Internet – "Tree of the knowledge of good and evil"?

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    This comment was originally posted on The Internet – Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? by YahShanti, and moved here for further discussion:

    I agree that the INTERNET 'metaphorically’ is certainly comparable to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In that, at our fingertips we have accessibility to both good and evil information.

    God’s command to; “not touch it– ‘the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ lest you die” was a warning meant to foster obedience not prohibition.

    Since he created it; it can be reasonably assumed that eventually it would have been beneficial for our use. However we had to become spiritually ready; Adam and Eve were not, hence the insurgence of sin exploded all over the world. As it was in the beginning so it is today.

    Just an added note for thought: Ever wondered what the Microsoft symbol (a bitten apple) represents?

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    The Chive

    144000 wrote:


    "saying I'm in the one true church IS hubris"


    Because everybody in the bible ever loudly proclaims about one singular denomination, never ever contradic ting each other my saying "Come to the Benjamite Church" or "Come to the Church of Latter Day Levites". They were all completely unified throughout the entire history of the bible and had no problem at all identifying the one true church. Any who werent, were destroyed because of their corruption. So then, why can't you testify like they can testify?

    Aren't you guided by the Holy Spirit? Can you reveal to me theese answers? Am I saved if I keep communion? But if I decide to skip communion and only get baptized, am I then also saved? What If I don't even get baptized? Surely if I "just believe in Jesus" then I am saved right, just like the robber on the cross? Theres clearly no point to Jesus instructing us to be baptized, there is no point to keeping any of his instructions. Just be the type of people who do as you please, right?

    Some people look for excuses to not follow Jesus examples. Some people look for every excuse to try to emulate his perfect example in every way.

    This forum is like the prophecy of people who stagger from place to place, starving not for food but for the word of the Lord. You ask them do you know? And they say "I do not know". Ask them, can you read? they say "I cannot read".

    Come to Zion where the Root of David has unsealed the scrolls!

     Actually the term "Holy Spirit" is labeled incorrectly by Christians. There is a Hebrew phrase Ruach Ha-Kodesh that translates to Holy Spirit. It occurs a few places in the Tanakh, but the term as used by most people sounds non-Jewish. Here is some info.

    As ruach better translates as breath and is used in the Scripture in the context of God's will. I would prefer translations akin to "the Holy Will" or "The Holy Path." It is difficult to convey Hebrew concepts in English. 



    And the WMSCOG has not unscrolled anything of King David's. Ahnsahnhong and the rest of your deities are not much like Jesus apart of his appropriate Messiah lineage.



    emil wrote:

    ^ Azula you got it wrong. They would be present near the wounded with banners if the press cameras were there. 😉

     Hahaha LMAO! Tru dat!

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