2012 Pamphlet?

In July, 2010, Professor Tark, professor of Religion at Busan Presbyterian University, discussed the WMSCOG’s activities in South Korea during a conference attended by former members of various mind control groups.

During his lecture, Professor Tark showed a brochure in which the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG), or Ahn Sahng Hong Witnesses according to the brochure cover, predicted that Jesus or “the husband” would return on “the last day of the year 2012 A.D.”  Skip to 21:07 in the video to see the brochure.

While we can not verify the authenticity of the brochure, we do find what it has to say interesting.

The Year 1844

Of note in the calculations within the brochure is the year 1844.  William Miller, the heresiarch responsible for Seventh Day Adventism (of which Ahn Sahng Hong was a part of, and where he got many of his beliefs from),  predicted that Jesus Christ would return between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844.

When Jesus did not return within Miller’s predicted time frame, Samuel S. Snow, another Millerite preacher, revised the date to October 22, 1844.  Again, Jesus did not return.  This was dubbed the Great Disappointment and was a major event in the history of the Millerite movement.  The Millerites faced great criticism from the public.  One group of Millerites revised their views on the event claiming that the cleansing of the sanctuary in Daniel 8:14 did not refer to the sanctuary on earth but to the sanctuary in heaven, therefore making the prophesied event invisible. From this group of Millerites emerged The Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Ahn Sahng Hong and Seventh Day Adventism

The World Mission Society Church of God claims that Ahn Sahng Hong was baptized into the Seventh Day Adventist religion in 1948 at age 30, and remained a follower for 16 years.  (Update: This claim has been debunked, click here). Ahn Sahng Hong decided to form his own church in 1964, which is known today as the World Mission Society Church Of God. Therefore, it is not surprising that if the brochure was indeed published by the WMSCOG, who follow some Seventh Day Adventist doctrines, that they would have included the year 1844 in their calculation of Jesus’s return.  On their website, the WMSCOG recognizes the 1844 movement led by William Miller in their explanation of The Feast of Trumpets.

How the Brochure Calculates 2012

According to the brochure “the construction of the heavenly temple was started and completed in 168 days, in other words in 168 years”. The brochure uses a conversion of one day to one year (Ezekiel 4:6, Numbers 14:34). The calculation begins on the Day of Atonement (10th day of the 7th month) when Moses received the 10 commandments for the second time (Exodus 34) and ends on the day that the tabernacle was finished (1st day of the 1st month of the 2nd year Exodus 40:17). Here it is broken down:

  • 20 days left in the 7th month
  • 8th and 9th months together have 59 days
  • 10th month has 29 days
  • 11th month has 30 days
  • 12th month has 29 days
  • then 1 day in the first month

and you get 168 days

The brochure proposes that Jesus will complete the heavenly tabernacle in 168 years, just like the earthly tabernacle was completed in 168 days in the time of Moses.  The brochure arrives at 2012 by adding 168 years to the year 1844.

Is This The Official Teaching?

The World Mission Society Church of God has denied that they ever taught that Jesus Christ will return in 2012.  A Court in South Korea documented that the WMSCOG has had numerous failed doomsday predictions. This brochure provides corroborating evidence that at one time someone printed a brochure in the name of the WMSCOG that did in fact claim that Jesus would return in 2012.  Former WMSCOG members have also provided corroboration for the WMSCOG’s 2012 failed end of the world predictions.

One Other Observation

The headline on the front of the brochure states, “The husband is late getting in here, so everyone is sleeping.”  If Jesus Christ is our husband, then doesn’t that make those who are waiting for him the bride?  Then how can Zhang Gil Jah be the bride?  Click here to find out who Ahn Sahng Hong believed to be the bride.

Should You Be Concerned?

Jesus said that no one knows the hour nor the day that the world will end (Matthew 24:36).  So you do not need to be concerned. One thing is for sure, as soon as anyone predicts they know when the end of the world will be, they are directly going against what Jesus said in Matthew 24:36.  So who do you believe? Jesus Christ, or someone else?

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  1. MountainMom says

    My son who is a member told me a year and a half ago that the COG members did tell him the world was ending in 2012. Afterwards, he denied it, saying that some members had “incorrectly” preached that date. However, about the same time, two other members told my daughter in law that the world definitely was ending in 2012. When she said what would happen if it didn’t, this hard core member told her that if it didn’t happen the church should put a lock on the door and bar entry. He was that sure. I would like to know now what this member would say if asked. Bet he lies!

    1. Devlin says

      Mountain Mom, I saw your blogs on jaime’s blog website. I saw several references to the cult watch website and ended up here. I’m glad I found all of you. How is your son doing?

      My son just joined the group and I’m doing everything I can to get him out. Thank you too for referencing Hassan’s book – I just ordered a copy. I am looking for all the help I can get.

      1. admin says

        Hi Devlin,

        Please join us in the Former Members World Mission Society Church of God Facebook group where you can speak with former members, friends and family.

    2. admin says

      Hello MountainMom,
      I’m not sure that the excuse about the members “incorrectly” preaching the 2012 date is going to work anymore. Now there is irrefutable proof of the WMSCOG’s 2012 prediction in the court case referenced here:

  2. Devlin says

    Oh and my son told me they said the world will end in 2018. He has no idea the original date is 2012. They are moving it out 6 years.

    1. admin says

      Hi Devlin,

      This is new to us. Do you know how they calculated the 2018? Our friends in the WMSCOG are still saying 2012.

      1. Devlin says

        I’m going “IN” and will be prepared with all my questions – especially all the ones I’ve read in all the blogs. And I will confirm the 2018 year.

        I’m so thankful for your group and your determination to expose their lies. I’m sure there are so many others out there that we can help – I will do my best to not only save my son but those I come into contact with in his group.

        1. admin says

          I suggest you review the Angels Before series of articles to prepare in addition to what you have already read. There is a wealth of info in our Evidence section that I hope you will find useful.

  3. Renita says

    The husband waits for the bride.

    1. T.H. says

      The husband is coming for his bride but only the father knows when.

  4. gaston says

    buenos dias…..tengo un primo y me hablo tan bien con la biblia que cadapunto lo va revisando con la biblia…[tu comentario fue transladado al foro para continuar la discusión, por favor, únase]

  5. john novak says

    dear sir i visited this group twice on a saturday and found thier church and the behavior of thier members and leaders very strange on the second visit they asked me to put my cross in my shirt and i was following what ever they did as soon as you refused to they rushed me out of thier church i was never intending to join i just wanted to see if my hunch was right the fact that they have security at the doors of thier churches should have been a warning

  6. Name says

    As far as the church is concerned I was always told the 2012 part of the extended 2300 days and years was the start of judgement and I have been there longer then Diane and Ron.

  7. Name says

    As far as Ron was concerned he was teaching kids to not date each other and to get rid of all their music. As a result of this one of the kids got depressed and started doing drugs and soon after died of a drug overdose. Diane was also telling people to not have children because we supposedly according to Diane and Ron were in the last days. The Pastor at that time had never said anything to me about these crazy ideas and when I asked the pastor at that time about this he told me that was never the teaching of WMSCOG and not to listen to anyone who says anything that is their own ideas.

    1. T.H. says

      The WMSCOG has a reason to lie to you about this. They have lied to you about this! What would Ron or Diane get from you by lying to you? Answer is “Nothing”! The WMSCOG wants you plugged into their programing and will tell you whatever they need to in order to keep you from thinking for yourself. Time to wake up and use the mind that GOD gave you and stop following the stories that the WMSCOG administration is telling you.

    2. T imothy says

      You believe the church because your a fool , ron, dian and many others weres instructed by the church to say thoes things and no one died just more lies. The WMS should not be invalved in anyones life. Your pasto john is zhangs grandson and Dainel in NY is his fathr and zhags son you dont know crap about the people you put your faith in.

    3. T im says

      And if that is not proff enough to show you the church doctrines has changed then your a fool. I was there . them and it is a fact and we all have the study notes from thoes teachings. I saw many films befor 1999 about war and computor and global meltdown where nuck” s could go off.

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