Top 5 Reasons Why Ahn Sahng Hong’s Book Applies To Zahng Gil Jah

In 1983, Ahn Sahng Hong wrote a book titled Problems With the New Jerusalem, the Bride and Women’s Veils. The book’s purpose was to discredit a women named Um Soo In, who was claiming to be “god the mother,” the “New Jerusalem,” “Eve” and the “bride” in Revelation 22:17. In fact, it was documented by a Court in South Korea, that Um Soo In was kicked out of Ahn Sahng Hong’s church for claiming to be the “spiritual mother.” Although Ahn Sahng Hong discredited many of Um Soo In’s Biblical justifications for her claims, the World Mission Society Church of God uses these same verses and interpretations to substantiate their claim that Zahng Gil Jah is “god the mother,” the “New Jerusalem,” “Eve” and the “bride” today. When confronted with the obvious hypocrisy, the WMSCOG claims that Ahn Sahng Hong’s book was a “temporary measure” written to expose a false prophet. Yet, Ahn Sahng Hong never wrote a retraction of his claims against the idea of a mother god prior to his death less than two years after his book was published. These are the top five reasons why the “temporary measure” argument does not hold up to scrutiny.

1. The “Unchanging Truth”

Ahn Sahng HongThe WMSCOG
This booklet was published to prevent troublemakers who misinterpret and behave fanatically, explain the errors in the books that Um Soo In published and testify of the unchanging truth of the Church of our God.  Problems with New Jerusalem, The Bride and Women’s Veils (1983), PrefaceWe must understand that these
words of Christ Ahnsahnghong were written under special circumstances and it is because of those special circumstances that the book’s content diverges from His teachings published in a later book.*

*The author, a current WMSCOG missionary, did not bother to disclose what “later book” he is referring to.

2. The New Jerusalem is “Not a Person”

“The New Jerusalem which is written of in Revelation 21:1-4, the tabernacle of God, abides with human beings.  However, this tabernacle is a spiritual building not a person.”  Problems with New Jerusalem, The Bride and Women’s Veils (1983), Chapter 8 The Heavenly New Jerusalem is Real and Material[After quoting Galatians 4:26-31]
“Our heavenly Mother has been worrying about our safety since the world began. Since we have been cast down to this earth, the city of refuge, by committing sin in heaven, our Mother has also come to this earth and is with us.”  God the Father and God the Mother (2008), p. 211

3. The Bride in Revelation 22:17Are The Saints

Um Soo In claims that she is the bride in the passage ‘The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’. Furthermore, it is incredible that Um Soo In says that the voice in the passage ‘and I heard a loud voice from the throne’ is Um Soo In herself.
The Throne of God is a place that only He abides and the Lamb of God is at the right hand of God.  The loud voice coming from the throne cannot come except from the Lamb of God.  Nevertheless, the fact that Um Soo In arrogantly states that she has made the loud voice reveals that she is extremely mentally ill.”  Problems with New Jerusalem, The Bride and Women’s Veils (1983), Chapter 16, She Claims To Be The Only Bride
“The Spirit is God the Father in the Trinity. So His Bride must be God the Mother. Now the
Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come! Take the water of life!’…God came in the flesh as the Spirit and the Bride to call us.”
The bride of the Lamb are the 144,000 saints who have accepted the Gospel.” Problems with New Jerusalem, The Bride and Women’s Veils (1983), Chapter 15, A Study on the New Jerusalem of Revelation 21“In Revelation 21, Jerusalem is described as the ‘bride, the wife of the Lamb,’ and in Galatians as ‘our Mother.’ The Bride is our Heavenly Mother, who gives us the water of life together with our Father who is the Spirit.” God the Father and God the Mother (2008), p. 198
“It is true that the bride here is the same bride found in Revelation 21:9-10.  Since it is written, ‘Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb,’ the wife of the Lamb is the saints.” Problems with New Jerusalem, The Bride and Women’s Veils (1983), Chapter 16, She Claims To Be The Only Bride“The angel said to John that he would show him the ‘bride, the wife of the Lamb,’ and then showed him Jerusalem. Here, we can see that Jerusalem represents the wife of the Lamb. Jerusalem is our spiritual Mother who gives us eternal life.” God the Father and God the Mother (2008), p. 183

4. The New Jerusalem Has “Married Her Son

Nevertheless, Um Soo In claims that she is the Heavenly Jerusalem and that she has come down to earth.  According to the prophecy of Galatians 4:22-24, Sarah is the Heavenly Jerusalem.  However, if the New Jerusalem is Um Soo In, she has then married her son.  The reason for this is that Isaac is the son of Sarah, and it is said that Isaac is also Christ. (Gal. 3:16)
Um Soo In has then become the mother of Christ as well as the bride (wife) of Christ.
Um Soo In states that I am Isaac with weakness of sight while claiming that she is Sarah, who is the Heavenly Jerusalem.  She is then saying that she will live with Isaac who is her son.  How extremely scandalous is this?  With this type of misguided delusion, she has become a false prophet and has attempted to gain power.  Please think of what will become of her sin and the sin of those who follow after her. (Isa. 9:16)  Problems with New Jerusalem, The Bride and Women’s Veils (1983), Chapter 7, The Jerusalem in Heaven is Our Mother
“The Bible clearly tells us that there is our spiritual Mother above (in heaven). We were angels in heaven, but our sins separated us from our Mother and caused us to be cast down to the earth. Because of the sins we had committed in heaven, we lost our memory and couldn’t remember our Mother. Our sins caused our Mother to come from heaven to this earth.”  God the Father and God the Mother (2008), p. 218

5.“Whenever A Woman Makes Assertions In The Church, The Church Will Fall Under The Deception Of The Devil

By observing the claims of Um Soo In that she is Eve, it can be seen that it was stated that “a woman should learn in quietness and full submission” and “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet” looking ahead to when Um Soo In (the woman) would claim that she is the bride and the New Jerusalem that has come down from Heaven.  By seeing that it was said of Adam and Eve in Genesis that “for Adam was formed first, then Eve” and “Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner,” it is clear that it is a prophecy of Um Soo In.  It is a prophecy that if the claims of Um Soo In (the woman) are followed the Church will come to ruin under the deception of the Devil.  Problems with New Jerusalem, The Bride and Women’s Veils (1983), Chapter 19, The Claim of the Woman is the Temptation of the DevilJust as Eve was created after Adam in the six days of creation so God the Mother, the reality of Eve appears after the appearance of the Second Coming Christ (Last Adam) in the end of six thousand years of God’s salvation work…In the age of Holy Spirit, the Spirit and the Bride give us water of life. The water of life means eternal life and only God can give us. So we can understand that the Last Adam and Eve appears as the Spirit and the Bride in our time.
Since the Bride is the wife of the Lamb(Rev.19:7), the Spirit indicates the Second Coming Jesus(Last Adam) and His Bride (Last Eve) indicates WMSCOG God the Mother who is mother of our souls.
As prophesied in the Bible, now our God the Father and God the Mother appear  together and give us eternal life in our time.

The more you examine the contradictions between Ahn Sahng Hong’s teachings and the WMSCOG’s doctrine, the more it becomes apparent that the WMSCOG is using Um Soo In’s claims as Zhang Gil Jah’s playbook. The World Mission Society Church of God uses the same Bible verses and interpretations as Um Soo In did when she claimed that she was “god the mother,” in order to claim that Zahng Gil Jah is the “god the mother.” The only difference is that Zahng Gil Jah has not written a book to support her claims. Instead she has the WMSCOG members and leadership stake her claims for her. If Zahng Gil Jah had written a book explaining why she is the bride, New Jerusalem, last Eve and “god the mother”, it would likely have been considered plagiarism of Um Soo In’s books.

There is an exceeding amount of evidence in Ahn Sahng Hong’s writings that he rejected the idea of a mother god entirely. Where is the proof that he changed his mind later? Where is the proof in Ahn Sahng Hong’s writings or audio recordings between 1983, the year he wrote the above referenced book, and February of 1985 when he died of a stroke, that prove that he completely reversed his teachings and suddenly began believing in a female god? If you are a member and can cite one of Ahn Sahng Hong’s books or audio recordings that proves he believed in a mother god, please leave it in the comments below.

These are not the only contradictions between what Ahn Sahng Hong believed and what the World Mission Society Church of God teaches its members. For more contradictions, click here.

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