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    Still no response about this. Anyone?


    WMS brother, I don't think you read all the information.  It's not about the date of Passover, but the dates of the 7th months feasts.  Some years they were kept in the 8th month, counting from when the wmscog celebrated Passover.  It has nothing to do with arguing the dates of Passover but everything to do with the wmscog following the Bible's direction of keeping the 7th month feasts in the 7th month and not the 8th.


    except that doesn’t address why the last three feasts were kept in the eighth month from the month of Passover

    WMS brother


    The problem is as follows:

    "Passover 2013 begins in the evening of  Monday, March 25"


    "Passover in 2013 will start on Tuesday, the 26th of March"

    So is the "14th day at twilight" the evening of the 25th, or the evening of the 26th?

    There are a few websites that follow, and Jewish denominations whom disgree, on the intracacies of the day. Also a problem is the 24 hour "day" as we believe it, as opposed to the "12" hour day as God believes it.

    The Holy Calendar has been lost from mankind for a while. Since then there have only been estimations, and if you disagree about the exact dates, then there is no way to keep the Passover in confidence.

    In fact, arguing ABOUT the true date of Passover was the -original- reason why Constantine held the Council to change it. Because people were confused about when it was and that broke out into religious fights (some literally were fights).

    Up until the last days, it is prophesied that the truth has been destroyed. True to this, few to no people in the world have any idea how to calculate the Holy Calendar correctly. This alone proves few to no people have ever been keeping the Feasts on the correct days.

    Now, we have been given the Holy Calendar again, and at the beginning of every year, it is carefully calculated with help from Mother. As it was prophesied the truth would return, it has.


    In another thread, fromtheotherside, speaking of the materials presented againt the wmscog, said "none of your evidences speak for itself.  if you have such evidence present it without your explanation."

    I presented several 'evidences without explanation' there, but I think it would be a good idea to take each one separately into its own thread.  Here's the second one:

    Regarding the feasts that are to be kept in the 7th month: Several years the WMSCOG kept them in the 8th month.  This is a fact established by the calendar and the record of feast dates.

    I originally did not link to my research about it, because fromtheotherside did not want explanation, but if you'd like to see the research, I've collected it here:


    There was no discussion about this point on the previous thread, but it's definitely open for discussion here.

Viewing 5 posts - 76 through 80 (of 80 total)
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