say a women named um soon in peaked into Fathers boo and basically impersonated herself as God the Mother. Thaats what I meant by ” a women stole his book”

  22. richard says

    (Continuation)- so I thought its Satan trying to tempt me to like a sister but I kept my mind to focus in Father & Mother because I didnt want to displease god (I even wore my best suit…which the 14 year old brother caked on purpose…>_<). Oh and btw im this 14 year olds "fruit" in lancaster). So we continue service and everything and I served brothers and sisters with a willing respectful mind and "serving others without wanting to be served" chatted with a couple of brothers because we couldnt touch, hug, or anything our sisters (few sisters hugged me sometimes but brothers would rebuke me all the time…) because it would "cause us to think sinfully" but what I never understood why cant we hug our heavenly family if we hug our Earthly family who apparently is a "copy anf shadow of whats in heaven…" So it was an amazing day and I really enjoyed it I even got to watch "Mothers Sacrifice" which I really liked it and was sad because it was a play that explained how we joined Satan to threaten to Kill father and mother. After that brother would then me "poly poly" or "hurry hurry" because I didn't want to leave Sunland Zion, then we went to the nearby park and played basketball and stuff our team was "Zion" and the other people who wernt in our church "Gentile" in the end we won lol… Then "Mothers" birthday came and we celebrated with a little feast in Lancaster Zion which is infact a house-church. Then in Dec. the International Cleanup Campaign in the City of Inglewood, came on Dec. 30, 2012. Abc 7, La Times, Telemundo, was there and over 100 members from many Zions said the Famous : "We love U" " We love Abujee (Father)" "We live Amonee (Mother) I was on the right side close to the front… I really enjoyed the cleanup and me and a brother kept lacking because we were "cleaning good". Many people thanked us wearing Yellow vests [our group] and it was really fun cleaning the streets. In the end we gathered a lot of trash and left after saying goodbye to many..

  23. richard says

    and again some sisters about 13-16 attracted me alot and in my head I said “away from me satan.” (We were taught that it was us not satan who caused us to sin.) And then after we started leaving it turned from warm day to a freezing day. Which me and brothers and sisters thought Father and Mother are pleased and gloryfied and protected their children with warm heat. So then I cant remember if it was on Father’s Birthday (Jan 25) which Mother sent us a message it was very sad and touching and all of Zion was shedding tears including me… We all stayed silent after it was over and didnt talk about it becaus it was deep. Then at that point my relatives who I am still living with wanted to know “where wms were coming from” so Deacon came to house and they talked alone. Yes my relatives are Catholic which I honestly dont believe 2 cents about because they made idols (no hard feelings people). Then after that I started having trouble with my relatives about my church mutiple times I consulted with Deacon and he told me to tell them (tbh: he had very good reasons). Then couple of days later my relatives told me to research about wms so I did and first website I came was this one and after searching endless hours intill the afternoon to 3am I was very shocked to have found Father and MOther had children… I started questioning the church and it started making less and less sense. Yes I still kept Saturday and Tuesday service and appointed prayer times (10:00am,2:30pm). Then I had a little discussion with 2 brothers at a local MCDonalds, at this point I had written some stuff of what I saw in my research. And one member (hes a senior in highschool) offended me and the other was patient but I could see it in his eyes and I knew something was up. This brother was recruited by the 14 year old’s big Brother who is currently Student Group Leader in LA Zion and now in Course 4 (thanks to me being his fruit because when someone has a fruit it is shared among 2 members)… So he took the paper and gave it to Deacon so he can talk to me

    1. Lukas Dohnal says

      The link you posted was moved here for further discussion.

  24. richard says

    later on in the week. Then after couple of weeks passed intill my relatives were 1 tiny step to kick me out because I threatened to call Family Services (I got this idea from one of the members) and I finnaly cracked out crying because I was having too much depression and didnt know what to do… I literally was planning to run away and kill myself… But I couldnt because I asked a brother if suicide was a unforgivable sin and he said no.. And then I left the wmscog on I believe March 5 of this year, it was a Thursday. Then brothers called me on Sunday and text messaged me but I didn’t respond because I didn’t want to answer and hear more drama from no one… I just wanted to have a childhood because I was always alwayd mature. And I said you no one fu’ church I want to have fun in highschool.. Then Passover came which I regard as important because of my point of view… They called me that morning to give me a ride to Pasadena/Glendale where the Passover was to be kept. Never went. Got to admit they are nice people but they decieved me… (Deaconess is Korean.) I still see the 14 year old member at my school and we hangout but ima stop now because I don’t want him btching me lol… But anyways some new songs I like but I re wrote them to fit into my love songs I like making… Also I preached and studied (got three subjects confirmed) I was very dedicated and talented and I preached like if I was a Pastor… I invited my friend (girl) to go to the church the Saturday before Christmas and he preached to her the entire day but my bro (16 yold, teacher aid who has like 30 subjects down…) studied to her about Christmas and thats where the problem started… I explained to her that Birthdays shouldn’t be kept but its like watever… While my bro would tell her its bad… So essentially she went home and showed her parents and her parents being Catholic condemed us and grounded her… So it was his fault not mine… Glad she didn’t stay though…

  25. richard says

    But to this day I don’t go to that church even though it made sense… My relatives wanted to throw the books I spent more than 30 bucks hut I told them they could help me in the future if I am to fall to this crap again. So thats my story lol… Hopefully admin puts it in order how I commented… xD also the 16 year old teacher aid told me some Missionary in LA Zion “fell away” which they didn’t tell me but it is you Ron… I probably heard about you Mike not sure though…

  26. richard says

    Mike are you Deacon Mike who left lancaster? Im just wondering lol

  27. Anonymous says

    Reading this is truly heartbreaking…[this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion].

  28. maxi says

    i’m a college student here in asia, i was hanging out on a park when some members of WMSCOG approach me two weeks ago,, they preach to me about Sabbath and Passover, they were in the same age range as me,one is younger actually, so, say i just had no problem paying a li’l time to listen to them, i admit i really just got curious, after then, they took my cp. no., my fault!, and then we meet again 2 days after, this time they brought me to their church so we could study their and since its so near in the area, i never thought that i’ll end the day up being ‘baptized’,i remember one telling me about my eyes being covered by my sins that’s why i could not see the truth–just to convince me, at that time i feel unease already, as if they will never let me go until i agree, i’m really hesitant i ask them if they cud let me think about it first or even let me consult it with my parents but they’re really so pushy,
    after that day of being baptized, i started to attend Sabbath, and study sessions, i’m always being taught by one of the girls that recruit me,,
    at church everything seems so ‘perfect’, everyone’s seems so friendly, they would tell me if i study harder, put more effort in studying God’s words, i could actually be like that also “refined”, maybe even be honored to visit God the Mother in Korea, i was like, Yeah,yeah, but then, i still have many questions, some they would answer “in time” or when you read the book of truth,

    they preached to me, told me to abide the laws of God, attend Sabbath(morning to night)which i really cant do, pray at scheduled times, to believe only the teachings of church, etc.
    i started to feel uneasy day by day, i start to doubt reality even the life i’m living, that what i do “hobbies, plans, even studies” hinders my way to God, this grumbles in my mind everyday, and yet i could not talk to anybody about it because i’m supposed to hide the ‘conversion’ thing, another thing that presses me is how they’re leading things to me, studying, eventually preaching, like time is always running out, so many souls are dying, that i should study more if i want to also save my loved ones,
    and it seems that they hold firmly that only 144000 and “others” are going to be saved,, (that “others” i don’t know how many, the sister just told this to me),
    the “others” are supposed to serve the 144000 in heaven,huh?? i mean striving to be holy but fighting sits on 144000 to be served?
    the sad part is that there are sisters their i met who shares that their parents don’t know they come to Zion, a parent even thought that the girl is working on a job somewhere, another one confessed losing all friends outside Zion,and none of these is addressed as problem,,apparently this doesn’t even matter to them

    i’m afraid if i don’t cease it now i might traverse the borderline of sanity, because of all the mind exhaustion i’m experiencing lately,i mean is this the kind of thing ‘God’ would want me to be?, thank you former Missionary Ron Ramos, by the way i was too afraid use internet lately thinking its source of evil that’s why i haven’t come to know this amazing things,, just until now ;D, thank u, for opening my mind

  29. AbojiOmonilover says

    People are so quick to claim this is a cult [this comment has been moved to the forum for further discussion].

    1. Seventh Lamb says

      This IS A CULT without exception, my friend. I recently left Zion. Two things must be present in a false Gospel…1) The divinity of Christ as the Almighty
      (which Jehovah’s Witness does) and 2)the SHED BLOOD OF CHRIST ON THE CROSS, THE SLAIN “PASSOVER LAMB” for the REMISSION AND ATONEMENT OF SIN(which WMCOG has clearly done by substituting the bread and wine EVENT in place of the suffering on the cross). Isaiah clearly testifies that He was “bruised for our iniquities…the PUNISHMENT that brought us peace (not eating and drinking) was upon Him. Now, respectfully and with gentleness I say to you, there is nothing wrong with honoring this Old Testament tradition if it suits you, but you will never receive Salvation in so doing. If you read the entire book of Hebrews, the theme is about the REALITY OF ENTERING REST THROUGH JESUS’ ATONEMENT AS THE NEW COVENANT…and clearly there is no one I have met at WMCOG who is in a mindset of rest.

    2. remco9519 says

      if wmscog is not a cult, then all in it are bullshits and foolishness. where in the bible it say that a dead person can be worshipped as god? where among the laws handed down to mankind stating that mankind can worship a harlot lady as god without being punished in hell? wmscog and its people are all idiots, lunatic and retarded. why don’t you read the scriptures by yourself at your own pace and time rather than being taught by members of a criminal enterprise.they sure gonna mislead you. joining this group is real very dangerous because one will lost all spiritual welfare, add to this time, energy and hard earned money. why? because they are committing the greatest unforgivable sin against the true GOD so they will all go to the lake of fire.

      1. davao says

        I respect your opinion. BUT…….I will ask you a one question.Did they disrespest you? Then if not, why did you not respect them? Actually, you are the true bullshit and foolish. It is because you don’t know how to respect anyone.

  30. Anonymous says

    I honestly ask that Ron, please really think about all the prophecies you have studied…[this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion]

  31. serg says

    I remember it well when it was announced that Missionary Ron had “fallen”…[this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion].

    1. janine says

      I wonder if you were told that pastor john had a meeting with all the leaders in the small sanctuary, to inform us all that if missionary Ron or Deaconess Diane tried to call us. Not to respond or talk to them. Because I sure did. Why go to such extreme if their hands are clean. As I sit here responding and reading all these testimonies it all fits like a puzzle. But I second guessed myself so much when I was in the church. Not anymore. I know that The one and true God means well for everyone on this great earth, he is a god of peace and love. And open his heart to everyone no matter color or culture or financial status . because it’s your soul/spirit he wants not your money.

  32. The True WMSCOG says

    [this comment moved to the forum for further discussion]

    Come see the discrepancies in Hassan’s and Ron’s statements.

  33. the True WMSCOG says

    According to your mission statement:…[this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion].

  34. The True WMSCOG says

    Tell Romeo, that his link to Colons lawsuit was not posted because…[this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion].

  35. Anon WMSCOG member says

    I am still a member.

    I have been for one year.

    I have been passionate about God since I was a pre-teen; I even heard the call to the preaching ministry when I was in the music ministry as a teen. As fate would have it, my life took a different path, though my desire to know truth had remained.

    I had all but given up on organized religion when I was approached by members of the Church. Because I had so many question that were unable to be answered by the leaders of the Churches I had belonged to or visited, I was NOT interested in attending a church that was lead by a couple of early 20 year old people. And I made that clear. However, they continued attempting to overcome my objections, and like a good recruit from a Multi-Level-Marketing organization these Zealots tried every response until one resonated with me. And then I was hooked. I was willing to attend their study. I was willing to learn their doctrine. I was willing to judge the teachings according to the teachings of the Bible. Since I am the type that likes to be prepared before entering a debate, I found my way to this site and a few others and that’s where I discovered the Second Coming Christ (God Almighty) and The Lamb (Heavenly Mother) Doctrine. So I was actually prepared and advised them to not show me those. Show me other bible truths which I had never seen and I would judge those to be true or not according to the discernment of the Holy Spirit and my understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

    The study’s that led up to my baptism and the techniques used to lead me there are not the topic of this post, so I will skip those. Understand though that within a couple of months I was baptized and within a couple more I was a full fledged gospel worker, forsaking the worldly things (responsibilities) and holding a position in the church.

    My issues was discussed above on this board. And these issues have hurt me to the point that I don’t WANT the Church to be true. Issues like, “poor people,” about non-robot members being treated differently until they leave or are just blatantly asked to not return, and the teachings about races.

    In one a one week-long Elohim Academy that we were “selected” to attend (footing the bill of course, travelling the 1400 mile round trip and paying $200 to attend – with Financial reproductions of this will likely be discussed in a following post) I witnessed and heard with my own ears the Pastor (whom I love) discuss preaching to the poor. Pastor is the “Branch” of our little Zion and of 14 other Zion’s, and he was leading the Elohim academy. The academy had 50 of us students [50*$100 per person = ???(PS, three more groups went out in the month to follow. I Imagine they had a pretty nice end-of-year bonus with at least an extra $20,000 coming “for food and lodging.]

    In the academy he stated that we should not preach to the physically poor. We should not preach to the physically homeless. These people will take advantage of the free Breakfast, lunch and dinner that is provided daily at Zion. If a person can not take care of something so precious, that is their own life, how would they handle the truth of light. When the Bible discusses giving the food the poor, the bible is speaking in parable. The bible is discussing the food called the bible. I felt strange about that. Especially since one of the people I preached to while I was out there, the one person that seemed most sincere, The one person that was ‘humble enough to receive the love of God’ just happened to be homeless.

    It reminded me of a time when a homeless man had come to our Zion back home. We knew that this man was coming, because he had found my number, called me, and was on his way. However I did not know he was homeless. My church leader and I were excited, until he arrived. My church leader just happily talked with him on the front step, and never let him in. And then it started to rain. And the man decided to leave since he was riding a bike. We didn’t even offer him a ride. Though, our particular Zion picked up 75% of it’s members at that time.

    As I had stated, I was quickly moving up in the church as I was “blessed with the latter rain of the Holy Spirit” and I studied diligently. Since we were led to believe that God had no reason to allow 2013 since the completion of the gathering of the materials needed for the heavenly Temple would occur in 2012, I no longer needed to maintain employment, so I ceased working and started to focus my time on the work. One of our leaders was replaced by a 22 year old who I don’t mind saying, I never got along with. He is quite arrogant. He expects to be served. He didn’t know how to change a tire his first week here, went to the store and bought a tire, brought it back planning to put it on himself, and I asked, “how are you going to get that tire on the rim? And the other tire off?” I offered my advice and advised that he should put the spare on vehicle and take the tire to the shop to get fixed. He actually said, go ahead and do it for me so you can get the blessing. And walked inside to get coffee. I was shocked. I did it, but I was shocked that he meant it. Not because he’s so young and I have a child his age, but at the shear guts of this full time “servant”. As time passed, it became clear that he didn’t like me, unless he needed me for a ride, a tow, or to move something and because he was the assistant to the church leader and he was an enthusiastic leader to the teenaged to 23 year old Zion that had been created, suddenly the feeling had become that a person was either with him or me, I found out later.

    I was asked why I was being disobedient. I was being disobedient he had claimed to the deacon, because I called a member that had stopped coming, begging them to keep the feasts of God. But since our church leadership had expressed that we will not call “fallen away members” because they need to find their own way, I was disobedient. And that hurt. And in so many words, I was asked to not come back. I was told by the Deacon/Church leader of our Zion that, “Do you think that everything that Pastor tells me is something I think is right? No. There are times when (Pastor) says things that I know are wrong, but I humble myself and follow. That becomes his sin. Not mine. God knows my heart, and knows that I follow because God is not please with sacrifice, but obedience.” That’s a direct quote. And since I challenged authority, as it were, I was not being robotic enough. I was not someone they could rely on to do whatever I am told. In turn I was not a true Child of God, or so I felt. And although we are taught to cover the faults of our brothers and sisters, apparently that means cover the faults of those that do precisely what they are told to do by the church leaders.

    What’s worse is, my spouse and Children still attend, and they completely ignore them. Imagine, your spouse no longer attends the congregation, for reasons that you do not know (because, in an effort to shield you from any prejudice or misunderstandings or to influence your opinion of the church – your spouse hadn’t told you the conversation between them and the leaders) and now, you’re ignored too: ostracized for being married to a so called dissentient. Luckily my spouse is not effected by others view of them or their family. My spouse is awesome and my rock. And God surely blessed me with my spouse.

    White people are arrogant
    An underground teaching that is only given to the select elect is that we should shy away from preaching to and in “white communities.” It was explained to me that white people are too arrogant. I was told that it was God’s will that the nation was founded as it was (USA) and it was God’s will that the Caucasians were made to rule over it, acquiring the wealth and business and such. It was simultaneously God’s will that so many ethnic groups and woman would be oppressed, so that at the appointed time the last could be humbled by their past and become first. Women would rise up with unprecedented freedoms and equalities as symbols and signs that God the Mother would come Last. This is why 90 percent of our Zion is either black or Hispanic and over 3/4 are women or their children. This is a problem for me. Especially since I can see with my own eyes that there Zion’s across our country and even in our neighbor to the north and these Zion’s are a majority white. Not to mention, personally, it offends me as this philosophy virtually guarantees that my extended family will not inherit the kingdom of God since they will not be able to follow the commands of God, because they will not accept the truth, because no one will preach to them.

    With all of this being said, I am still a member. My heart hurts because I have been convinced that the Bible is so clear on certain aspects. Yet, others claim that it is blasphemy yet only provide unconvincing arguments. Nothing seems to make sense, except the teachings I’ve learned through this church. Are the people immature and clearly wicked, yes; but they are human. I guess what I’m saying is, I’m back where I started. I’m wishing to have a deep relationship with God. I’m wishing to understand deep truths. I want to believe that the creator of all things would be so much deeper than “just believe.” I want to believe that it all means, something. I want to feel truly loved and accepted. But I sit here staring at the floor thinking, “I guess man will always blemish God’s good things.”

    1. Lukas Dohnal says

      I am a member too – in a sense. I do not believe the teachings. At least not all of them. I do not believe in the existence of God as depicted by majority of churches, including WMSCOG – or at least not yet. However, I have a sincere wish to find the Truth. I decided I will give WMSCOG chance to speak for itself, not relying on the slander or praise of others. Seeing for oneself – that is what I see as the only feasible approach. It is so because I share the wish – and it is also a conviction – that “God” is SO MUCH DEEPER than “just believe”.

      From what you wrote, I sense a feeling of a sincere seeker. I cherish you for that. I wish you from the depths of my heart that you find what you seek. And rest assured – if there is a compassionate, loving God that sees inside your heart, there is no doubt that one day he will grant you what you seek.

      Walk a plain path, sibling.

      1. T.H. says

        Hi Lukas, I have seen some of your post on Facebook. I do not have any faith in the WMS and it’s doctrine or it’s teachings. I understand that recently you became convinced that Ahn is the second coming of Christ. Would you please share with us why you now believe this? I can appreciate that you are earnestly seeking God and truth I just wonder what it was that convinced you that the WMSCOG is right about Ahn?

        1. Lukas Dohnal says

          Hello, T.H.

          I haven’t been to this site for quite a while, so that’s why I’m replying late.

          When I had more time to think about it, I am still not entirely sure that he was Christ at His second coming. However, what I can say is that I deem it highly probable.

          The reason why I think so is because I have been told about many prophecies that Ahn Sahng-Hong has fulfilled. For example, prophecy of the fig tree (baptized in the year of restoration of Israel), baptized at the age of 30, fulfilling remaining 37 years of the reign of king David, rebuilding Zion (“Zion” as a church keeping the feasts of God – especially bringing the “seal of God”), appearance “in the East” from the farthest corners of earth – these are the ones I can remember now. I have a feeling that there were a few others, but I can’t remember right now. Also, I am still at the very beginning of my studies with them (or at least that’s what I’ve been told), so there might be more. Also, the fact that the interpretation of the Bible that I’ve encountered at WMSCOG is so far the most sense-making interpretation of it that I’ve ever encountered among all the christian churches definitely played it’s role.

          1. T.H. says

            Lukas, please hear us! You are going to be taught that the Bible is a book of prophecies and that there are those of us that are going to be used by Satan to try and take the truth from you. You need to STOP studying with them for a while! Take some time and let your head clear and then start doing your own research outside of this group and its influence! If it’s the “truth” as they claim it to be then this information will stand on its own without someone else trying to convince you that something is true. What is going on right now is what I call slicing and dicing of scripture. They are pulling stuff out of the Word of God and because they are pulling it out of the Bible it seems like the truth and it seems real. I’ve been caught up in this kind of thing myself so I understand where you are right now. If you will take my advice and do this for yourself you wont be trapped by this like so many are. I noticed that your comment included the idea of the feast being the “seal of God” which is just one of the trappings used on members of this group. Research the “Seal of God” and you will find out that the Seal is the Holy Spirit that resides inside of Christians. The WMS will have you believe that Ahn was the Holy Spirit in the flesh. If the Passover is the Seal then you have to ignore the part of the Bible that tells us that God seals us with the Holy Spirit. Slicing and dicing the scriptures to support their preconceived ideas and doctrines. Not good! What about all of the hate for people outside of this group that don’t agree with the WMS? How about the constant bashing of the Roman Catholic Church? I don’t agree with the Catholics take on things but I don’t HATE any of them. Don’t buy into the “it’s us against them” mentality. This is just one more of the trappings that are used against its members. Research for yourself outside of this group and its influence! Your soul is far too important to give away just because someone seems convincing! The dates, timelines, information about certain events, the so called prophecies, (many of these are not prophecies just used to support theories that the WMS wants you to believe) just don’t add up when you take the time to verify the given information. What does this mean? It means that they are lying to you in order to get you in and keep you trapped. Please hear me! Do your own research outside of this group and its influence! God gave you a mind and He expects you to use it!

          2. Lukas Dohnal says

            Hello T.H.

            I have promised something to someone, and for that reason, I will not continue our discussion FOR THE TIME BEING. But I wanted to inform you know just to let you know that I am withdrawing for now and that it is just temporary. There is a condition to that promise I gave. When the condition is fulfilled, the promise will no longer apply. The condition should be fulfilled roughly in a month or so. After that, I am more than willing to discuss the matter with you, if you would like to. I firmly believe in the attractive power of truth towards those who seek it with absolute sincerity. Also, truth is a paramount value in my life – not believing something, but truth. I will not interrupt my studies with them, but worry not. It is not necessary. I have a mind of my own and I am going to keep it. … So, if you’d like to, I’d be happy to engage in discussion of all this after a month roughly. If you’re up for it then, let me know please. God bless you. 🙂

  36. T.H. says

    I’m here and I am willing. Don’t let this thing trap you ok? It’s really easy to get caught by something like this. This is why I encourage you to step back, take some time to clear your head, then research the truth outside of the influence of this group. Once again, I am here and I am willing. Take care and cling to the truth. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life! No one gets to the father except through Jesus. I’ll talk with you again soon.

    1. Seventh Lamb says

      Well said T.H and bless you in Christ Jesus,for this feedback was given to you by the Most High God, who is one, forever, Amen. I recently left this organization and I can tell you that without exception, Mother is not God. God does not contradict the Word of God. Their entire foundation of their Gospel, the Passover and its Festivals, is clearly the very thing the Apostle Paul was instructing the Galatians (chapters 1-3)to put aside for the Gentiles. Paul is amazed that they would want to be put back into “slavery” by these weak and miserable principles, which only bring about death. This is why, when you look around inside any Zion, the spirit that drives this organization is FEAR,not LOVE. God’s words say that there is no love in fear, but perfect love drives out fear. May all who understand this receive rest and blessing in Christ Jesus- the only Christ.

      1. T.H. says

        I’m glad to hear of another person that has found their way out of this group. The members that discover the deception of the WMSCOG many times become agnostic. They choose to believe in no God over being mislead again. I’m glad to see that you embrace Jesus as the Christ. We need a lot more ex-members of the WMSCOG to speak out with boldness and strength. Live in grace brother.

  37. Cindy Morales says

    I waked in to a church of g-d church and they turned me away, saying I had to be invited !!! I found this highly suspicious of them.

    1. Renita says

      I recently heard of someone who showed up alone for a bible study and was told never to do that again. What does it matter if I come alone or not? Does the message change?

  38. MARTA MCLEAN says


  39. S says

    Please help my daughter…they have completely entrapped her in their beliefs…It is true, they prey on people, a lonely single mother, trying to work, go to school, in a transistion in her life, and I truly believe she was wanting to find GOD…these 2 women came to her while she was studying, they just asked if she wanted to go to a bible study….No harm in the right? She even told me about it and I was thrilled as a mom that she wanted to learn more about God!! Well, it has been 6 months now and we used to see her daughter, my granddaughter, weeks out of a month.. well they have taken that from us, now after 6 months of not coming home she says she is quitting her job to be more at the church and is moving in an apartment with other brothers and sisters who are her family now…My granddaughter is growing up thinking a Korean woman is her God…Not God the father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit…Also they believe that Jesus has come for his second coming..ummm if Im correct and I am…the bible tells me that the minute He comes back, EVERY EYE will see HIM and EVERY KNEE will bow!! so they are telling me that the bible is and has been lying to us and we just missed it…LIARS THEY ARE, PUTTING IN THEIR OWN WORDS IN THE BIBLE TO BRAINWASH THESE PEOPLE, MY DAUGHTER INCLUDED AND POSSIBLY YOURS!! I am not angry at these people but this is Satan working in their minds and in their lives stealing them away from our very homes.!!!

    1. Brady says

      Please read Colossians 2:13-17 it cleary states that not to let anyone condemn you for not keeping sabbath or other holy days because they died with Jesus on the cross. We are brought to grace and salvation through Jesus and nobody else there are many verses that state the old laws are dead with Jesus. Please share those versus with her and if you need help please respond. I will help if I can they are really drawn in though.

  40. Aya says

    I’m currently a member of WMSCOG in South Africa and I’ll admit at first when I saw the video the information about the BITE model seems plausible at first, but the BITE model truly can be applicable to wide range of religious groups. But to be fair Ron is correct on certain points, this is a Korean church and thus with it carries Korean culture, I was hurt at first when I realised that, just as he clearly is and it was this cultural dynamic an clash that I found unbearable.

  41. MEEU says

    Luke 4:15-16 – He [Jesus] taught in their synagogues, and everyone praised him. He went to Nazareth where he had been brought up, and on the Sabbath day he went into the synagogue, as was his custom. And he stood up to read.

    As we can see through the verse above, Jesus preached the gospel while keeping the Sabbath with the Jews in their synagogues. Now who were the leaders of Judaism in those days? It was the Pharisees and the teachers of the law! And according to Jesus, they were false prophets.

    Matthew 23:29-33 – Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites!…You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?

    1. T.H. says

      What is your point here. Are you saying that your group is full of false prophets or that your group thinks everyone else are false prophets?

    2. Renita says

      It doesn’t say he kept the Sabbath. Why would he keep the Sabbath when the OT Law is obselete*? It was Jesus’ custom to teach in the synagogues.

    3. jaypee says

      yeah, you can pretty much make your point a fact when you just hand-picked some verses. All I can say is, READ THE WHOLE DMAN THING!!!!

  42. Peter says

    I almost lost my wife to this. Thankfully I had someone in my family who knew the bible & scrolls to show her the light! I still can’t believe how miss lead some of these people are…
    My prayers goes to all of the good people who are being mis lead.

  43. WmscogCULT&LIARS says

    After 6 years and one time in korea Im announcing IM OUT OF THIS CULT!!! What i couldnt take it any loner is how they twist and turn lies using gods words and using their own idea and saying this is Gods will! Bullsh&t! What they did to me and my family are beyond destroyed….I nearly losed my mind brainwashed by them.Everymonth me and my husband gave almost 400€ for tithes and offering.Our times and energy to them and still they are not thankful and appreciated our effort.They always said We Love you but thats all lies.They only want out money.Thanks to Jesus Christ who open our eyes and blessed us with bravery and courage to leave this cult even on the Sabbath Day! As we felt they only using us and we dont feel LOVE anymore inside the church.Pastor always put pressure on all of us that we didnt bear much fruits although day and night what we are doing only going out there cold weather hot weather busting our butt out there to try to recruit new members and all we are hearing the whole times is you didnt do enough for father and mother,you are sinners,you will go to hell if you dnt obey!!! We had enough!! One day after so tiring preached i went back to zion(church) i saw our pastor having ice cream in the temple! I was Schocked and so did himself because he didnt expect a member are there an hour earlier.
    And yes it is very true that they asked us not to preach to the poor and homeless peoples.One time i ask my group leader why? And she said it is because this will take away the glory from Father especially Mother,I was like WTF are you talking about! Even Jesus himselves helps the poor and forgave anyone who want to repent and now you telling me all this rubbish! I couldnt believed my ears at that time but because i was so brain washed i just obey! The pastor told everyone 2012 will be the end but HELLO 2014 and still not yet happening…..

    Just happy im out ! And im blessed that this page exist to help each and everyone to understand the truth of this CULT WMSCOG!!!

    1. Still attending says

      I hear you WmscogCULT&LIARS. i’ve felt the same frustration. i remember feeling so much much better after 2012 was over. january 2013 was relief. did you know its 2014, the year of Jubilee? we are supposed to be happy now, it is what the leaders tell me. i’m curious what the next theme will be in the church. i should keep you guys updated. sounds like you did good out there.

    2. davao says

      Do you know why you are angry at WMSCOG? It is because you are not the true child of God.

  44. Brady says

    Just thought I would leave a quit comment. I went to three studies and it wasnt adding up. I have been a Christian my whole life and believe when Jesus said it is finished on the cross he meant it. Take a look at Colossians 2:13-17.

  45. PureSoul says

    I remembered how they looked down on me when i told them im pregnant,no one congratulated me and their face expression said it all!! And I knew they are not the true church!! I left and told them JESUS will never do this to his children of LOVE!!!!

  46. Veronica says

    I have lost my husband to this. It is heartbreaking. I can no longer tolerate this in my home. I new from the beginning this was not good but he had been studying with them for a few months more than me. He has only been there a year but if they told him to jump off a bridge he would do it.

  47. lost says

    I’m sort of still in it, my ex girlfriend left me for a brother who had rank, she wanted to get married and sent out like most newly wed gospel workers, I was heartbroken for so long, I’m still half in but no longer feels the same… I’ve been a member since 2003, but when Ron and Cecil and Tyrone etc… Fell I began to wonder , and I am still confused I see two sides to this story and have never been so confused in my life, where does wmscg get these amazing studies from… Is seventh day adv. The true way. I asked and church and didn’t get a clear answer I told my whole family the world would end 2012 but now I’m just stumped all I know is Father and Mother they became my conscience I thought Jesus WS no longer in affect

    1. T.H. says

      Hi lost, I have some questions and comments for you. It may seem a little offensive but please open up to me if you can. How much research have you done outside of this group? It seems that most people who get caught up in this group simply take the teachings of the WMSCOG as truth right from the start. I have a really hard time understanding how such an important decision like this is taken without making sure what’s being told to you is in fact the truth. The other question which I hope you will enlighten me on is; How does a person go from worshipping a risen saviour in Jesus the Christ to praying to a dead Korean man? I’m sorry if my questions are a bit harsh but my loved one was in this group as well at one time. I asked her these exact questions but she was unable to really explain it. Can you help?

  48. Name (required) says

    T.H … No offense taken at all… First question you asked… Yes Ithink iI have always been a yes man… I heard some truth and they got me… I made a decision to keep praying to Father and Mother for years they were who I truly believe in but when I heard that both Father and Mother have kids and that she’s divorced I have been a very confused semi angry individual I feel out of proportion… Then I discovered about the lawsuits which I know contradicts the bible … So when I learned that Ahn Sahng Hongs children pray to Jesus I started to think more. So I feel like a disaster now I feel broken … But I feel better when I hear that I’m not the only one going through this. . I am learning a lot more plus I do feel better knowing truth because wmscg will not answer my questions and they said I been diluted by lies and to study more so I know more now than I did when I was pouring out my heart to brothers who were in reality talking bad about me because I would come andgo and a brother actually told me to stop talking to him CU’s he’s not sure if I’m a brother and he’s a leader and in the choir so .. I mean I have patience I took all that as a rebuke but now God must be showing me the light because I have felt guilty almost every Saturday and Tuesday for the last twelve years….

    1. T.H. says

      Which group did you come out of? I have met many people from all over the USA. Most of the long term members I’ve met come from California and New Jersey. Everyone I’ve met have been really nice and intelligent people. These are the kinds of folks that control groups like to target. If they can get influential people into the group they believe it makes them look more legit. If you think about it that is a pretty sad way to have to make your group seem real.

  49. lost says

    Yes I agree T.H somehow… I’ve become really adapted to the lifestyle and worship to the point where, I feel like I’m breaking in two. I have never experienced such a feeling no where in the world the way wmscg has made me feel and leaving the church makes me feel deeply saddened but…. I feel lied to , I feel a huge weight off of me, but I was molded to love that weight to accept the minimal and anticipate for the future blessings but like I said,,, no one would answer m y questions, and I have so many still but I got more answers from this site and I have realized that the reason Brothers and Sisters are so scared to hear these questions is because they are not 100% sure themselves and have a large portion of fear obstructing their logic…not sure if you follow but I feel I need to vent I’ve been bottling feelings for a long time now but answering your question T.H I’m from CA ….. Question for you” were you a deacon or missionary and were you on the west coast or east coast more?

    1. T.H. says

      I was a effected family member. My loved on has been out for almost two years now. My story is a little different as I saw this group for what it was right away. I have some experience from my past with other controlling groups which helped me recognize right away what was going on.

  50. lost says

    Why? Why is the biggest word in my mind toward the wmscg, why do people leave their jobs/College/family/friends/hobbies when they get baptized doesn’t God want us to be successful…? Why? Why do so many people break up, where’s the morality and encouragement for couples, why? Why do they look down on pregnancies? Why? Why do the members get filled with emotion and sometimes anger when we ask why? Why? Do they put so much fear in us? Why? Why do they own a million dollar company and none of the members know about it? Is it because their tithings and blood and sweat go to add it?Why? Why is their no justice when theirs an issue and they say to just pray about it, and analyze yourself, why? Why did they tell us to not pres h to the poor people? Why? Why do they say that black people are cursed? Why? Why do they hide so called Mothers physical children? Is it because that makes her the slave woman? Why do they hide her divorce? Is it because it doesn’t match scripture? Why? Why are they so paranoid and selective? Doesn’t God welcome all? Why? Why do Ahn sahng Hong’s children (biological) worship Jesus and not him? Why? Why do members get matched up married and sent out? Sounds more like a business to me , get trained and sent out for the expansion of the company. Why? Why don’t they answer questions? Why does the New Covenant Passover church have more books / pictures and memorabilia than Wmscg if they worship him Why? Why don’t they answer these questions this is why I left the world mission society church of God… Lies! Lies! And lies. Even missionaries catnt answer these questions because they’re just pawns! Told not to go on the Internet just like they told me! Why do they sue people that’s s rupture co tradiction…. People need to wake up and stop praying to a divorced mother of two and a dead pastor who urged everyone to pray to Jesus Christ! Long Live Jesus Christ the Father and the holy spirit, like the bible says.. You will here rumors of war but do not be alarmed…. And if they say there he is the Christ in the desert do not believe it because there is onlyone God our Father in heaven… I thank this site Ron and everyone else for pulling me out of this brainwashing business so iI can enjoy the rest of my life thank you everyone for sharing your stories… In the end the truth will be revealed God bless all who believe in Jesus Christ and no other God. Like moses was told in his youth… There is only One God. !

    1. T.H. says

      It sounds like you have most of your answers already. The reason why people inside of the WMSCOG don’t or won’t answer these questions is because they would have to admit that what they are into is wrong. Because of the undue pressure placed on the members especially in the form of never doubting f&m they cannot answer these questions without condeming themselves. I’m sure that being a former member you can understand what I’m saying. This group is called a destructive mind control group for a reason and you are right for feeling lied to for so long.

  51. lost says

    Thank you TH, I appreciate the fact that you helped me to speak my mind, I feel like I know you, I probably do, but I’d rather not mention names but I myself was in the Reseda church for a long time and all I ever got was Negativity from brothers looking at me like sum kind of basket case, the churchin Reseda is so loveless and extremely jjudgmenta, when I was a member, there was a handful of bros that would treat me with sincere love but the rest would give me the cold shoulder because I wasn’t as a consistent member or robotic enough to keep every sabbath but now I understand why they were the way they were, for sum reason wmscg members tend to think everyone’s going to hell even their own parents who don’t attend and this is ridiculous because most parents have more morals and Love than these wmscg members who think their going to heaven because they keep the law but the old testament is obsolete even atpostle Paul said not to let anyone judje you on not keeping the sabbath or festivals, of course that church doesn’t recite that part they just engrave Luke and Mathew in your mind over and over again so you keep focusing on the passover but now I see the light and I have been in a cult for a long time and have never felt so free, thank God our Lord Jesus that I don’t have to have nightmares anymore about going to hell or ha e to worry about brothers judjing me! I was just a man trying to please God, and never felt accepted by the congregation and now I know why, because I was not a consistent member contributing with tithings and preaching and that’s why they took down my name from the tithings boxes area, now it all makes sense, your only respected when your an asset and I wasn’t I was just a man trying to change and please God, but now I pray in Jesus name because until now I have not asked for anything in his true name, I truly feel blessed to get out of the slave woman who is in bondage with her children.

  52. was lost says

    If your a member of the wmscg and are reading this let me ask you a sincere series of questions but don’t get mad because I used to be a member: do you live your day to day life wondering why everyone is wrong (spiritually) wishing you can save them… Do you feel like its gonna take a miracle for them to believe in F&M… Do you feel like you never have time for yourself and constantly feel you must submit to God… Do you find yourself out of place when you go back to church after missing a sabbath or two… Do you always feel like you must bear fruit and that life is not meaningful unless you do? Do you feel double minded and wonder if your going to heaven or hell… Are your thoughts more toward being saved more than loving and respecting your peers??? Do you put the wmscg before your physical parents? Do you feel like your life is meaningless and must cancel future plans all the time because of the sermons that move you? … Are you constantly in spiritual fear… Do you pray and find yourself praying for brothers and sisters Only…? Do you think everyone around you has no spiritual life in them…? Do you get angry when someone spiritually doesn’t agree with you about F&M… Do you find yourself all alone and no one two answer deep/lingering questions and feel like your falling away because you have a question… Does your heart race when you hear rumors of wars and worried because you must bear fruit… Do you feel like you must dress up and smile and church or they might think your falling away…? Are you worried about what church members think of you and the way you present yourself… Do you feel youmust pretend to be happy at times and not bring worries with you to church… Do you feel like you cannot be yourself at church…? Are you fearful of not bearing fruit before Father comes…? do brothers or sisters tell you not to talk or sit with certain members… ? Do you feel like God loves you more than common people you see everyday? Do you feel like God chose you out of many and catch yourself comparing yourself to strangers…? Do you feel like their is no time, and feel pressure no your mind? If you answered yes to any of these then you arein the exact same shoes that I was in for 11 years, in a state of mind that is not Godly at all or free, Godliness is nonjudgmental, loving caring and accepts people as they are, even Jesus prayed for those who were literally putting him to death the wmscg sues and accuses other churches of being false, Jesus Christ prayed for all… Not like the wmscg telling members not to speak with other members I pray that the True God of this universe exposes the wmscg more and more so people who atre in the spot that I used to be in get out of that church and live a better life not wrapped up in fear… Don’t let a small price of scripture condemn you… God loves all and is in all… God Bless everyone and think with an independent mind… Not like a scared servant who must obey or will go to hell… Only God has the power to judge… Not you!

  53. T.H. says

    I’m glad to be able to help and be here for you. My loved one was in the San Diego group so I kinda doubt that I’m the person that you know. If you want to get in touch with me I am willing to talk. In the forum there is a person named Joshua. He can get ahold of me it you’re interested. I’m glad you are out of the slavery you were into. Do they really put your names on the tithing boxes? Seems kind of intrusive to me. As for Love I hope you are finding more of this now that you are out. The more I read the Bible the more I’m seeing that in order to show love you need to do more than just talk. You need to provide for the poor and those in need. In my case I find that the more I help the more I get in return. It’s not why I do it but it’s a really nice by product.

  54. Lorna says

    I was apart of this church for about 7/8 months. The reason I left was because I couldn’t see myself giving up every “Sabbath” day of my life for worship, Also there was weird worship hours during certain festivals and it was very unsafe to attend these meetings at 5AM, insane to say the least. The thing that oddly stood out to me was everyone at the zion I was attending appeared youthful and not many “families” growing up church was always a family affair not an individual. What I did like about this church is a lot of questions I had about religion made sense. Growing up Catholic something was very unsettling to me and found my answers in this church. This is a real commitment and I was not ready to take that plunge. I didn’t feel comfortable praying in a language I don’t understand giving them 10% of my hard earnings. I felt it was taking me away from my family rather than bring us together. I don’t think its God’s will to separate and force prayer times 5AM. I think these sacrifices are proof that the church uses fear and isolation to know they have control over your mind. Anyway after watching the documentary on Netflix “I Survived A Cult” I cried for hours and was thankful I got out of this before I got in too deep and wasted years and precious moments to make someone else very rich. I had friends in this cult too who were so disconnected from their families and friends, I even asked one girl if her best friend was getting married on a Saturday would she attend and she replied wouldn’t attend because its disrespecting God’s Sabbath day. For anyone looking to study it is interesting but if you are willing to pretty much sell your soul to this church they are very pushy and great at making you think if you don’t abide by their rules you are going to hell.

    1. GODisonlyONE says

      @Lorna_____members got afraid so they’re compelled to give everything including maybe, perhaps their own life. Christians have half of the truth, because when they pray, GOD the FATHER is still there.WMSCOG they have father god ahnsahnghong and mother god zahng gil-ja. at times they give title to father god as second christ coming ahnsahnghong. In any christian belief supported by of course the bible, there is only one christ and thats Jesus. and he is still to come on second coming. when he was taken up in heaven, he was the Christ, hes Jesus the Messiah and the son of Mary. on his second coming, he will still be Jesus Christ, the Messiah and the son of Mary. anybody claiming he is christ he shoud have these identification. if the claimant dont have these ids, then he is a false Christ and if he is a false christ then he is the anti-christ. for all the deceptions and lies of WMSCOG which ahngsahnghong founded, indications are very clear enough that he is the antichrist. so anybody involving themselves in this group and provide support in any form, they are but the messengers of satan. so anybody of them can go to heaven? NOBODY among them can even peep whats in heaven because of what they’re involved, making blasphemy and insulting the TRUE GOD, the CREATOR of all, they are already judged to suffer in the life hereafter, HELL will be their abode forever in fire feeling the agony of pain that they wished they should die again but OH NO, the life hereafter, NOBODY die anymore. basis of judgement where each of us gonna be, paradise or hell, thats all depends how we respect our CREATOR, how we follow HIS commandments, and how we Worship Him.

    2. was lost says

      You are truly blessed I wish I thought like you then I wouldnt have wasted 11 years of my life in that satanic church

  55. Ck says

    @lorna. . Your story sounds Exactly like mine and many others. Did they still text u after asking about where you were??? I was in and so is a friend, for around the same length of time, and if you stop going abruptly they show up at jobs , house, text bomb , etc. – I was in a northeast zion…

  56. Gigi says

    I can relate. My son is in this state of mind now. He hardly works and cannot seem ti understand that he needs to care for himself first. He Spends all of his time at church. He was baptized right away. I am desperate and will have to visit the church and investigate the religion. He attends church all day on a Saturday. At least 10-12 hours. If he became homeless because he did not have enough money to pay rent I know for a fact they would not help him. I am being suckered to help pay for his rent since I can’t live with myself if he losses his apartment.

  57. GODisonlyONE says

    @Gigi__ force ur son to back out immediately, fight argumentally with those preventing his exit from the group. if they say, you and your son will not be saved because so and so, tell them that WMSCOG including their leaders, pastors and anybody supporting the idea of an absurd religion of man-appointed gods, their abode is hellfire, and the true GOD the GOD CREATOR of the Universe, the GOD of all has already judged them that HELL is their destination and that is their abode forever, that they opt to die again in their second life, but they dont know, in the second life, nodoby will die anymore. their skins will be burned and renewed again and again and they will feel the agony of pain that their lips misplaced. It is written in the Last Testament, the QURAN.

  58. Gigi says

    GoDisonlyONE Thanks for replying! I cannot believe that my son was targeted while in college! It sounded great! But now the obsession is beyond words! He does not see that we as a family are worried about him. He goes to church everyday! He has no other conversation in hi mind! I was informing him of what I had read about the church 2 months ago that it did not seem legit and he was offended and his reply was that he knew I was going to tell him that! Sounded like the church prepared him to say that! He seems as though they have him constantly thinking that he goes preaching all the time he carries the bible in his back pack and can not leave home with out it. He put college on hold. Flushed 3 semesters. His student loan, credit card is backed up. No money for rent because his job does he does not make much because of his demanding schedule for church! I don’t understand why if its a organization they should be building him in providing for his future and they have him living for the moment! He said in a text a few days ago that heaven is coming soon! And that the Pope is set out ti visit Korea and start a conflict with their church next month. I am planning something in my mind because I need to thread carefully without breaking him. The church has no idea what they are doing to our youngsters today!

    1. GODisonlyONE says

      @Gigi…i lost my family to this group, but unsuspecting all i know is its just another spring of a born again church because i went several times accompanying my family in their church and at their end prayers, they’re invoking God the Father and all they ask in the name of the son Jesus Christ, by this anybody will not suspect that they’re invoking some other gods. Lately though, i began noticing something weird and strange to my son, daughters and their mother, that they used to lie most especially where they go everyday. i’m working abroad and i just cant give total control of them because i just have in mind that my wife should lead them to the right way, I was wrong that even my wife’s brother also became member of this organization.

      the bible they’re using is the NIV, and the most corrupt bible among all versions of the bible. in the 90’s million of copies of this version were distributed all over the world. i don’t know if i am wrong but i assume that there was a pre-planned objective. I dont know actually if the Pope will have conflict with this group because the papacy also had been involved in so many wrongdoings up to the extent of mass genocide. (if u are a researcher and havent gone yet to sites observing the vatican since then and now, try visiting and/or u can search for vatican crimes simply in your search bar.

      1. Gigi says

        @GODisonlyONE Thanks for replying and sorry to hear about your family! I am yet to speak to my son since last week.

  59. Ck says

    @gigi Was the date August 14????

    1. Gigi says

      @CK not sure!

  60. Still attending says

    i want to comment on Missionary Ron’s video. i can agree with some of his comments. the issues he’s had in his zion are present in my zion. and the source of the issues come from the preacher.

    i think we need to educate ourselves of the characteristics of korean culture. what we perceive as cult characteristics could be just cultural. will the overseas members tell you the indepth attributes of their culture? from my experience, no. what about characteristics of appearances, false appearances, acts of truth that are followed or repeated with acts of lies. we should understand more about their group mindset and its dynamic. or perhaps the displacement of the truth. (we didn’t do it, it was the catholic church who does it). or value that is put on deceit. or the invoking of envy between people.

    i noticed there is a characteristic of hiding the truth. about 2012 prophecy, i think we were all supposed to accept it as truth, but hide this truth and go out to preach with the mindset of saving souls quickly. but some of us dont have such charactoristics like hiding the truth. i think the intention was good but it was through an act of deception.

    isnt deception part of korean culture. isnt it hard wired? i know members that have a big issue with 2012 but are still attending. some are not attending anymore. correct me if i’m all wrong here. is there a charactistic of a narrow mindset? is there a charactoristic of control? Ron says he was told to say something to other members. he was controlled as it is called. can someone else comment from their experience? what do you know about korean culture?

    1. T.H. says

      I was once told by a Korean friends mother that in her culture Koreans view themselves as the most perfect being to ever bless the Earth with the imprint of their foot. If this is the mentality we are dealing with then it’s easier to understand how they use others without feeling bad about it.

      1. Still attending says

        hmmm… ok. i understand the preacher is a position of being a prophet. i understand their preaching or teaching comes from the group. if one preacher in europe is preaching about 2012, it is also preached about in south america. leaders have beliefs and teaching not taught to regular members. what would these be?

        1. T.H. says

          Probably the ways they can maximize the profits from the efforts of the members.

    2. remco9519 says

      look here, WMSCOG has man-appointed gods, ahnsanghong is dead while his concubine zanhng gil ja still maybe alive. are these true gods? NEVER but they are fake and false gods. no creation of GOD can be a god and with such reason, it should already justify that if WMSCOG is not a cult, then all in it are BULLSHITS and FOOLISHNESS, which they apply and take money, time, energy from innocent and unaware victims transforming themselves idiots and lunatic expecting false salvation.

    3. Child of God says

      Yes, I actually know Ron personally and was in the same church he was, im going to tell you thatif your still in this church Get Out now while you can! There are dozens of reasons why I left after 11a years and the main reason, my main reason is that I understand the scripture now, and the New Jerusalem is not a women, if you read revelations carefully it clearly says that the water of life was flowing from the throne of God, which the lamb sits at the right side, the new Jerusalem coming out of heaven is the city of God now how can we worship a city,? And in galtions 4:16 the new jerusalem is called our Mother because apostle paul is using the idea of a Mother to show us that we are all related spiritually, there is No actual Mother…. I thank God for revealing me the truth of the new Jerisalem, lol I dont know how I actually followed these lies for so long, and even if she is the supposed God the mother, then they wouldnt hide her divorce papers and two children feom me for 11 years. Its just a big hoax, they use 7th day adventist studies mixed with a few other religious studies and make up stories about ahn sahng hong ! Lol dont waste your time, God bless you and good luck!!,

  61. Raymond7779 (on YouTube) says

    Thanks for this video warning. I knew nothing about this group until today, when 2 apparent members tried to recruit me. Red flags immediately went up when they tried to twist scripture to “prove” there was a God the Mother (blasphemy!), and their false legalism about a Saturday sabbath (I choose to make every day a day for the Lord). They departed quickly after I cited various scriptures about end times bible prophecy (e.g., the Restrainer, the covenant the Antichrist confirms for 7 years, etc.) They seemed to believe we’re in the end times (I certainly believe this is the end of this age right before Jesus’ return), but their end times understanding differed from the Bible in many respects. Basically, they write their own gospel (see Galatians 1:8).

    1. remco9519 says

      one of the signs of the end times is the coming out of Antichrists preaching false doctrines leading people towards hell. the gods of this group, WMSCOG are themselves anti-christs for the reason that their male appointed god has taken the name second coming Christ Ahnsahnghong, and how was that the man is dead and Jesus still has to come but they say Jesus has came already in the person of ahnsahnghong. Again how? when Jesus returns he would be the same Jesus who ascended into heaven, a Jew, the Messiah and the son of Mary. and when he comes he will not die again because it was believed that he ascended into heaven with resurrected body. there’as none real doctrine of this devil church. people joining are unaware of the bait and they give tithes, jewelries, money, time, energy etc etc. expecting salvation while there’s no salvation for this group and instead they are subject to salvage-tion.

  62. julie says

    Im from philippines a college stuident I was walking from school i will go home at that time there is also a girl (korean) of that church who invited me yesterday and i come and listen to her we had a bible study after that she get my number and ask if im free for tomorrow i said YES and i came back after that day and after we had a bible study again she encouraging me to be BAPTIZE in their church so it means im not allowed anymore to go in the other church such as in the catholic church.So i tell her that im not yet prepared i’ll just come back and i will tell to her if im ready and willingly to be baptize Im really confuse right now because I am partially believe to them and I am 95% believing in catholic.
    What should i do?

    that was what i wrote a while ago


  63. Issachar says

    Yes, that is their procedure. Expect to be baptized right away. They believe we should be baptized immediately. Also in their culture they are very eager people. Expect to be called and asked to return often. Its cultural. You cannot be both catholic and wms member. You’ll have to choose one side. Isnt the catholic church a little satanic anyways? Lol.

    Can anyone tell me why Missionary Ron left WMS? What was his turning point exactly? Did he stopping believing in mother? Was he spiritually weighed down? I suppose he would be the best person to answer this…

    1. T.H. says

      Did you not watch the video? I think Ron stayed in this group way too long! He should have seen the destructive and deceptive practices of the WMSCOG relatively early and figured out that this group is NOT lead by God! The other thing that is really obvious is that Jesus NEVER taught the doctrine or teachings of the WMSCOG therefore the WMSCOG is a strange doctrine and should NOT be belived at all.

  64. Former Member says

    I knew Ron Ramos, we were both in the Reseda church, I was a member for 11 years and I can tell you exactly why he left, in the beginning we were told many things about Mother and Father, and one of those things were that she had Zero children, only to discover a decade later that she has TWO children which completely contradicts what we were taught. Another Reason is that we were also told that the world would end around 2012′ and as we got closer to 2012 they began changing their teachings to adjust to their lies which were boubling up little by little, we found that a bit alarming although we were to brainwashed and wrapped in fear to speak up on it, another reason is that Ahn sahng Hong never created the WMSCG, he died while still attending his Church called the NCPOG,I mean theres so much more to this story its like a whole chain of Lies just poured out, Ahn sahng Hong has 3 kids that blew us away, and its funny because Iwas there wjen they made a video about how everything that happened was prophecy it was seriously like a joke to me, it was like they made it worse with the video and could not explain why M and F had children iI was done, especially after they made us preach on Mothers day, that was ridiculous, and they justified that situation by quoting the bible, saying let the dead bury the dead. THANK God I got a second chance at life because I was not happy living fearful all tje time and guilty, The WMSCG teaches blasphemy, pray to Jesus and pray the Our Father Prayer thats why its in the bible

    1. Issachar says

      Thank you Former Memeber for your testimony. I appreciate your words of truth. I am at your position too. Except I havent reacted. I havent left. I am hiding the truth (I’ve realized) and keeping quiet. I haven’t made the step to leave just yet. Its good to know what is happening in other zions. Yes, expect to be told lies first, not the truth first. Surely the people will be judged after the last day. Really? They have been changing their teaching? My zion has been changing their teaching too. The group of Zions have been changing their teachings. Its what they don’t tell you. Just like what missionary says. Did you know we are celebrating the year of jubilee? 2012 is the past now. Its the year of Jubilee. Do you get my point? Lets be happy now.

      1. Former Member says

        Yes Issachar, You must react soon, I am glad to hear that you are thinking for yourself, I can tell you that Their is alot of things you should know before you keep attending, its funny because they the wmscg always quotes Gal 4:16 that the Jerusalem that is above is free and she is our Mother, …. right, but in Reality Apostle Paul was not talking about a women at all, he was talking about the city in Heaven that is made of Gold, also mentioned in the book of Revelations. And I know this because remember when Jesus said that he will be sitting at the right hand of Gods throne, right, well the.WmscG told us that the water of Life flowing from Gods throne in Rev. 19′ 20′ 21, they told us that the one.sitting on the throne was Mother because only a woman can give life, but that cannot be possible, because Jesus had already told us, that he will be seated at the right side of God the Father, I forgot which verse that is put im sure many can google that, yes so after I reasoned with a deacon about it, he took it to pastor and they stopped preaching that study, its literally gone and all their studies have been updated. Now they only keep reciting Gal 4:16 which is not speaking about an actual woman but The city of God, because if you read it carefully, it says more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband, which actually means that the New Jerusalem is not a person because only a city can contain more Children than a human being. Not sure if you follow, basically, Apostle Paul is talking about the City of God and compares it to Sarah Abrahams wife because we are the children of promise who belong to heaven and the City new Jerusalem is our home and represents our citizenship in Heaven. Its like if I, was trying to explain to someone where im from I would say that my Mother Is Los Angeles, right, and then all of the sudden people begin praying to Los Angeles and make a human as the Idol to call Los Angeles my Mother….. it Truly doesnt make any sense…. and to make matters worse, She is divorced, anyone who knows the bible knows that God Detest’s and is against divorce and the bible says that any woman who is divorced sins and no man can marry her or they both sin, so we know that God is perfect, and thats what makes God different from his enemy the Devil, God has laws and Morals which reveal his true devine nature, because we know that Lies come from the devil so anything that is built on a lie cannot stand, a kingdom cannot stand when it is divided amongst itself, God does not change, and God is not a mystery as quoted in the bible, Brother! There is so much more and its not likely that they will answer you with an honest answer, so keep on researching on your own because God is seperating the wicked from the righteous and we can not recieve blessings while worshipping false idols, I will Pray tjat you my dear friend see the.Entirety of this Group and leave these wolvea in sheeps clothing! I am right here, any questions I will be happy to answer, God Bless your soul and continue to pray my Brother, these people will be judjed.

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