WMSCOG Settlement Offer – WMSCOG vs Colon, Newton VA #2011-17163

In December of 2011, the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) filed a $25 million lawsuit against the owner of this website and a former member claiming defamation among other things. Below are the relevant court documents. As you know, everything posted here on examiningthewmscog.com is well researched, well cited, and truthful to the best of my abilities (if it were not, it would be promptly corrected). More documents will be posted as they become available.


In response to Plaintiff WMSCOG’s Settlement Request on 05/02/12, Defendant Newton offered to look at the possibility of taking down particular statements the Plaintiff complained of in its original Complaint.  This was, apparently, not good enough.  On 05/04/12, Plaintiff WMSCOG extended the following settlement offer to Defendent Newton in exchange for dropping its $25 million lawsuit, which required not only the taking down of the complained-of statements but also:

  • The removal of all statements related to the WMSCOG whatsoever, even those not complained-of in the original lawsuit
  • Agreement to not criticize the WMSCOG in the future
  • Agreement to not tell anyone about the arrangement

You may read the offer in PDF or text format below:

WMSCOG vs Colon, Newton - VA Case #2011-17163
WMSCOG Settlement Offer (PDF)


Download this PDF [138 kB]

WMSCOG Settlement Offer (Text)


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May 4, 2012

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Mr. Lee E. Berlik
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Re:       World Mission Society, Church of God vs. Michele Colon and Tyler J. Newton
Case No. 2011-­17163

Dear Lee:

We have considered approaching a settlement in this matter on a “peace-meal” basis in which we took into account all of the comments made by your clients. We find this approach untenable and unacceptable.

Our-client has authorized us to make an offer to dismiss all claims against both parties with prejudice in return for the following:

  1. Removal of all references to our client and all those affiliated in any manner with our client;
  2. An agreement of non-­disparagement moving forward; and
  3. Standard Confidentiality and other provisions the parties agree are acceptable in the Settlement Agreement.

Obviously, time is of the essence and we would like a response immediately.



John W. Dozier Jr., Esq.



This document is part of a larger court case filed against this site and a former member by the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) in Dec 2011. For more documents from the court case see the timeline below:

WMSCOG vs Colon, Newton - VA Case #2011-17163

1 Comment

  • Well, don’t agree to it.

    They were criticized by those who know about them and also former members. You are right in criticizing them, since they teach wrong and unbiblical doctrines and attack other religions, especially the Roman Catholic religion.

    It seems they don’t want their evil exposed. As the Bible itself says, there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open (Luke 8:17).

    Don’t let them win. Otherwise, they will continue spreading their evil in many ways they could think of.

    May God bless you in this endeavor.

    P.S.: It’s Yuri. I’m always updated here, brother in Christ. Cheers!