WMSCOG Recruitment Brochure – Fear Mongering Under the Cloak of Religion (Part 2)

Just as in Part 1 of this series, here is another brochure that the World Mission Society Church of God has utilized in their public recruitment efforts. At first glance, it appears to be a predominantly religious brochure about the Passover. Like the first pamphlet, there is a picture of Jesus at the Last Supper. Numerous Bible verses are seen throughout. Yet, a closer look at the pamphlet, reveals that this is nothing more than another piece of fear mongering WMSCOG propaganda.

“The Passover is the Sign, Through Which We Can Escape Disasters”

Take a closer look…

GLOBAL WARM…”, “CLIMATE AT RI…”, “THE HORROR THATTHE COURSE OF WORLD…” and “FIRE FROM THE…” are all phrases that can be seen in the right upper hand corner of the pamphlet. What is seen at the bottom left hand corner? What appears to be a pile of dead bodies.

What is on the reverse side of the brochure?

The title of the brochure, seen on the outer fold of the pamphlet, reads “THE RESULT OF YOUR THOUGHTS.” The folded brochure opens to reveal the phrase “THE DIFFERENCE OF THOUGHTS BRINGS ABOUT OPPOSITE RESULTS.” These phrases communicate that your thoughts, even before you read this material, are wrong and are leading you on the wrong path. The yin and yang comparison contained in the image between the golden ladder to heaven, and the ladder that was destroyed by lightning, suggests that there is only a right or wrong choice to be made. The choice that leads to heaven, as the World Mission Society Church of God has conveniently positioned themselves to be, and the wrong choice that leads to “disasters.”

What is the purpose of these dark images?

The title of the inner section of the brochure is “The Passover is the Sign, Through Which We Can Escape Disasters.” From this title, and associated imagery, it is obvious that the WMSCOG has created a sense of fear and impending doom, while at the same time conveniently marketing itself as the only solution. How could the World Mission Society Church of God be the “true church”, as its members claim, if they have to scare people into joining?

Note that just as in the first pamphlet, there is no mention of Ahn Sahng Hong or Zhang Gil Jah.

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