Why All The Construction Before The End Of The World?

The World Mission Society Church of God members that I have spoken to, all claim that the “end of the world is coming soon”.  So I ask them, “when?”.  Usually get really vague answers like “really soon“, “the disasters are the signs of the end“, or “maybe even this year“.  I recently heard from a WMSCOG member in the Seattle, Washington who claimed that the end of the world will occur in 2018.  Ahnsahnghong already predicted the end in 1988 and possibly 2012, and that didn’t go so well did it?.  If the rumors about 2018 are true, it appears to me that the WMSCOG would then be revising a prediction that the man they believe to be “god” made.

What’s the Official Teaching?

The World Mission Society Church of God, as an organization, does not appear to be concerned with the imminent end of the world.  There is no mention of any particular year on their official web site.  Also their “church” history doesn’t have an end date.  So the only chatter that I’ve heard concerning a possible end date is from members directly involved in the group.  Where are all the members getting this idea from then?

What’s With All the Construction?

On June 22, 2001 the Ridgewood Patch published an article titled, “Church of God Expansion Hearing Delayed, Neighbors Concerned They Won’t Be Heard“.  The WMSCOG, located at 305 Godwin Avenue in Ridgewood, New Jersey, has filed for construction permits.  According to the Ridgewood Patch, the WMSCOG plans to potentially build two two-story additions for a pastor’s residence, several rooms and a re-striping of the existing parking area.  Why would the WMSCOG invest time, money and resources expanding their property when their members claim that the world will end soon?  It just doesn’t make sense.  To me, it sounds like they’re expanding a business.                 

Would a WMSCOG member please clarify this issue by commenting below or in our forum?  Thank you.

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  1. MountainMom says

    The Pastor at the Ridgewood,N.J. Church of God, Daniel (aka Dong Il) Lee, is President of Bigshine Worldwide, Incorporated. There is no transparency in the church concerning finances. It makes a person very suspicious of where all the money they get is going. Pastor Jacob (aka Jae Hoon) Lee, of the Naperville, Ill, Church is the secretary of Bigshine Corporation. Interesting.

  2. truthwillsetmefree says

    inside that church is very luxurious. they’ve got beautiful exotic, rare flowers decorated all over, evem in the bathrooms. they’ve got large flat screen televisions all over (that show trips of members visiting “mother”, except the sanctuary of course, a garden, kitchen, creepy pitcures of “mother” hanging all over pastors office….etc. I brought a friend to study” before and he said the church was a little too fancy and freaky for his taste and that he never wanted to step foot evet again. looking back, i should have followed his lead. much time, money, for tolls, gas, and tithes a number of times a week had been wasted. current members dont think theu are suffering because they take turns making meals for the entire unit everyday. and spend practically everyday there. there homes are only usefull for sleep but if it was possible I know they would sleep in the study area and rooms of the church (men separated from women of course) if they could. the current members are told that the expansion is do to so many new members and the space is needed. I must confess they hold several services on the sabbath because of the cramped conditions, they market. I wonder why however, they would convince me to stay for all of them? and study in between all 3 services, and only break to eat the food they prepare. then study.some more before another service………i dont think they are concerned about their money bc they have beauty within and out of the building that surrounds them and the construction is further proof that the money they give is not in vain, for it expands the place they know as home. makes it comfy and lovely looking. however I believe the larger portion of all the sums of their monies are going to the leaders of their organization and the korean woman who poses for all the creepy gold framed pictures that are around the church. but even if they thought of that I dont think it would make a difference since mother” sacrificed so much and all….

  3. John hus says

    They are a cult plain and simply they twist bible verses to fit their own doctrines and believe a Korean Buddhist turn seventh day Adventist and then started a church in 1964 and died in 1985 or 1986 was the reincarnation of Jesus this is why they call him christ ahnsahnkong and his wife is a female goddess but the bible says the new Jerusalem is the kingdom that God will establish when he returns not a person and the bible clearly refutes reincarnation and the New Testament does not hold Christians to be under the cerominial law of keeping the 7 holy days of the Old Testament nor the levitcal dietary law we are under grace not slaves of the law and also to believe such nonsense as ahnsahnkong as the reincarnation of Jesus christ is to say that jesus who died for are sins failed this is the same doctrine the moonies present when they say son young moon and his wife are the holy family and did what Jesus was suppose to do get married and have kids or some crazy belief like that I suggest anyone stay the heck away from thier and ridgewood Christians hold education classes to better teach thier members the dangers of the world mission society of God and thier dangerous doctrines

  4. Juleane says

    Do not slander this church. You miserable people know that you are bearing false witness & acclaim. Stop trying to be a hinderance. You miserable slandering liars are annoying. Take this page down & find some other form of entertainment for your life. I agree with the wmscog. Maybe you all should get a clue. Lying bullies. Buzz off with that noise! These accusations are false! Do not make picking at this church a habit. You might just upset the wrong people. By the way… Apologize for your lies!!!

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