Was Christ Prophesied To Sacrifice A Second Time? A Third Time?

When speaking to World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) members, I often ask if they believe that they have to work for God to earn their salvation.  The answer usually goes something like this:

“We have to realize the sacrifice our father and mother have made for us.  They didn’t have to come to earth to save us, but because they want to save their children and bring them back to the kingdom of heaven, they returned to give us salvation through the Passover.  Without believing in them and realizing the sacrifice they made for us, we cannot be saved and return to heaven.”

In an online sermon titled “God Will Come On A Day When You Do Not Expect Him“, the WMSCOG states:

Our Father walked the path of sacrifice in the flesh for 37 years, preaching the gospel.


(Incidentally, elsewhere they say it is not 37 years).  Is preaching “the gospel” a sacrifice that makes Ahn Sahng Hong unique from many other people who devote their lives to the same?  That doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice.  Regardless, this answer leaves me with some questions:

1.  Does the Bible say that Christ would return and be sacrificed a second time?

…so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.

Hebrews 9:28

…He [Jesus] sacrificed for their sins once for all when he offered himself.

Hebrews 7:27

The Bible does not support the idea that Jesus Christ would return to sacrifice a second time.  The Bible clearly states that Jesus Christ was sacrificed once for all.  The supposed “sacrifice” that Ahnsahnghong endured according to the WMSCOG, bears little in comparison to the great sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us when he suffered on the cross for our sins.  Ahnsahnghong died of a massive stroke which is a painless death in comparison to being nailed alive to a cross.

2.  Does the Bible support the idea of Christ being sacrificed a third time?

In an article titled “The Most Happiest Time When Our Souls Are Breathing Alive“, the WMSCOG writes:

Heavenly Mother prays for Her children… forgetting to sleep or rest. We were suffering for our own sins, but Father and Mother sacrificed and endured sufferings only for us…


That is a disgusting attempt by this cult to use guilt as a way to control its members.

If the WMSCOG believes that Zahng Gil Jah is “god” and Christ was to return to be sacrificed a second time, where is the scriptural basis for God returning to earth and being sacrificed a third time (in the case of Zahng)?  Interestingly, the verses the WMSCOG references in an attempt to substantiate their claims that the bride represents a “female god” and not the church, do not mention the bride being sacrificed either.


Since there is no Biblical support to the WMSCOG’s claims that Christ would return to sacrifice a second, or third time for that matter, what does the WMSCOG gain by teaching this to its members?

As discussed in the conclusion to a previous article, some groups use guilt to control their members.  In the quote from the above referenced WMSCOG article, they claim that Zahng Gil Jah forgets to sleep or rest.  In my opinion, this is a form of suggestion that the WMSCOG uses to manipulate their members into doing the same.  In the same article, the WMSCOG goes on to say:

…we were very weak…we didn’t preach fervently just because we were tired. We felt so sorry toward Father and Mother. Then we put our minds together and decided to preach the gospel more earnestly, being grateful for being able to follow the path of Father and Mother, no matter how tired we were.


Does that mean that since Zahng Gil Jah forgets to sleep or rest, then so should WMSCOG members?  From the WMSCOG members’ point of view, their “god” is “sacrificing” for them.  Why stop recruiting just because they are tired and need to sleep?

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  1. Tommy says

    This is a very interesting argument. I remember hearing Hebrews 9:28 many times when the wmscog wanted to defend their claims about ASH. Basically they said that Jesus came to bear sin and that Christ would return to bring salvation, therefore ASH was Christ because he brought back the Passover. When I was there, the wmscog defined Christ as “god in the flesh” so they also considered ZGJ to be “christ” as well. But I remember the wmscog saying that “mother” would be very sad and wouldn’t smile during 3rd day (Tuesday) and Sabbath services because she was bearing the sins of all of her “children”. So doesn’t that contradict their interpretation of Hebrews 9:28?

    1. admin says

      Tommy, thank you for commenting.
      You are correct. If they say that ZhangGilJah is bearing sins then that does directly contradict the WMSCOG’s interpretation of the verse. Just another contradiction to add to the already long list.

  2. Renita says

    As I understand it, the sacrifice mentioned in He 9:28 [comment moved to the forum for further discussion].

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