An Interview With The NCPCOG: Ahn Sahng Hong Believed The Idea Of A “Mother God” To Be Delusional

Among World Mission Society Church of God members, there has been some discussion concerning the “marriage” between Ahn Sahng Hong and Zahng Gil Jah (Jang Gil Ja). Were they ever legally married?  Had they divorced their spouses prior to being involved with one another?  Did Ahn Sahng Hong or Zahng Gil Jah ever have children together, or in their previous marriages?  When I was a member of the World Mission Society Church of God, I remember asking a high ranking member if Ahn Sahng Hong and Zahng Gil Jah had ever had children.  I was told that they had not.   I later asked another high ranking member if Ahn Sahng Hong and Zahng Gil Jah had ever been married to other people.  The WMSCOG member explained that “people spread lies about father and mother on the Internet to persecute the church of god”.  I took that answer to be a “no”.

Interview with the NCPCOG

We recently contacted the New Covenant Passover Church of God (NCPCOG) in S. Korea and conducted an interview with a missionary of the organization in an attempt to gain more answers concerning Ahn Sahng Hong and Zahng Gil Jah’s supposed marriage.  According to the NCPCOG missionary:

  1. Ahn Sahng Hong was legally married to a woman named Hwang Won Soon and together they had three children.  (By the way his children’s names are written on the back of his tombstone)
  2. One of Ahn Sahng Hong’s three children remains a member of the NCPCOG
  3. Ahn Sahng Hong never legally divorced his wife Hwang Won Soon.  Hwang Won Soon died about three years ago (~2008).
  4. Ahn Sahng Hong never legally married ZhangGilJah.

Ahn Sahng Song Refutes the Idea of a “Mother God”

The NCPCOG missionary explained that Ahn Sahng Hong wrote a book entitled “새  예루살렘과  신부  여자들의  수건  문제  해  석” or “Problems with the New Jerusalem, the Bride and Women’s Veils”.  The NCPCOG informed us that they are in the process of having Ahn Sahng Hong’s book translated into English in order to publish an English version of the book on their website.  According to our source at the NCPCOG, Ahn Sahng Hong wrote this book in response to a woman named Um Soo In (엄수인) who claimed that she was the “mother god” prior to Zahng Gil Jah making the same claim after Ahn Sahng Hong’s death.  Below is the translation of the preface of the book:

This book is published to stop the troublemaker at church, namely those that misinterpret the Bible and act like a religious fanatic also to explain the errors of the books published by Um Soo In and to testify the unchanging truth of Church of God. Church of God is established upon prophesies of all prophets, therefore, one cannot find any flaws in Church of God. Nevertheless, women like Um Soo In committed great things with impudent thoughts so how will she be forgiven? They’re being presumptuous with their words and books and interpreted Revelation in their own way and spoke impudently so what are they to do with their sins? This is a big problem. They will continue to be arrogant and form incorrect thoughts led by Satan which will eventually lead to destruction. It is almost impossible to come out of the den of destruction now. But if they let go of their pride, repent, and confess? Maybe they can come back. It’s a hard thing to say. Saints all over the country, what has happened is a big lesson for you. We need to be extra careful that you don’t get lured into their delusions. The cause of fire is church criticism and church leaders’ gossip which are Satan’s invitation in your mind. When Satan enters your mind, it’s difficult to escape from Satan’s net. If there are brothers that criticize the church or gossip, you must adamantly refuse them for you to live. Now let’s find and study all the errors of recorded books of Um Soo In.

Ahn Sahng Hong

In the preface to Problems with the New Jerusalem, the Bride and Women’s Veils, Ahn Sahng Hong warns readers that this woman named Um Soo In, who a South Korean cult says was Ahn Sahng Hong’s first spiritual wife, is leading people to destruction.  What did Um Soo In do or say that Ahn Sahng Hong felt compelled to write an entire book refuting her claims?  Below are some revealing quotes from Ahn Sahng Hong’s book.

The reason why Stephen testified before the scribes and Pharisees using Isaiah 66:1 is to clearly show that God does not dwell in earthly Jerusalem but is in heavenly new Jerusalem that was built by Himself…It is clear that the above prophecy is associated with the verses in Revelation 21:1-4. God does not dwell in a place built by man’s hands, but is in the new Jerusalem God Himself made and we will go there at the end of the world.

Ahn Sahng Hong pages 15-16

After quoting Revelation 21:1-2, Ahn Sahng Hong writes:

Um Soo In is babbling about how she is the new Jerusalem that came down out of heaven. Um Soo In is using the following verse to claim that she is the mother from heaven.

Ahn Sahng Hong page 17

Ahn Sahng Hong quotes Galatians 4:22-26 and then writes:

Um Soo In thinks that Hagar is the actual earthly Jerusalem and Sarah as the actual heavenly Jerusalem…It is written (Galatians 4:24) ‘These things are being taken figuratively: The women represent two covenants’ as the prophecy of the Old Covenant and New Covenant where Hagar represents physical Israelites because of Mosaic law received on Mount Sinai and earthly Jerusalem and Sarah represents the New Covenant established by Jesus Christ in the upper room of Mark’s house and spiritual Israelites, namely, Jerusalem from above. However, Um Soo In claims she is the Jerusalem from above that came down to earth. If the verses from Galatians 4:22-24 speak of a prophesy where Sarah is the Jerusalem from above and that Jerusalem is Um Soo In then Um Soo In must be married to her son. Because Isaac is Sarah’s son and Isaac is also said to be Christ. (Galatians 3:16)

Ahn Sahng Hong pages 17-18

Wait a minute.  Not only is Ahn Sahng Hong’s interpretation of Galatians 4:22-24 different from the WMSCOG’s interpretation here, but evidently UmSooIn used the same verses to claim that she was the “mother god” that the WMSCOG uses to claim that ZahngGilJah is the “mother god”.

Um Soo In referred me [Ahn Sahng Hong] as the blind Isaac and herself as the Jerusalem from above or Sarah and is saying to live with Isaac or her son after all so where will you find this kind of extremely disgraceful thing? Um Soo In is to gather power as a false prophet with weird delusions so what is she to do with that sin and we need to think about the sins of her followers. (Isaiah 9:16)

Ahn Sahng Hong page 18

From the above passage, it seems that Um Soo In publicly criticized Ahn Sahng Hong calling him “the blind Isaac” though it is not clear why.  Ahn Sahng Hong calls Um Soo In a delusional, false prophet for claiming that she is the “Jerusalem from above”.  Would Ahn Sahng Hong say the same about Zahng Gil Jah if he were alive today?

In Chapter 8, Ahn Sahng Hong writes that Jerusalem is an actual place and not a person:

Heavenly New Jerusalem means 144,000 saints, but there must be New Jerusalem that is an actual building. If New Jerusalem as an actual place does not exist then where will the 144,000 saints will live in heaven?
Revelation 21:1-4 records that the New Jerusalem or tabernacle of God is with the people, and this tabernacle is not a person but a divine building. So why are we claiming that saints are the church and 144,000 saints are the New Jerusalem? Because every church thinks that a building is church or New Jerusalem but I want to make it clear that church is where saints are gathered and the New Jerusalem is where 144,000 saints will enter.
The previous verse [Hebrews 12:22-24] is a clear fact that is written in a letter. And it records that Jesus Christ also has entered by his own blood.

Ahn Sahng Hong Chapter 8

After reading these quotes from Ahn Sahng Hong’s book, it becomes clear that he:

  1. did not believe that there was such a thing as a “mother god”
  2. believed that UmSooIn was delusional for claiming to be Sarah or the New Jerusalem
  3. believed that the New Jerusalem is a place and not a person

The Rights to Publish Ahn Sahng Hong’s Writings

Despite the evidence presented here, some of our readers may dismiss the literature on the NCPCOG website as fraudulent.  Ask yourself these questions:

  1. If the NCPCOG did not have the right to Ahn Sahng Hong’s books, why would the WMSCOG allow them to freely publish his writings on the Internet for everyone to see?  Would they not have claimed copyright infringement?  (You can click here to see all of Ahn Sahng Hong’s books on the NCPCOG site)
  2. Why does the WMSCOG only allow their members to read Ahn Sahng Hong’s books?  (For those of you who have never been in the WMSCOG, you can not readily purchase their books outside of the church)
  3. If the book titled, Problems with the New Jerusalem, the Bride and Women’s Veils was not Ahn Sahng Hong’s true writing, wouldn’t the WMSCOG have claimed defamation or fraud?  Would they not have demanded that the book be taken down from the NCPCOG website?


The fact remains that Ahn Sahng Hong’s books ARE available for the public on the NCPCOG site.  During our interview with the NCPCOG missionary, regarding Zahng Gil Jah he stated, In Korea, the evidence is so obvious.  The lack of information written in English remains a barrier for Americans and people in other non-Korean speaking countries.  We applaud the NCPCOG’s efforts in making the information available to the general public and we look forward to seeing the complete English translations of Ahn Sahng Hong’s books on their website soon.  The members of the WMSCOG deserve to know the history of the organization to which they so readily give their time, effort, money, and countless hours of recruiting.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

John 8:32
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  1. Sasha says

    This is Lizzie’s post a WMSCOG member from Jamie’s blog and her story about mother Jerusalem. It sounds like a clip taken from a romantic movie.

    By: Lizzie on June 7, 2008 at 2:27 pm on
    I wanted to get this straight out to those that are enquiring to know:

    First off, I don’t understand why you want to know about her when you think she is a CULT LEADER and she is heretic because she claims to be God. When we ask our church about our Mother Jerusalem, because we all want to know more about her when we find out she is Christ dwelling on earth. They tell us her birthday, but I personally forgot. I asked my pastor if she was married or not. The truth is she was married and not with Father Ahnsahnghong. They both have families of their own. The reason she came about was because he ESTABLISHED her to fulfill prophesy. He took a picture of her in a traditional wedding dress and in a traditional wedding stance with him to fulfill prophesy. Then he told General Pastor to save that picture that one day he will need. General Pastor has never questioned Father and did as he was told. When it came to that day the people knew he was the 2nd coming Christ his wife claimed she was THE BRIDE. That’s when General Pastor pulled out the picture.

    That’s how our Mother came to be! I just wanted to get that out of the way.
    We know his birthday year to be 1918 and that too was to fulfill prophecy about baptized at 30 years old, it had to be when Israel achieved independence after many years of not even existing. He fulfilled the fig tree prophesy.

    Looks like the script was written after his death. I truly wonder if he was alive today he would not only consider her but even the gereral pastor as a psychopath for playing around with his teachings

    1. admin says

      Thank you for posting Sasha. It is interesting how some WMSCOG members are told that ZhangGilJah was never married, and yet other members are told that she was. Why the contradiction? Why does the WMSCOG give different answers to different members? Both answers cannot be true.

      1. Peter says

        It has title: rumours or opinions. Instead of spreading rumours about someone’s private life learn about their teaching. I did not like tie of my professor in Uni but it does not mean I did not listen to his teaching

      2. paulos says

        I really do want to read about the book and its english version. There is a rumor that the book has been published in english . Can you please put that for reference ???

        1. admin says

          Problems with New Jerusalem, the Bride and Women’s Veils is online here:

  2. Renita says

    Whenever I ask about some things, I was told to [comment moved by admin to the forum for further discussion]

  3. mark says

    I dont really understand this thing, please explain it to me.

    1. admin says

      The bottom line is that Ahnsahnghong did not believe in a “mother god”. Click here to read the book that he wrote and you may be able to understand this a little bit better.

    2. Tiff says

      Im with you on this one. However, it seems to me like the writer or should I say administration of the page do not fully understand what they alone are reading. I read about this suit previously and just checked back to see if there were any updates on it. All I’m seeing is a second former member also suing WMSCOG. To each their own. All I can say is that there is a Creator God, that being Elohim. And whether one believes or shall I say follow their “Church” of choice…judgement will be delivered in by the hand of the same God. There is only one. Faith and deeds are judged on a solo bases. And at the end of the day, God has the final say so…like if either of the ladies win their cases, that’s God’s work. But so is vengeance.

  4. tears of a sinner with regret! says

    I gave 12 years of my life as a member, my kids were raised in the Church.
    I’m angry, sad, hurt, mad, i feel like I deceived my kids by misleading all of them. I wanted to do what was right as a citizen and a child of god. now who is the creator? An be a good example. Instead Ive lost 12 good years and now I have nothing to show. I gave my time, money, sacrifice, jobs.
    So what do I do now where do I turn now? I need to know more; is there a law suite going on? I heard about a movement this is my life! my kids life. when I don’t wanna say father n mother I still say it. I told my oldest son yesterday this truth and he was heart broken. I find myself crying feeling embarrass, this is messing with me mentally and emotionally. Do you have a therapist for me? 12 years I cant talk to no one cause I feel like a straight fool. I believed in Elohim. A false god idolatry

    Thank Diane and Ron I love you….

    1. Sam says

      Thank you very much that you knew the truth. hope all members of wmscog will know very soon. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

    2. andy says

      I am looking into this church as we speak and I see many issues in what they say, many words moved around, added words which gives a complete different direction of thought,, they use words like we/us/our/mother/father and this makes your brain fix on them…For example people say “love of money is root of all evil” but if you add the correct translation and add the words in front,,”love of money is the root of all evil” this gives a complete different meaning. This is what they do when I listen to their videos and the use of scriptures. I grew up as a Jehovah Witness but I left 15 years ago with plenty knowledge and when I ask questions from the bible they cannot answer, they keep moving round in their answers. They twist things to suit Ahn Sahng hong and there so called Woman in Korea. For me its fact and more knowledgeable that God’s name is Jehovah and the COG focus more on the mother than God himself. Jesus said hundreds of times that praise goes to Jehovah than himself. The songs I heard in the COG focus on the Mother as if she has more importance than Jehovah..This after time brain washing you to forget about Gog himself and his son… The woman above is God woman like Jerusalem where he gathers his children is plainly seen in the scripture. Jesus said he would never return in the flesh again…There are so many errors I can see and I am not a Church goer any more, but I do believe in Jehovah Jesus and the Bible. What I say to people is to research words from the bible in Hebrew and Greek against there or any teachings and you will be able to see a more accurate translation and meaning..For me is what I have done, and the more I study the more I convinced my old teaching of being JW is was more correct…However before you question my words, I am referring to the bible translation, not the doctrines of JW as like all religions Doctrines are from men..The bible is he only key and when you find a church using the truth words you have research, then your heart will feel good.

      1. Truthpublisher says

        Glad to hear that you came out of JW and see some similarities with wmscog. Just wanted to make a quick comment on what you said,
        “For me is what I have done, and the more I study the more I convinced my old teaching of being JW is was more correct…However before you question my words, I am referring to the bible translation, not the doctrines of JW”
        I would like to help you out just a little by telling you that the JW have actually made their own bible translation(NWT), in order to better fit their religions beliefs. Hope this helps!

      2. Lexi says

        Do you know the scripture where Jesus said he would not come in the flesh again?

      3. Tiff says

        People say that “money is the root of all evil” the Bible does not. The Bible uses “us” when God speaks. (Creation of Adam and Eve, Tower of Babel). You say you believe upon the name of Jehovah and Jesus. Then you must also believe upon the name of he Holy Spirit. That being Second Coming Christ.

    3. Truthpublisher says

      Wow what a moving comment. I am so sorry for you and your family. Unfortunately, these things happen. I think now you know what Matthew 24:23-26 means. Let me reassure you that God is real, he is just not Ahn Sahng-Hong. Let Jesus mend that broken heart! You have probably been taught so many false things while being a part of that group. Here is a very helpful link to a 12 minute video to get you on the road to true recovery.

      May God bless you and your family.

  5. gentaporco says

    thank you but i believe that ahnsahnghong was married to zhang gil-ja…[this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion].

  6. Emil says

    gentaporco, please follow the link in your comment above and join us in the forum to discuss this.

  7. The True WMSCOG says

    [this comment was moved to the forum for further discussion]…Find the answer to this erroneous idea here!

  8. Ellie says

    Why do they say that all living things have a father and mother? You must be too ignorant to believe that. Aren’t we all know that there are living beings of asexual reproduction? Such as worms, sponges, fungi and bacteria. Perhaps they are not living things? And also are hermaphrodites they are both male and female at once. There are many hermaphrodite animals and humans as well. I’m surprised nobody has noticed this thing so obvious before. I have not read anything about it here or anywhere else. I think this is another proof of the falsity of that religion. Well, everything indicates that it’s fake anyway.

  9. Ellie says

    Why do they say that all living things have a father and mother? You must be too ignorant to believe that. Are not we all know that there are living beings of asexual reproduction? Such as worms, sponges, fungi and bacteria. Perhaps they are not living things? And also are hermaphrodites are both male and female at once. There are many hermaphrodite animals and humans as well. I’m surprised nobody has noticed this thing so obvious before. I have not read anything about it here or anywhere else. I think this is another proof of the falsity of that religion. Everything indicates that it is fake anyway.

  10. Rose says

    That whole article is being misinterputed…[this comment has been moved to the forum]

  11. brenda says

    How do you explain the book he wrote when he said something “she is still a child or that she was 12 years old?!

  12. T.H. says

    I know that my God spoke planets into existance. There’s nothing in the Bible that talks about a father and mother shacking up and making planets.

  13. witness of Mother says

    first of all we must know why did christ Ahnsanghong wrote this book? let’s see in the book of john chapter 7 verse 8 and john7:10 campare this two verse . it prooves that Jesus is false? we must have to know why did Jesus said this words does it mean i do not go? as the same ways he said he said jerusalem is a city of heaven. bcoz that was not time to appear of real mother. mother the life giver appered after adam sleep. so cant adam say there is no mother eve? does it mean he lied? if you want to know what the fact please visit our church.

    1. T.H. says

      You need to be more clear about this so called contradiction in the book of John. As I read it there doesn’t seem to be a contradiction. I’m not sure where you are going with this. As for visiting your so called church, I have NEVER been welcomed there. Not even when my family member was a part of this group. The few times I’ve tried to visit I was turned away at the door basically being told that I needed to be invited before I could come in and study with them. I’m sure that these are not the facts that you want shared however, this is what HAS happened at three different locations and at a fourth location they didn’t even come to the door. I hope that your mind can become opened and that the truth will speak to you. If this is the place that you are in I encourage you to research everything that you have been taught. Do this on your own outside of the control of the WMSCOG. If you honestly do this you are going to find a lot of problems with the studies and the doctrine of the WMSCOG. Nobody can do this for you! You need to discover these things for yourself. There are plenty of folks here that are willing to discuss what they have discovered over the years if you care to open up a honest conversation with us.

  14. Kelly Desvoyault says


    1. timothy says

      Kelly I was in the WMS since 1998 and there are no lies hear. If the church was honest and true then there would be no one to point the finger. but the WMS leaders are leaving a trail of destruction behind them as a result of there there activities. just because it has not happened to you does not mean its not true.

  15. Mountainmom says

    Kelly, could you tell us how Satan uses children to keep his followers from his Zion?

  16. Mountainmom says

    @Kelly Desvoyault: Often after I ask a simple question the Wms member disappears as you have. It is really too bad because I think while printing out your answer you might see how really ridiculous it is. This church teaches that anything or anyone who keeps you from “Zion” is an agent of Satan. Therefore, if a little child cries or asks their member parent to stay home on a Saturday and play with him/her, then the member looks at that child as “Satan.” That is really horrible, really an awful thing to put into the head of a parent as they look at their child. I have heard of a young wife begging her husband not to leave, and the Wms member called her “Satan.” I am going to have to assume that this is the same way the church wants members to look at their children as well. Is this true? If not, then how is it different in your eyes, Kelly?

  17. Alex says

    Hi Thanks all
    even my family cousins got into this cult.we are indians and protestants from 6 generations luthrens. they are spreading their false teaching here too.Three question i ask. if zhanggiljha is their almighty why she uses hearing aids and cant speak any other language than korean. second what new knowledge or testament these both got to teach this world. third religion never has recession or market fall. it thrives in it, every nook n corner we have sadhus,swamis.mullas. n end time pastors.But the voice of the lord jesus Christ we follow. wish sometime jesus christ had given us sword like the cult of mohammmed. But he said REVENGE is HIS

  18. B Rngaid says

    If there is only one God why do Jesus and apostles need to mention God as our Heavenly Father instead  only God.The existence of Father really indicates that there must be Mother also.Likewise, the existence of Brothers really indicates that there must be Sisters also.
    Moreover Bible expressed God in two images ie.male image of God and female image of God.However most of the people they accept only the male image of God or the masculine gender of God.
    In HEAVEN-God is not only Father but Mother also.In HEAVEN-Children are not only Brothers but Sisters also.
    I am a Newcomer in WMSCOG and Till that time they taugh me about God the Mother I am strongly believed her existence.But my purpose to see on the internet about her is to find the truth whether she had came according to the prophacy or not.However as I entered through many website and pages on the internet I find different website and pages insisted Mother in different ways and different definition.
    So brothers and Sisters you have known that Jesus Christ is God because he had fulfilled the prophacy in the bible accordingly.Thus,Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother are true God because only true God can fulfill the prophacy but others cannot.
    In order to know God read the Bible not to read the Internet.

  19. Isaiah says

    Anyone in Denver who can help me explain this to a friend?

  20. Munir bin Samad says

    If the whole W.M.S.C.O.G idea is centred upon Ahnsahnghong as the 2nd Coming, then WMSCOG is just a huge cult, which it is most likely. Firstly, ask if Ahnsahnghong’s birth was divine or ordinary. By that, everyone should know wether Ahnsahnghong was genuine or a really smart fraud

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